Today Funcom and the responsible developers released a new update for Conan Exiles. We have all the details about the huge steam update since the 6th. January 2021.

The Conan Exiles 2.2 update is now available for download and installation. The patch is currently only available for the PC version. We assume there will be an Xbox version soon. PS4 was last updated in August 2020.

Conan Left Correction 2.2

New endurance and protection systems!

Improve the endurance system to be more consistent in all actions. We’ve introduced a state of exhaustion to replace the old gray state of endurance. In addition, shielding and loading no longer increase the cost of endurance, but affect the rate of regeneration!
Shields have also been improved and are now a more active feature that experienced players will have to weigh the pros and cons of, as blocked attacks now consume stamina and an active blocking shield restores it more slowly!

New Build Upgrade System!

Building elements can now be upgraded or downgraded to any other element of the same type! Behind the scenes we were able to introduce a more robust and user-friendly set of instruments that mud can make optimal use of!

New setting to limit damage to the player!

You want to give your slaves a lesser advantage in foiling your enemies? Stop it! With this new server setting, you can now reduce (or increase) the damage that followers inflict on other players!

  • Updated endurance system!
  • A shield system overhaul!
  • The new building upgrade system!
  • Quality of life changes for mud!
  • A new attitude to control the joyful player damage!
  • Tons (and tons) of bug fixes!


  • Fixed an issue where the game could not be launched with BattlEye enabled due to lack of system resources.
  • Multiple crashes solved.
  • Resolved several exploits that caused a dedicated server to crash.
  • Some scanned areas have been corrected.
  • Solved a problem where the healing animation could be cancelled.
  • Sets a performance related to achieving infinite endurance.
  • Improved security measures against network attacks on dedicated servers.
  • Corrected for the use of an exploit to change the character statistics from the normal ones.
  • Updating the endurance system. For more information, see Updating Balance Sheets.
  • The shields have changed their mode of action. For more information, see the chapter on battle corrections.
  • A new system for the modernisation of buildings. For more information, see Creating and installing patches.
    • Edit: This new system is based on GameplayTags instead of linking individual meshes in aircraft, making it easier to upgrade systems. We will publish detailed documentation on this change for the modders in the coming days.
  • A new server setting to control the amount of damage Thralls does to the players. It can be found in Server Settings – Combat or added manually in ServerSettings.ini (ThrallDamageToPlayersMultiplier).
  • Edit: We overwrite E_WeaponComboType and use String Enum instead to define the rules for weapon combinations. We will publish detailed documentation on this change for the modders in the coming days.
  • Building elements can now be upgraded or downgraded to other elements of the same type. It also allows you to map CSDs with other CSDs.
  • Fixed problem of incomplete removal of building structures when converting to another layer.
  • Corrected the placement rules for Delving and Dyer benches so that they no longer touch the walls.
  • The box on the Argos craftsmen’s table collided.
  • Buildings whose fragments have been updated do not disappear after re-entering the session.
  • It is no longer possible to lay a foundation when trying to replace them.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes places were created in a world with 0 HP.
  • Fixed a bug where corrupted disks were fixed when rebooting the server.
  • The development of rough shells, pain wheels and improved tanning have resulted in a disproportionate amount of XP. This has been corrected.
  • Some recipes that were not in the ‘Fun’ tab were corrected after they were taught with the parchment.
  • Lower weapons from Eldarium can now be repaired with Master Weapon Repair Kits.
  • Fixed an issue where the Legion Thread, Legion Battle Axe, and Legion Mass did not have variable functionality.
  • Correction of an inconsistency in the production requirements for Dune Hunter leggings and shoes.
  • Improving the use of shields :
    • When an attacker hits a blocking character, or when a defender blocks an attack with a shield, he can enter a stun state.
    • Blocked attacks now cause endurance damage equal to basic health damage.
    • Every time the shield blocks an attack, it loses its power. If the shield loses all its strength in an attack, the defender can enter a state of shield stun.
  • Raise the invincibility frame on slopes from 0.2 to 0.4 seconds.
  • Herbal teas and honey wine now bring some healing.
  • The enemies of the Chosen Men of Bokrug, the servants of Mi-go and the inhabitants of the Shaggai and Dueli factions are now, as expected, immune to the effect of the poison.
  • Blood defibrillators, bloodless huskies and moon blood animals are now immune to bleeding.
  • Solved a problem that caused less damage than expected after unlocking the Precise Flat Shot function.
  • Non-human AI now prefers combined attacks to non-combined attacks.
  • Players can now invoke a gadget to interrupt a wrap healing, but only for 2.5 seconds in the animation. We are investigating this solution to give players some freedom of action without devaluing the engagement aspect of using associations and their relationship to drinks. We will continue to test and iterate.
  • The endurance of the attacks is now triggered at the beginning of the attack, not during the animation. This to avoid certain operating problems and desynchronization.
  • Resolved an issue where NPC AIs, whether hostile, partisan or boss, would not respond to certain dungeons and dungeons.
  • Fixed problems with finding unplayable characters in some dungeons, vaults and underground spaces.
  • Explosive banks no longer block the orientation of NPCs.
  • Resolved an issue where followers would stop responding after being ordered to attack a target with Nothing Attacking status.
  • It was determined that under certain circumstances slaves could no longer equip or supply weapons.
  • White horses now have a white mane, as originally intended. (Thank you, Dedalon, for bringing this to our attention.)
  • A bug repaired where the attack command for followers would be reset after a certain time.
  • Neutral NPCs in the waste camps can no longer be killed or shot under certain circumstances.
  • The crew at Camp Castaway now attacks only the slaves who attack them first.
  • Followers no longer suffer from food poisoning from eating raw meat if they have raw food in their diet.
  • When climbing, players and followers no longer have to teleport to the top of the player, resulting in overload, death and general frustration. Because it was a little rude.
  • We also learned the general concept of personal space, especially in these difficult times, joy and pets. You shouldn’t teleport or get so close that there are no more secrets between you and your followers.
  • Also, chasers no longer have to cross your character’s path and push him while he’s standing on ladders and slopes. Stop it, Mufasa.
  • Solved a number of cases where Gil’s children would regularly miss players with their attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented one of the Woge T4 Priests from shutting down.
  • Dark versions of the dishes can now be used to tame the options of the rhino siptah.
  • Correction of Ignatius Greedy breeding points in Flotsam.
  • Solved a problem with the AI hate system that would make the enemy jump between targets. They must now more consistently choose a meaningful goal and adhere to it.
  • Leaching has improved and become more gradual. It is more difficult to maintain aggressiveness with the opponent the further away the opponent gets from the original battlefield.
  • Specialized slaves are now available in different types of syringes.
  • A bug fixed that caused some large creatures to get stuck in constant motion when they tried to return to the spawning point.
  • Changes in the endurance system :
    • The duration tax no longer increases the costs of duration-intensive activities. This should lead to greater consistency in terms of costs.
    • The armor point no longer increases the cost of certain endurance actions, such as. B. Climb.
    • The type of armour and the load now change the speed at which you can regenerate your stamina. The values of the different types of shielding and load levels can be changed via the server settings.
    • Endurance can now go into the negative range. Although your current stamina is negative, you are exhausted.
    • Exhaustion is now removed when your current endurance is greater than 0, instead of being removed when you have restored the entire endurance bar.
    • It is no longer possible to avoid this when the workload is too high.
    • Endurance is now restored when it is blocked, but at a much slower pace.
    • New server settings :
      Light Power Train Multiplier,Medium Power Train Multiplier,Heavy Power Train Multiplier,No Load Power Multiplier,Light Power Train Multiplier,Medium Power Train Multiplier,HeavyLoadStaminaRainMultiplier,LoadStaminaRainMultiplier,EnduranceArmorNoLightArmorRainMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorLoadRainMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorMiddleLoadingRainMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorHeavyLoadingRainMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorOverLightArmorRainMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorNotLoadingRainMultiplier, StaminaLightArmorLoadingRainMultiplier, StaminaWednesdayRainMultiplier, StaminaWednesdayAmorNetHeavyRainMultiplier,
  • Difference in endurance consumption between light, medium and heavy armour (*) :
  • Light armor – duration regeneration, most affected by excessive vulnerability(*).
    • Total continuous regeneration time, in seconds: 3.0 (no load), 5.0 (light load), 7.0 (medium load), 9.0 (heavy load), 18.0 (overload).
  • Medium armor is a regeneration of medium endurance, which is least likely to be excessive.
    • Total regeneration time, in seconds: 5.0 (no load), 5.5 (light load), 6.0 (medium load), 6.5 (heavy load), 13.0 (overload).
  • Heavy armor means low endurance, which is somewhat affected by too much vulnerability.
    • Total continuous regeneration time, in seconds: 7.0 (no load), 8.0 (light load), 9.0 (medium load), 10.0 (heavy load), 20.0 (overload).
  • Eldarium Weapon and Armor creation now offers more XP.
  • An undercooled farmer now offers less protection against the cold, and the armour of a normal farmer offers less protection against the heat.
  • The insulation statistics of Derketo’s debilitating armour have been rebalanced to comply with other armour sets.
  • Increased exhalation for the stubborn essence, the human heart, the heart of the hero and immaculate human flesh.
  • The cost of unlocking a rhino saddle is now zero to match the other saddle capacities.
  • White rhinos now have an expiration date.
  • Robust kits that make it possible to work with light and durable materials now provide the required thermal insulation.
  • Equipped war paintings are now lost, regardless of the server settings.
  • A rebalancing of the yoga feeling. This change is intended to bring Yog’s Touch to the point where it offers a unique playing style for the one-handed user, without being completely surpassed by other one-handed axes in its class:
    • The health damage increased to 51
    • Weapons penetration has increased to 28
  • Black boots now offer heat and cold resistance.
  • The values of Black Iron Bulking have been slightly increased.
  • Adjustable weight values for all protective caps.
  • Slightly reduced values for antique weapons.
  • Reduction of the package weight to 0,1. (Infusion bags still have a weight of 0.58, which will be adjusted in a future update).
  • By default, the storm now has no effect on the endurance of the mountain.
  • The default setting is one minute before the storm to start and reproduce.
    • The Balanced Eldarium rewards the opportunities and costs of income: Players are now guaranteed to be rewarded when an Eldarium item is opened, but the cost of handiwork has been increased (from 20 to 50).
  • Solved a problem where the effect of the temperature resistance did not affect the characters created after a temperature change update.
  • Solved a problem where under certain circumstances storms no longer occurred naturally and could no longer be forced through the console.
  • Resolved an issue where stamina would run faster if the player’s character was in AFK vanity room mode earlier during the same session.
  • When you participate in a session or leave the safe at Refuge Gremlin, you cannot teleport outside the card limits.
  • Some items in the Eldarium sets offered bonuses to attributes that did not match their description. This situation has been rectified.
  • Some tables do not emit light, even when in use. This situation has been rectified.
  • The Journey Team Sequencer stage can again be executed as planned.
  • Solved a problem where sometimes there were no traces of blood on a character’s body after damage.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the safes from being filled if they had been opened earlier.
  • DropBackpackonDeath and DropShortcutbarOnDeath have been removed from the server settings because they are outdated. They are no longer allowed on the new servers.
  • The inventory of the Leyshrine solder can now use all 5 slots.
  • Sipta Island bison now lower their heads at harvest.
  • Repair hammers and felt knives – including Jhebbal Sag and Derketo tools – can now be seen on the shelves of the weapons displays.
  • Magnificent Night’s legendary weapon now comes with full durability.
  • The Tag Hammer now delivers the bonus power correctly.
  • The Khari weapon now correctly delivers the intended bonus attributes.
  • xx_Simms_Kopesh has been removed from the administration.
  • Fixed an error where the Blinsidght armor did not appear on the player’s character.
  • Crafter Thralls must not leave their orbit after returning to the session.
  • The Hope, Chest and Chest sliders are now available in the character reset via Nergal’s Orb.
  • The antidote must now be applied to the correct buffers.
  • Correction of some visual imperfections in Leysrin of the Bird and Leysrin of the Devil.
  • A certain note in a small cave in Northwoods could not be processed. This situation has been rectified.
  • Fixes the visual imperfection on the dial of the stone vault.
  • A visual bug with large trees in the jungle biome repaired.
  • Solved a problem that caused wrong particle effects when hitting certain objects with certain weapons.
  • Solved a problem where players could visually touch each other.
  • Solved a problem where some theatres were ageing.
  • We’ve given some of our #spellchekker team members to the monsters at Old Headquarters to serve as role models. During this process, other committee members noted typographical and grammatical errors which they corrected voluntarily.
  • The Eldaria armor lacked keywords to indicate the rating. This situation has been rectified.
  • Fixed several problems where some icons were not displayed on the information interface screen.
  • Platform symbols have been used in many episodes. This situation is now resolved.
  • Summarises the temperature damage information on the icon statistics screen.
  • Epic reptile breasts and ghosts have swapped icons. This situation has been rectified.
  • The Epic Borders have been removed from the regular versions of the Marksman game.
  • An error repaired where some descriptions of the vessel were cut in the Craft and Prowess tabs.
  • Fixed missing epic frames on some Eldarium epic armor pieces.
  • Specific advanced workstations did not have the keyword Low Craft Time. This situation has been rectified.
  • Demon Burn and Gas Orbits damage values are now displayed in the UI.
  • One question was corrected when Grand Master Tanner had incomplete descriptions of the exploit.
  • Correction of a number of errors in certain job descriptions.
  • Correction of the keyword big sword practice.
  • The misleading keyword Flotsam awning parts has been corrected.
  • Added the missing keyword plague.
  • The Blood Moon Monster now has a real boss health framework.
  • A bug fixed where the sigils of some warehouses changed their name.
  • Eldarium bars are now marked as first class in their keyword.
  • Symbol change Old drawings.
  • The Sipta Tiger Alpha wildlife now has a mini health bar frame.
  • Fixed a bug with missing keywords in the armor for the blind.
  • Correction of an inconsistency in the description of heavy rhinoceros saddle rides.
  • The capacity of Rhino Maelstrom can now be seen on the Survival tab of the Capacities screen.
  • Added an explanation to the description of the objects of the former builders.
  • The long description of Brittle Edge has been updated.
  • Corrected an inconsistency in the description of the Sick Spike.
  • Identification of inconsistencies in the descriptions of non-pecking versions of Eldar weapons.
  • An error fixed that caused the player’s card and the death marks to be displayed outside the city limits when they were in certain crates.
  • Remedy misleading descriptions of all the legends in the Endgame Vault.
  • The perfected Paddings had platform icons in the info section. This situation has been rectified.
  • Different platform icons in the list of elements in the administration interface have been defined.
  • Missing translations in the recipe names and descriptions of the Rhinoceros saddle have been corrected.
  • The streaming mode now also hides the FuncomID.
  • All new creation tables should now have the correct symbols.
  • Sipta Island and the Exile Lands are now in the Map Name drop-down menu in the server browser.
  • Updated FX sound for the traction response of the leyshrine lever.
  • Modification of the sipta music island so that it can be adjusted correctly.

Source: Steam

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