Crazy Idea #1 for A New MMORPGs – Rollercoaster Tycoon!

In general, I’ve been a pretty easy MMO player over the years. I played a little SWG (for CPU), WoW (the first 4 years), and a little Guild Wars. But I’m not a big fan of hack and slash, reshoot, action grind. I loved the non-military options like crafts and working in the gig economy. So most MMOs don’t scratch my particular itch.

So, just for fun, here’s an idea for an MMO I’d like someone to develop:

Bearing Magnet (or other IP) Theme Park Builder

  • Review : The game focuses on building an amusement park with other players from all over the world. Choose from a variety of professions such as equestrian technician, animator or park visitor. Help build and maintain mass rides, keep the park clean and efficient, market the park to potential visitors, etc.
  • Peace: Each park zone will function like a city in the other MMOs. Initially, there will be many prefabricated parking garages where low level players can improve their skills. But eventually players can group together and create their own park. Players are then free to design their park as they see fit. (DWG parallel: it would be like having pre-built cities everywhere, but having the politicians build their own, player-built cities). Players can move between the parks on the monorail. Maybe even a resort? Hmm…
  • Ideas for courses :
    • A tape recorder: Your class will purchase a piece of land and create a player-built park. You have direct control over ticket prices, taxes, renting fields to other players for their rides, etc. Your skills can affect the amount of tickets you can request based on the number of rides in your park (higher levels give higher mark-ups, etc.).
    • Attraction Builder: Your class is actually building rides in the park. A new ride designer can start by making mugs or rides for kids, but you can get access to better types of rides/parts. You can do learning quests in VR sets to get experience, but you have to build smaller and simpler to get a piece of it. Finally, you can specialize in skills such as roller coaster designer, ride designer, theater designer, etc.
    • Guest of the park: This class is responsible for the care of the park and rides. It seems that you enter the park with a certain amount of money and stamina (CAS) and try to effectively spend the CAS you experience in the park. With a higher skill level, you get more CAS. Courses may include mini-games in which you can pass or fail, which will affect the cost of your SAC. For example, a roller coaster may have a mini game where you have to keep your balance. If you win, yay, but if you lose, you throw a cookie, which makes your driving experience less rewarding and service class players have to clean up the mess. Your class generates waste in the form of garbage, vomit and dirty toilets. Designers and moguls benefit from your successful interaction with their rides and their park as a whole. Finally, you can specialize in wizards like Season Pass Holder (which offers discounts and access to Fast Passes for rides) and Influencer (which offers bonuses that merge with players in the Marketing class).
    • Entertainment: They are the crushing class of the game. They give park visitors a chance to enjoy their experience. Handy fans can object to jumping on rides or allowing park rangers to spend their money faster and more efficiently. They wear suits and dance in the alleys. Finally, you can specialize in skills such as Show Performer (which generates an increase in fans when playing in a specific area or building) or Licensed Character (which tends to attract specific visitors to the park and requires the player to perform in a more specific way to match the character, but results in many more rewards).
    • Marketer : One of the most important aspects of this game will be to get visitors to visit your park. This category of players will be responsible for marketing to the online audience through a game mechanism. This will attract other players to their park and make them money too.
    • Detectives: That would be the pirate class of the game. Your job is to find the successful players of the parks, infiltrate them and surprise them by inspecting their rides and attractions. They will be able to fine players who own rides and/or the park itself for rides that are not properly maintained, and even ban rides for a limited time. Of course, this role will be subject to a limited clause, and there may be a benefit associated with inspections that may result in others encouraging you to inspect their fleet (e.g., a free, time-limited incentive to take market rides that have recently passed inspection).
    • In addition, the maintenance class is responsible for maintaining the appearance of the park and cleaning up the marks left by visitors and inspectors. Receptionist stakeholders can help design park layouts and improve ride efficiency, etc. There are many classes that can come into play here.

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