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A large part of our country has not yet been explored. The mystery and allure of exploration has been somewhat diluted from what it was in the 19th century. In the 20th century, people like Darwin, Earhart, Burton, Amundsen and many others dared to embrace the wilderness and embark on the supreme adventure in the hope of glory and often happiness. Curious Expedition is a game that just landed on the Nintendo Switch. It puts you in the shoes of these esteemed adventurers and takes them on the most dangerous journeys to make their name known within the Explorers Club.

Curious Expedition is one of the most original simulation games. Roguelikes are a rut for some of you, but this one is less gender dependent than most others. As with a real expedition, there is always the possibility of a fatality in nature, and of course there are many risks and rewards in this game, which I think makes it stand out in the genre.

When you start the game, you can choose one of the eight adventurers. There are thirteen more that can be unlocked and unlocked later, creating a wide range of players to choose from, each with specific characteristics and goals that prove to be interesting during their expeditions. You will then be invited to choose a route to explore. From the tundra of the North Pole to the dense jungles of South America, each expedition carries a weight of fame and fortune.

The gameplay comes in many forms, and there is a lot of interaction, which makes for a truly immersive experience. After giving birth, you will be contacted by people who ask you to do certain things or actions they want you to do when you go out. You can accept or refuse these missions. You will also have to buy supplies with your limited resources and hire extra staff to help you with your trip. It took me a few expeditions to realize how important some of these early decisions were for my adventure. That is why it was better to experiment a little with recurring knowledge that would be accompanied by a number of breakthroughs in the light of the impressive nature.

Once docked at your destination, you will be shown a hexagonal grid map of the area and a war nebula. At this stage of the game you’ll change gears and play a combination of tactical strategy found in games like Civilization and adventure-style narrative dialogue that will further influence the course of your expedition, depending on who you encounter along the way.

When you move in the area, you have to pay for your health meter, which is your main meter in the game. If you z. B. wading in the mountains or dangerous terrain, spend more than this amount if you are healthy. After exhaustion, your group can be lost, thirsty, hungry and exhausted. You can replenish any supplies you may have brought on your trip, or by visiting local outposts, spending time in the wilderness and visiting tribal villages to trade and barter. I soon discovered that even something as simple as trying to get food from the local village needs a phone call before they are too eager to help me. It made me want that kind of service, and with it another micro-adventure to run my party. Adventure is difficult!

Curious Expedition is also not afraid to throw things at you on your walk. You’ll soon get tired of fleeing erupting volcanoes and unleashing ancient curses when you grab a golden Indiana Jones idol. The areas you explore are quite high and even with half a compass; usually you will have to travel through them to find your destination.

When you find the treasure and complete your main expedition task safely (or almost safely), you will return to the club where you can look forward and prepare for the next expedition. Luckily you are a little wiser and richer, which gives you new tools when you start your new journey across the country. Because this is a role-playing game, you play expeditions together with the explorer of your choice until you are finally burned. As soon as that happens, you enter the Hall of Fame with a score, and then there’s this beautiful New Game button waiting for you to start all over again.

Visually, the game is preserved in pixel art. If you know me at this point, you know I’m very picky about which games I think will get the job done and which won’t. Games like Dead Cells are, in my opinion, an excellent example of a functional and aesthetic style of work. In the case of this title, I was a bit on the spot. Although areas like the dialogue scenes were a nice semi-static display of pixel art, I just wasn’t a fan of gameplay. Characters are sub-pixels, and you are functionally more dependent on the trajectory of the purple than on the batch itself. The map elements at the bottom of the page also looked a bit boring. Personally, I would have liked to see a more pictorial style, because it would be even more in keeping with the 19th century theme. Of course I understand the limits and the choices in development.

There are a number of other complexities that I have not explained here with the Curious Expedition. Battles are linked to dice rolls, there are goals for adventurers, many dialogue opportunities and more. I feel that one of the great attractions of this game is to explore the mechanics of the game and see how they influence your adventure in the region.

In Curious Expedition, players embark on some of the most challenging expeditions with famous 19th century expeditions. Snape-like gameplay is mixed with adventurous actions and electoral reactions, as well as elements of strategy and tactics. You will often feel that chance plays just as important a role as strategy, and death is certainly not far away if you overcome obstacles and unknown areas. I liked this game more in portable/travel mode, where I would go on an expedition, do my best, and then stop for a day before going back. The experimental gameplay and exploration of Curious Expedition is certainly the driving force behind this game, and in my opinion it does very well, creating a great adventure that will both reward and endanger you.

Assessment of odd consignments

  • Graphs – 5.5/10
  • Sound – 6.5/10
  • Gameplay – 7/10
  • Late call – 8/10


Final thoughts: WARNINGS

Curious Expedition is a game for those who love naughty strategy games, and some choose to take part in adventures. The graphics aren’t very good, but I liked trying to find the treasure without dying. If you don’t like starting over after death, it’s not for you.

Alex has been involved in the gaming industry since Nintendo’s release. He has turned his hobby into a career, has been developing games for just over ten years and is now creative director of the studio.


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