Boardwalk & Pier Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

Whether you are fishing, diving or walking on the sandy beaches, you can say that the beach (and promenade) is largely what makes your island special.

And if you’re a bit like me, finding fun ideas for your coastal landscapes can be quite a struggle.

That’s why I’ve listed some of my favorite ANCH waterfront ideas to give your folks their new beach!

10. Boardwalk Cafe

Image source Natasha Brandt / Unknown

With a few iron tables and chairs, freshly picked flowers for decoration and your menu on the board to indicate the last meal, this might be the best place to watch the sunset.

You can even add a basket to hold your hot drinks or your new favorite snacks.

Or do you have a shopping area? Create a path that leads directly to your coffee shop on the boardwalk! Then add a few stands to show what you have to offer.

And on this note: Can we all start a petition for Brewster to come here and open his coffee shop?

9. Ideal swimming pool area

Brush image source in the dark

Isn’t that just an exclamation point for the party?

So many options that go together so easily. A dip in the pool, a warm bath in the jacuzzi, then rest on the sun loungers while listening to the waves crashing against the sand.

Imagine if everything was lit up at night, that would be impressive.

Add a campfire, sauna stove and glass candles, if desired, to create a Zen atmosphere.

I just see how my arrogant villagers live here.

8. Amusement park

Image credit: okbeech

How cool would it look if we added it to an urban style island?

Leave the lively town square behind and follow the lantern-lit street to the fairground, nestled among the trees on the edge of an island.

You can even add beachfront seating to create the perfect place to relax.

When you put that much together to make a habitat, it can make a big difference. The carnival’s in town!

7. Scenario Seats

Image source : Cheyenne Duisterwinkel

Isn’t this the most fascinating scene you’ve ever seen? (do you see what I did there?)

The walk on the sand, the different seating areas and the shell decoration all fit together perfectly!

Add any potted plants you have. (Orr, is it just me?)

I love the color schemes behind it. There is such a relaxed and cool atmosphere. You can transform this seating area into a nice country style.

Maybe some cedar trees along the beach, also wooden seating, and sprinkle some different types of flowers around and a fence with wooden posts for more aesthetics.

6. Tanning room

Image source by @lunarcrossing_.

The sunny serenity of this region appeals to me.

The simple aesthetic of this beach is so soothing. What about the various elements and codes used to create this paradise? They complement each other so well.

Be more zen with the fake images being sold to you…. Wait, fake? Redd, you got some explaining to do, buddy.

Or, if you prefer a busier beach, maybe a pool, more loungers and a table with a few chairs to draw more people.

5. Visserijkade

image source from iheartkiwi

Even if there isn’t much going on, I still find it very effective.

A tarpaulin, books and fishing rods give this yard a practical use.

But maybe you don’t like to read. Then put a few potted plants at the end of the driveway, or artwork and pottery.

It would be the perfect place to display your favorite hobby.

You can also save your last catch in the ocean in their own tanks to show who is the best fisherman.

4. Ideal place for a picnic

Image source by milceymoo

Play your favorite K.K. Slider song and lose weight!

This picnic area is great. And you can make it even more secluded by putting a few coconut palms around the pier.

Who doesn’t love a hidden picnic spot?

Or maybe you prefer the atmosphere of the beach or the tropics. Put tiki torches on the steps of the jetty, install surfboards on the beach and don’t forget to install plenty of rattan chairs.

3. Smoothie Bar

NedFiveSenses image source

Make your holiday island a little more tropical with this custom cocktail bar.

It includes a cocktail section, a tiki section, and it’s 100% awesome for any pier.

Take advantage of the island’s fruit to stock up on backstage supplies and fill your friends’ cups with delicious smoothies. Sounds like the best job in the world!

You can also make your own smoothies to put at the bar, or add a stereo and a small dance floor on the sand.

Then, decorate the area with coconut palms and a bonfire to echo the nightlife.

2. Letter writing station

image source by @acskidiary

Write the letters pier *squeak*.

I love the idea of this design so much. Maybe that’s where all the letters in the bottle came from?

Do our villagers of yesterday and today send DIY after DIY? I have so many questions!

You can even pick your favorite rug pattern to roll out, with a candle and pillow to make it even more comfortable!

Or do you want to make it more mysterious? Try adding soil in this isolated area.

And we really need a fire, and your spare supplies are all over the floor.

1. Lighthouse shed

image source @melovesgigiland

Well, here we go. Drum roll, please!

It didn’t make much difference, but I have to keep thinking about it (give me two minutes while I put away my headlamp).

Let’s walk the pier, catch some fish, dive and enjoy the view. Then you turn around and there he is: Your island is a real lighthouse in all its glory.

It would be an ideal idea to update according to the season.

Add fruit trees in the spring, beach towels in the summer, a stone table and chairs in the fall, and Christmas trees in the winter.

Maybe even a few wooden walkways around the base, which would certainly fit in with the beach aesthetic.

And also flowers and trees, or maybe a wooden bench with lampposts?

I think this is Gulliver’s new favorite place to flush the toilet!

frequently asked questions

What does the waterfront mean?

A boardwalk (boardwalk, walkway, boardwalk) is a raised path, walkway or embankment of wooden planks that allows pedestrians to cross wet, crumbly or boggy ground. They are also mainly of the low-bridge type.

Can you get a free ride on the Disney boardwalk?

Access to the boardwalk and Disney Springs is completely free. However, you pay for various activities and restaurants at both locations.

What is the difference between a walk and a pier?

The difference between a boardwalk and a pier is that a boardwalk is a path, usually made of wood, that runs along the beach, while a pier is (lb) (l) (a raised platform built on the water from the shoreline).

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