Cyberpunk 2077- Panam Romance Guide And Choices That Matter

Cyberpunk 2077 during one of the most important missions of Ghost Town, where Rogue asks for 15,000 Eddie to help V find Anders Hellman. Rogue gives you the contact number of a Panam who has the skills needed for the job, and she can use your help in return. V will have to accept all their requests and suggestions in order to impress them and become a partner. In this guide we have explained what you need to focus on to start a romantic relationship with her.

A Guide to Panamanian Romance and Decisions that Matter in Cyberpunk 2077.

First in the ghost town, once you have her car and the dealer, she asks you for a favor where you have to decide if you want to help her defeat Nash. Select the highlighted dialog box from these options:

  • Nash Hunt wasn’t part of the deal.
  • Let’s make a deal in the 6th. Street.
  • Do you want to raid Raffen Air Base? Are you out of your mind?
  • That’s all I’m saying. So, where is this sanctuary?

Help her defeat Nash and his men, then she will make a deal with her Boz who will take you to the Sunrise Motel. As soon as you enter the bar, have a drink with her and try to impress her. After suggesting it would be better to rest in a motel room, here are the options:

  • Can we only have one room?
  • Sure, that’s a good idea.
  • Why don’t we come back here later?
  • Drinking

Extra options,

  • That’s not exactly what I had in mind.
  • Separate beds. Yes, of course.
  • Drinking

For flash discharges of the main task after the UAV is disconnected, select this option:

  • The alligator’s been in VA custody for a long time.
  • Mitch and Scorpius are still alive. We’ll find her.

After saving Mitch, you will have a call where you select this option:

  • I’ll help you settle your score with Kang Tao.
  • Revenge? Is that why you’re still helping me?
  • Let’s get to work.

May all calls go well and come back when you meet Saul. After completing this mission, you must complete the Panama quest or sub quest.

Riderim Storm.

Once you have reached a location, Panam will ask you for help, giving you two options, such as B :

  • We’re monsters, that’s why.
  • That’s possible. But not for free.

After Saul’s rescue follows a lively conversation between Saul and Panama. Start the fight or let them fight, it’s your turn as soon as Saul leaves the room. Select this option :

  • Just the drugs.
  • To habitus.

Select this time-limited option after making a toast.

Are you satisfied with your stay?

It’ll rest on your foot where you make your move.

  • You’ll feel more comfortable without shoes, ma’am.
  • I think I’m ready to turn him in for the night.
  • Maybe too comfortable?
  • How’s your whiskey?

The following options,

  • I’ve got some ideas.
  • You choose. The customer is always right.
  • A nice, long nap.

with a little help from my friends

A second sideways quest where you have to help Panama and overcome. Accept the command and after activating the locomotive, speak to Panam via the control panel where you need to select these options.

Selection 1 :

  • What did you want to talk about?
  • Are you starting to have doubts?
  • I missed you.

Selection 2 :

  • Then let’s get started.
  • Is there anything else you want to talk about?
  • You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

Selection 3 :

  • It’s a great plan. What went wrong?
  • I don’t see the problem.
  • That’s all I’m saying. But we can do without the chicks.

Selection 4 :

  • I think we should start somewhere.
  • So far, so good.

Selection 5 :

  • Don’t you feel any hurry now, anyway? It’s embarrassing…
  • Why is it different for me?

Selection 6 :

  • Next time, try to follow that impulse.
  • You think about it too much.

Sit next to them in the camp and talk to the vets. If you’ve had a drink and you’re trying to rest, you have a choice,

  • Frozen.
  • I can tell you won’t sleep.
  • Wake me up if anything happens.

Once Job has become queen of the highway, go to Basilisk and select this option:

  • Now I understand why they’re called coffins.
  • Not the way I imagined it.
  • It’s nice and comfortable.

After you have practiced shooting, the final selection of the location where your business will start starts once you have chosen the presented option:

  • Oh, yeah. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.
  • That’s sweet, but I’m done, thank you.

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