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The tattoo industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone, but it’s not one that’s well understood by the average consumer. There’s something about tattoos that’s always been a bit taboo, but the last year or two has seen a new kind of tattoo become popular. It’s the tattoo of a game.

Whether you believe it or not, you can’t deny the popularity of the zodiac in our culture.

Horoscopes, astrology and moon signs, compatibility charts for friendships and relationships…. For some people, the sign of the zodiac plays an important role in their lives.

And it has already appeared in the Sims franchise, in Sims 2 and Sims 3.

For some reason it’s missing from The Sims 4 if you don’t have mods.

That’s why we’re so excited to share these great zodiac themed articles with you to bring more astrology into your game.

12. Zodiac Tattoos

Check out this CC

Show off your Sim’s zodiac sign with these adorable zodiac tattoos from Razbies.

It covers the 12 signs of the zodiac, so no one is left out. They are simple but bold and all black, so they are suitable for all skin tones and sizes.

They can be worn by all genders, from teenagers to the elderly.

Put them on the right shoulder in the CAS tattoo area.

11. Fish Bathroom Decor

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Pisces are known for their dreamy side, their love of comfort and relaxation.

It is also a water sign, so they are naturally attracted to soothing water such as the ocean, a lake or a bath.

The Pisces bathroom decoration set from Ung999 takes all of this into account and offers the aesthetics that every fish needs.

This CC set includes 14 items including towels, wall decals and cute houseplants.

You’ll need an updated base set to use this kit, but that’s it.

10. birth sign Gemini

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Each of us has two sides, but the zodiac sign best known for its dual qualities is Gemini.

And this custom birthmark by manufacturer KC Sattigariah is a unique take on the brand’s reputation for having two unique personalities.

One half of his face is covered in beautiful freckles, while the other half is completely bald.

Twins or not, your Sims will stand out with this skin detail. There is only one pattern here that completely matches the base sequence.

9. Astrology Poster

Check out this CC

Zodiac tattoos can be too big for your Sim.

How about something less permanent, like wall art?

If this suits you, check out this set of astrological posters on the wall. There is much to see here, including your own birth chart and a poster showing the phases of the moon.

This allows you to start a conversation with your Sims’ new friends and acquaintances.

8. Zodiac sign Leo T-shirt

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Is your Sim confident and ambitious?

There’s a good chance it’s Leo.

This T-shirt from OmegaSims features probably the coolest animal of all zodiac signs: a lion on the front and the lion symbol on the back.

And it’s not just the black and white motif of the photo:

This shirt is available in 10 colors, for male and female Sims in their teens and beyond.

7. Lipstick for the zodiac sign Cancer

Check out this CC

Lobsters are known as gentle and loving souls with good character.

They are also known for their keen sense of fashion.

If this sounds like your Sim, then this lipstick for zodiac sign Cancer is perfect for them. We don’t know if this second Sagittariah creation is solid colored or split in two, but either way it’s very cool.

And one thing is for sure:

The blue and red are bold and really stand out. Plus, you can choose from five other designs.

6. Sagittarius Eyeshadow

Check out this CC

If the Sagittarius Sims have an eye for makeup like these eye shadows, then we can definitely be friends.

This is the last Sagittaria creation on our list – but it’s just as amazing as the first.

This eyeshadow covers the eyelid from top to bottom and blends in a rainbow of colors.

It is also compatible with the base game, has 20 patterns and is not allowed for random Sims.

5. Constellation Necklaces

Check out this CC

It is not uncommon for certain signs of the zodiac not to appear in these lists.

Because we have something for everyone, your astrological sign shouldn’t be missing from this necklace set either.

All Vittler Zodiac Sign CC-Pack necklaces have a gold chain on which the name of the corresponding zodiac sign is engraved. We love the realistic look, as we’ve all seen something similar in jewelry and fashion stores.

The collars are made of high quality polymer HQ material, each available in five different colors.

4. Zodiac miniskirt

Check out this CC

Here’s another article that covers the entire zodiac!

The Helsoceira CC mini skirt looks like a black denim skirt with 13 points:

One for each astrological sign and one style without signs.

It’s definitely a sexy photo. Especially in combination with objects like the one in the picture.

Here you can choose from 13 options. Moreover, they are suitable for teenagers and older people who can wear these skirts almost everywhere: casual wear, evening wear, parties – you name it.

3. Killstar loose zodiac t-shirt

Check out this CC

It’s only natural for Zodiac fans to have a matching T-shirt.

The same CC designer from our previous article has created a matching zodiac shirt for all of your Sim’s astrological outfits.

It is the same black and white color as the skirt, with different images of skulls on each piece.


The same information applies to age and clothing categories. And both CCs are compatible with the base game, in case you were wondering.

2. Aries Layered Tattoo

Check out this CC

Do you have an Aries friend who needs a full zodiac sign tattoo?

SimmieV had this in mind when he made this costume – and now your Sim can wear it.

This tattoo is so detailed it’s hard to tell what it is:

There are separate sections for the whole body, chest, back, full torso, arms, legs and back, which are applied in layers to create a large ram tattoo.

It only comes in one color (black) and you must also have Get to Work, as it uses the tattoo grid from this pack. But it’s worth it.

1. Zodiac features series

Check out this CC

No tattoo, clothing, or adornment can cause a Sim to behave like a particular sign of the zodiac.

But the character traits do.

The Zodiac Trait Pack from SkillfulSimmer contains all the traits of each zodiac sign included in this mod.

Each trait is accompanied by individual idiosyncrasies and even unique relationship or status changes. Scorpions, for example, love love love, so many of their quirks have to do with WooHoo.

But they are also creative, so they acquire this skill faster than the average Sim.

All characters have advantages and disadvantages (just like in real life!), so have fun exploring all the features to see how they might affect your game.

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