Death Tales Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Genre Death Stories
: Engine, system platformer : Nintendo Switch (also on PS4, PS Vita and PC)
Developer|Publishing : Arcade Distillery
Age Classification : EU 7+ | USA Teenagers
Price : UK £7.99 | EU €9.99 Release date 99| USA $9.99 Release date : 3. December 2020

Visualisation of the code, mainly provided by the Arcade distillery

New record

Death Tales is a 2D action platform game in which you play the role of a small mower whose task is to collect souls for death. With little time left, the little mower wants to go to the villain and start looking for ways to destroy the various villains and bosses in the plague-stricken world. It’s a simple fairy tale, presented in the form of short, sweet pork chops. You have the choice to finish the adventure on your own, or a second player can jump in and play the role of your scarecrow. The little reaper that avoids death is interesting. It’s a simple design where I didn’t know what to think when I first played the game, but when you’re ready, the small details of Tales of Death will keep some players up to date.

You won’t see me if I hide here…

Burglary and counterfeiting

The design of the game is not very complicated. You jump through the levels to reach the end. During each stage you’ll meet a large number of bad guys who have to fight against burglars and lawn mowers. Sometimes it is necessary to destroy all the enemies in a certain area in order to move forward. The game will also regularly platformers jumping over peaks, a blow to kill potholes and fires. After several levels, there is usually a huge pattern to win, which requires some basic pattern recognition to win. If you are dying, the checkpoints are not too far away, so you can choose where you are fairly quickly.

That’s quite a smile you have there.

I really dug in the graphic style. The enemies and characters feel metallic and animated in a paper style that has become very popular in the indie scene. The surroundings and smooth design do an impressive job of creating a sinister world, but at the same time offer something beautiful with an impressive colour palette. You see a lot of bright colors for the game on the small mower.

Artistic design does a good job of creating darkness and beauty.

Swimming competition

In general, the game is well controlled. The jumps and movements seem solid and easy to use. I also found the way your little mower could hang on the edges without hurting his back, preventing your cheap death by falling into the pits. I felt mixed up, though in battle. The gameplay is that of a burglary and a slash as if it were floating. They have a lot of moves to take out the bad guys, but in my case I often just run to them and hit my huge pigtail and rub the attack button until I win. After defeating enemies, health and magic fall, so I basically repeated this formula over and over again. The experience repeats itself quite quickly, and many enemies are in better health than expected, delaying the experience longer than you think. The ideal way to enjoy death stories was to listen to them in a short time. Maybe half an hour here and there. Looks like she’s just hungry for something stale too soon.

The developers really like the drawing of the plague doctor.

Download many

Death fairy tales do a good job of preventing you from grieving. When you complete a level, you can choose one of three rewards, usually health shards or magic shards, which increase with each meter as you collect a total of 3 shards. One of the items to be rewarded is usually a piece of equipment such as a new armour, a hat or a braid. Experimenting with different movements as in this flight has encouraged people to play through the levels again to collect more rewards. You can also buy loot in the help shops with yellow balls, which you can collect by completing the level and completing secondary quests. It was good to experiment with different armor and different models of weapons. If not, Tales of Death would be pretty boring.

Giant Spider with Rockets, just great. Although, of course, it’s very nice.

Do not be afraid of the mower.

When I started feeling like a backdoor into Death Stories, the more I played, the more I liked his play mechanic and artistic style in the short play sessions. Swim fights have flaws that don’t suit everyone.

This is a simple game that I recommend if you are looking for a simple action platform game that turns your brain off for a while before you go back to work. Don’t be afraid of the Grim Reaper. Death fairy tales are good.

Final verdict: I like her.

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