Dark Grim Mariupolis Achievement Guide

This guide describes the steps you can take to reach 100% in Dark Gloomy Mariupol. If you are one of the players who wants to achieve all the achievements of Dark Grim Mariupolis, follow the instructions below.

Guide to the realisation of the Mariupolisa in darkness

Bad trip.

  • Immediately after the prologue you go to the bar and talk to the bartender. He’ll say he needs a fish in a box at the bottom. You can fool the guard by going out the right closet with the key you get from Wolfie. Take the fish to the bartender and enjoy a cocktail.

Ohh… Orange?

  • Find the printer and mix the following items:
    • Green + Red = Yellow
    • Yellow + Red = Orange

Robo engineer

  • In order to gain the trust of the priest of the temple of Kyriat, he will ask you to repair the loudspeaker of his robot. To do this, place a screwdriver on the robot, which will open the puzzle. It is solved as soon as the arithmetic mean of the three values on the left is equal to the value on the right. You use (3 * right value – left value 1 – left value 2) to calculate the required voltage.

Thor’s Hammer

  • After you have repaired the robots, Kyriat’s priest will give you a letter to take to the man in the bar. In return he gives you his hammer, with which you can break the piggy bank in Thor’s house. This gives you a space to set up the merry-go-round to unlock a hidden camera. Inside, the fugu fish begins to sing. Now you can go to the priest in the Pentatonic Temple and get a gun. After that you can confidently challenge the Viking Guard to a duel.

Cat tamer.

  • You get it by hitting the bodyguard in the secret bar. The robot at the bar will ask you to find the book. With the contents of the hidden safe (you can find the code in the email, press the cube to enter it), you can organize a book in the Kyriat temple. Put it back in the cleaning bottle, take the crown to the guitar robot and use the tuning fork to beat the cat.

It’s brilliantly simple.

  • It’s actually the beginning of the last chapter, so play for it.

real detective

  • That’s understandable, keep playing until you get the right result.


  • When you first meet a priest in the Pentatonic Temple, you can challenge him to a duel. You may need to scroll down to find this option.

Berserker Anger

  • To get them, you have to defeat the Viking guard, the cat and Sergio. You can get all these achievements in one game, but it’s easier to finish the game by getting the Inner Harmony and then killing Sergio. You can get a third weapon from Skullgrim in the hidden bar after defeating a cat.

Zen and the art of waiting for the elevator

  • Wait a moment in the lift room (a few minutes) before opening the lift. Finally, you can open it by literally following the clue and giving it up.

Inner harmony

  • To win, you can’t kill Sergio. I suggest we finish this before we go back and kill Sergio.

The bookworm.

  • You can do that by spending a few minutes on the book. It should work with any book, I’m not sure. If you read every book you come across from beginning to end, you’re pretty sure you’ll be successful.


  • Normally you solve the puzzle of the robot’s microphone according to the following diagram:

  • To get the realization counter-clockwise, you have to enter the component counter-clockwise:

Dark and gloomy Mariupolis.

Meet me at 35. Universe

  • The… Challenge the Viking Guard of Sergio in an unarmed battle.

Meet me at 36. Universe

Meet me on the 37th. Universe

  • Dying again. Maybe this time we should get rid of the cat.

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