Call of Duty Mobile Controller Support: Play Like a Pro!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Mobile, the game for the iPhone and Android mobile devices, is powerful and entertaining, and it’s just one of many first person shooters available on mobile. Regardless, it’s a popular game, and Black Ops Mobile is the first to use a controller for gameplay. As a result, there are many Call of Duty players who are very skilled at the game — but not all of them.

If you’ve been playing with the Call of Duty Mobile and enjoying the controller support, you probably missed the memo on the Call of Duty Mobile Controller Support: Play Like a Pro!

A few years ago, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 changed the gaming landscape forever when it introduced the GamePad controller as a standard controller option. And while the controller has been a staple of gaming since, it has remained on the periphery of the PC world. That’s until mobile devices started playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Want to port Call of Duty from console to mobile devices, but can’t get used to the weird screen controls and want to use a controller? You can play Call of Duty Mobile on Android and iOS devices with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers (not all Xbox One controllers are supported, however).

Note that the controller can only be used to move the character and fire weapons in the game, and that menu support is still under development.

Support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers in Call of Duty Mobile

The addition of controller support to Call of Duty Mobile has always been a point of contention. While mobile gamers say that Activision designed Call of Duty Mobile for finger input on Android and iOS devices, console gamers who have recently tried shooting with their fingers on a phone screen find it really terrible, especially if they can’t aim as fast as they can with a controller.

The game claims that anyone using a controller is just competing with other players doing the same, but this isn’t always true. For example B. you can invite a friend (who uses a good old screen) to your party and you can play together, so it’s not always fair. When a mobile gamer throws a controller-less party (where one of the participants uses a controller), the whole party sometimes ends up in a room where everyone is touching their screen. In this case, the player with the controller has a distinct advantage and will definitely get more kills.

Image Credits: Activision

All benefits and fairness aside, here’s how to pair your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers with iOS or Android to play Call of Duty Mobile.

Before you start pairing your mobile device and the controller via Bluetooth, make sure the controller is ready to be paired with other devices. If this is the controller you are using to log into your console account, it is highly recommended that you completely disable the console to prevent the controller from linking to the wrong device.

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Pairing the Xbox One controller with Android

Learn how to pair your Xbox One controller with Android here:

  • Press the cog icon and go to Bluetooth settings.
  • After the Bluetooth function is activated, the system searches for nearby devices. Your controller will only appear here if it is in pairing mode. To manually search for devices, press the button labeled Scan (usually in the upper-right corner of Bluetooth settings).
  • To enable pairing on your Xbox One controller, simply long press the Home button and hold down the Pair button for a few seconds. The Home button flashes to indicate that the controller is ready for pairing.
  • Does the controller appear on your phone among the available Bluetooth devices? Press the controller and wait for the devices to connect.
  • When the controller is paired with your phone, the Home button lights up white.

To put your PlayStation 4 controller into pairing mode, simultaneously press the Home button (or PS button, or whatever you call it) and Share. The flashing light bar on the back of the controller indicates that it is ready to be paired.

Maybe you should write it down somewhere. The first generation Xbox One and Dual Shock 4 controllers cannot be paired with Android and iOS devices. If your controllers do not appear in the list of available devices, even with flashing lights, it means they are first generation or something is wrong with the built-in Bluetooth adapter.

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Configuring controller input in Call of Duty Mobile

  • Launch Call of Duty Mobile and go to settings (again, the cog icon, but in the upper right corner).
  • You’ll see many tabs, including Controls, Audio and Graphics (turn everything off in this tab if your game stutters), Sensitivity, Speech, and of course Controllers.
  • Under the Controller tab, you’ll find other sub-tabs (I’m not sure what they’re called).
  • Go to the second sub-tab titled Settings.
  • Make sure the Enable Controller Support switch is on (you will see a checkmark if it is on).

Start the game and you will see that the input icons on your screen have disappeared. It’s time to act!Call of Duty fans were disappointed with the decision to remove controller support from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t a fine console game on its own. To prove that point, we used our smartphones to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 mobile with a controller. In the featured video, you will learn tips and tricks to help you play with a controller on your mobile device, and you can even watch us do it.. Read more about call of duty mobile controller not working 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Call of Duty Mobile with a controller?

Yes, you can use a controller with Call of Duty Mobile.

How do you use Pro controller on Call of Duty Mobile?

The Pro controller is not supported on Call of Duty Mobile.

Is Cod mobile better with controller?

No, the controller is not better with Cod.

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