Century: Age of Ashes Classes

A new set of classes in Guild Wars 2 called the “Age of Ashes” were released on August 10th, 2018. The Age of Ashes has been implemented to accompany a game update that introduces the world’s first playable undead race -The Forsaken- and will also introduce dynamic event chains for each profession.

“Century: Age of Ashes Classes” is a game that will be released on the PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game has classes with different play styles.

Century: Age of Ashes Classes

Every time I believe the high fantasy notion has been exhausted, someone appears out of nowhere to prove me incorrect. Perform you believe there isn’t a new method to do objective-based PvP with knights and the like? You’ve obviously never considered riding a dragon. Century: Age of Ashes is the name of the game, but before you receive your dragon-riding license, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Here are all of the classes in Century: Age of Ashes.

There are three primary classes in Century, each with two special attacks and a useful ability. Your optimum class relies on your desired playstyle as well as the kind of match you’re in. For example, in modes that emphasize on eliminating opponents, you’d prefer sheer DPS, but support skills could be more useful for things like acquiring money. Whatever your choice, here’s an overview of the three classes and their components.

Age of Ashes Classes: The Twentieth Century

The following are the three classes in Century: Age of Ashes:

  1. Windguard of Skeldian
  2. Phantom Naedor
  3. Marauder Svard

Ironwing Dragon – Skeldian Windguard

Attacks with a Difference

  • Smoke Path: A trail of toxic smoke will trail after your dragon, blinding it and dealing DoT.
  • Blast: Fire a missile that explodes when it comes into touch with an enemy, knocking them back.


  • Rush to an ally for a heal, a shield, and a fireball cooldown haste with Salvation Surge.

The Windguard is largely a support character, with Salvation Surge giving quick healing and Smoke Trail and Blast distracting and interrupting opposing flying patterns. The Windguard is a wonderful choice for skirmishers who don’t mind having a less active role.

Nightsnagger Dragon – Naedor Phantom

Attacks with a Difference

  • Mine: Plant an explosive that adheres to adjacent surfaces and explodes when adversaries get close.
  • Blast: Fire a missile that explodes when it comes into touch with an enemy, knocking them back.


  • For a brief period, you may become invisible using the Mystic Shroud. You become visible again after launching a fireball, but the fireball’s strength is increased.

For those who like to murder from a safe distance, the Phantom is an old school assassin class. The Phantom places traps across the level, then lures adversaries into them for quick knockouts. If anybody survives, sneak up on them and use Mystic Shroud to deal the last blow.

Bloodchaser Dragon is ridden by Svard Marauder.

Attacks with a Difference

  • Gust: Flap your dragon’s wings directly in front of you to put out any oncoming fireballs and strangle opposing lock-ons for a short time.
  • Frost Bolt: Fires a swarm of three missiles towards an unshielded target, doing tremendous damage to shields and slowing them down.


  • Hunter’s Mark: To mark an adversary, shoot a particular fireball at them. Your strikes do more damage to marked foes.

The Marauder is all about offensive aggression. Start taking out foes with your fireballs and Frost Bolts, while using Gust to make it more difficult for them to fight back. When the shields are down, use Hunter’s Brand to mark an adversary and pound them into surrender.

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The “century: age of ashes gameplay” is a game that has been developed by the company, Century. The game is set in a fantasy world where players are tasked with taking control of a faction and fighting for their cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Century: Age of Ashes going to be free?

A: Yes.

How do you get better at Century: Age of Ashes?

A: You will get better at Century: Age of Ashes by playing the game. This is because you have to learn how new things work in order to optimize your performance.

Will Century: Age of Ashes be on console?

A: This game is not on console, but it might be a good idea to check out the Steam page for this.

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