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  1. How did all the giants of Jotunheim die? I can’t imagine it was for natural reasons, as they are rather painful, but surely it couldn’t have been æsir? According to Mimir, Odin’s goal is to reach Jotunheim because the giants hold the key to changing his fate when Ragnarok arrives, but if the giants are dead, hasn’t he already been there? So maybe Odin didn’t send Baldy after Kratos because he’s a supposed giant (contrary to what the game suggests), but Odin just wants to kill Kratos and Atreus because they’re a threat. If this is the case, why does Mimir think otherwise? Trade in the realm was impossible for 150 winters, while Mimir was imprisoned for 109 winters, meaning that if the Aesir had gone to Jotunheim and killed all the giants, he would have known about it. I mean, if the Aesir didn’t kill her, then what did? I also know that Thor and Odin went to Jotunheim at one point, but they didn’t kill all the giants. (I also call these things giants – it’s just a race). Almost all the giants we see in the game are huge monsters).
  2. The magic of ash? We know that Faye is very old, at least over 150 winters, and that she has made magic her own, knowing that Frost can take out the scorned posts. This could mean that she has mastered an ancient magic that can bring the dead back to life, just as Freya used an ancient magic to bring Mimir back to life. I’m not entirely sure, but I doubt Vanir magic and ancient magic are the same thing, since Mimir wouldn’t suggest using Vanir magic to revive him, since Freya is the only Vanir in Midgard, and he says I should find someone instead of the only person who can help me. Anyway, I wonder if Faye would decide to burn herself (we know what magic the reborn Mimir would need) and if her family would scatter her ashes all over Jotunheim to bring the giants back. We also know that she argued with the other giants before staying in Midgard, probably because, as the sole protector, she told the other giants of her plan to have her family scatter her ashes to revive them, knowing that the giants would all die. The other giants were probably not happy with this plan, as it meant their death and probably wouldn’t work. Moreover, Faye sent her family all the way to Jotunheim. She could have made the mural anywhere, if only to inform them of the possible death of Loki and Kratos and such, but she wanted them to go to Jotunheim. Not only Jotunheim, but the highest peak where his ashes will be scattered in the world. Now I wonder why no giants have been resurrected so quickly, but I think the reason is that these giants have been dead for a very long time; at least they have been dead longer than Atreus has lived. Moreover, we must be responsible for our own axis. Even if a single ash point has to reach a giant, it still takes time to get there. Also, Mimir must have been in contact with it for a few minutes (and I’m sure the liquid is stronger than the ash), and it’s just a head. I’m sure it will take much longer for the rebirth effect to spread across the giant. But more importantly, time moves much slower in Jotunheim, so maybe in the next game, in a few years, we’ll see giants walking around.

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