Creeper World 4 Tips, Achievements and Mini-Walkthrough (Wallis)

Creeper World 4 is the latest in a long series published by Knuckle Cracker. It traditionally takes top-down fluid modeling in 2D and does it in 3D, which is actually pretty good. I absolutely love this game and think it’s an improvement over CW3, but that’s not why we’re here. We are here to advise you! Let’s get started.

Tips and Tricks

  • Think performance first, then everything else. You need energy to build objects and power weapons. All the cool tools to help you grow require other resources, but you only need electricity to survive, and you need to set up a power grid first.
  • Sometimes it does not make economic sense to build a tower when there is sufficient energy coverage. You have to wait until you have the energy back to generate it.
  • Mortars are very powerful at spreading horror and only cost money in energy. The guns do a good job of keeping the guns on the ground away (i.e. away from the mortars). You can play almost any card, even custom cards, by just moving the cannons and mortars forward. It’s just slow.
  • Build a turret for the cannon so you can keep the flying cannon in front of it and move forward.
  • The anti-pollution effect is amazing, even in small amounts. Use it often.
  • Use TERP to do more than just build a giant wall to protect yourself. You can form chokes with TERP to guide the creeper through the entrance. You can use it to make depressions if you are on higher ground, which the climber will need to fill to move forward. Wide range of applications for TERP.
  • Also platforms. If you can use them, use them. They can stalk and hit the deepest caterpillars, and they are usually safe in the cavity, as the caterpillars rarely stay on land. However, crane eggs and nests can still hatch in areas outside the country, so keep your sniper and rocket launcher in reserve.
  • Feel free to use QuickSave (F5) or reboot if you have a false start. You can win or lose in Creeper World in the first 5 or 10 minutes of the game.
  • Use 1x/2x/4x wisely. At 4x it can get out of hand quickly, but if you’re already good at it, it can help you get to the endgame quickly.
  • Snipers and missiles are absolutely necessary when there are pockets or drops on the map. You’ll need a lot of snipers and missiles. Their placement must also be divided. The missiles have to be everywhere, at least two, because they only fire when a projectile is in range. Snipers should be on the front lines, in front of the nests.
  • Make sure you always let the air conditioner fill up when you can. It can also save you time when you are in front of huge dams.
  • You can disable resource-intensive items when you need them.
  • You can put a front sight in the weapon to increase the speed/range. Just change Ern’s settings as you like.
  • Totems create a shield when activated.


Each of the main worlds is basically a guide to the main units in the game. There are a few additional units that can be used in custom maps (as well as the custom units themselves), but each map is essentially an introduction to a new tool.

Each card, surprisingly, also plays the same way. An important tip is to pay attention to TERP more often, as it is a good solution to stop creep or force it to accelerate. The pika can slowly go up or down, but it also slowly goes higher than it does now when the wave is not moving. Different TERPs can be used.

The game does not end with the last level. You can view the epilogue by zooming out.

Wallis is the hardest mission you’ll encounter, and the only one you’ll have to complete to the end. To defeat Wallis, you have to be careful with your resources in the beginning, because later the wall will collapse and the creeping wave will come at you. At first, activate only one of the temples that produce a bouncing ball until you get more competition. Then build a ton of cannons on your front shield and keep your side defended.

Snipers will really be the answer here. Once the door falls and you have enough snipers to handle whatever happens to you, you’re safe.

I used TERP to add some more security and slow down the crawling itself.

Form a team with other spawners if you have a fight and you should be good to go.


The story of Creeper World 4 is a bit odd, being more of a prequel than a sequel to the other games. Major spoilers for Creeper World 3.

Basically, the game starts on Mars, where you are attacked by Creepers and use your experimental Rift engine. You land on an alien world and your system is broken, you take the AI, jump into the rift and rinse and repeat until you are a hippie, a sergeant and a cultist while the AI guides you to hell. So you stay here until you find a note from your colleagues on Mars.

They came looking for you, realized you were time traveling through dimensions but stuck on Mars, and left some powerful tools to fix your Rift Engine and let you do whatever you want on the three worlds that will lead you to the main world.

You get to the main world, die from an EMP device, have the machine moat repaired and ADA repaired and everything is fine, you are reborn as an AI and then you are in a never-ending battle with monsters everywhere.

The swamp people, by the way, found their civilization not attacked by the Viper and pretty much settled there.

Special projects

Achievements are available in the GoG version, but only in the game. Steam achievement is supported.

A parallel universe: Destroy your base in a scary way. The map is reset and you have to play a normal mission on that map.

Farside: Connect the bracket at the top right with the riser below. This was once supposed to be exhausted by the jack, at the minimum needed to win the card, but when I connected the temple to the jack, I got the achievement.

21 salvos: Go to the Before Time map and build 21 sniper rifles.

The remaining achievements are received, ending the story.

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