The Crystocrene Armor Destiny 2 Guide is here after a long wait. To help you overcome the bad weather of Jupiter, the latest expansion has arrived, and Variks has the Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europe Armor for you. We have a complete guide on the Crystocrene Armor Destiny 2 and how to get all items in the Crystocrene series, please refer to it.

After completing the main mission, we recommend that you play the Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europe Armor Quest. This quest is divided into several parts, so talk enough, let’s dig into the Crystoncrene Armor Destiny 2 guide.

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To get the legs of Europe, you have to step on a sparrow and go to Varyky’s. After arriving at Cadmus Ridge, turn left and try to find the entrance to Bray Exoscience. You have to find a way to get out of an ice-cold interior and into a futuristic building. Now you have to empty Elixni’s room and hang yourself on the right side of the central aisle. All you have to do is overcome the traps and go to the left in room 2 to get the first chest.

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Destination of Crystal Armor 2: How to buy Europa Arms?

You’re not done yet, you have to leave the big room now and go to the left. Now you have to fight Will Padet until you make the right choice in the Narrow Passage. In the left back corner of the room is the 1st floor. The crystal hand chest and the last chest are in Bray Exoscience. To reach eternity, we must plunge into the abyss.

Now you have to kill everyone you find on your way to eternity. Now you’re going to see a data center with a lot of servers, now you have to kill the captain by taking the ladder. Pick up the casket and go back to Charon’s Landing.

Destination of Crystal Armor 2: How do I get a Euroclass and a helmet?

Now you have to go to Cadmus Ridge where you’ll see the Lost Sector logo, go up the frozen stairs and find a room full of Vex Hydras and Garpies. You can just unlock the safe and leave it without fighting the Vex-Hydras and Harpies.

Getting the helmet is as easy as any search, you have to get back to Charon’s landing. Now you have to find the data wall that blocks your path. Once you get to the data wall, just go to a corner of the room and grab the safe, which you can easily find.

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How can I buy Europa Farming?

Very hard to beat because they spawn very quickly. Once you have a European weapon from the Empire Hunts, just add it to the world’s supply and it will come out of the vaults. Now, you don’t have to hand out the final blow to each of the enemies. So if you shoot enemies and they die, you get rewards.

The question was how to get Europe and Crystocrene Armor Destiny 2 items.

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We hope you enjoy our approach to the Crystocrene Armor Destiny 2 Guide | How to get all Crystocrene sets from Variks.


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