Definitive proofs that ZOS DESPISES Bretons and wants to destroy their lore from the ground up.

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This is kind of a follow-up to a topic I started a while ago.

I’ll chronicle everything ZOS has done to make Bretons the most uninteresting and uninteresting race on the planet. I suggest that you go through everything.

this page first just to see how much interesting lore Breton has, so that you have a brief idea on how much Bretons have been seriously fucked over by ZOS’s lore masters and writers throughout the past 7 years.


1- What is Breton’s fascination with magic? Ignored right away. Bretons are said to be the most magically gifted human race in legend. Even with the Altmer, someplace up there. To the point that Breton youngsters may be seen on the streets fooling about with illusion magic. However, ESO decided to depict Bretons as generic stupid heavily armored brutes, totally ignoring this. In ESO, there are ZERO famous strong Breton mages, as well as ZERO Breton magical groups or institutions. In fact, I provided a great example in the previous thread: in Bangkorai, we can witness Imperials and Reachmen firing fireballs, creating portals, and doing other magical feats, while in ESO, the mage’s guild must perform EVERYTHING magical for them. We can see that even ESO Khajiit and ESO Argonians are more magically skilled than ESO Bretons if we use ESO as a measure, really, WTF?


2- How complicated is Breton’s political intrigue? Ignored completely. The TES version of Westeros, the TES equivalent of Orlais, is meant to be High Rock. But none of it exists in ESO High Rock. In terms of politics, ESO high rock was surpassed by EVERY OTHER RACE. All we have to do now is look at the Alliance War. Bretons are basically the only race in which everyone is happy with their alliance. No Bretons, such as the Crowns, Veiled Heritance, House Telvanni/Dres, Western Skyrim, Anti-Kurog Orcs, and so on, are opposed to their union. Because ZOS despises Bretons and doesn’t want to bother developing complicated faction dynamics for them, ESO High Rock has the MOST BORING politics in the game.


3- What is the Elven heritage and influence? Non-existent. A gamer who solely plays ESO will most likely have no idea what Direnni are or how they connect to Bretons. Which is just absurd. Dragon Priests, Chimer, and Yokudans are Breton equivalents of Direnni. Do Dragon priests, Chimer, and Yokudans seem to be ignored by ZOS? They do not, in fact, milk them to death. Bretons, on the other hand, see virtually little of Direnni. On top of that, what about the Elven gods that the Bretons revere? Elven customs that the Bretons may have caught up on? NOTHING HAS BEEN EXPLORED. ZOS didn’t even try, instead writing Bretons as generic fantasy people and calling it a day.


4- Ayleid ruins, Ayleid ruins, Ayleid ruins, Ayleid ruins, Ayleid ruins, Ayleid ruins, Ayleid ruins, Ayleid ruins, Prior to ESO, Ayleids had no connection to Bretons at all, until ZOS went ahead and placed Ayleid ruins all around High Rock, as though Ayleids had formerly owned the area. Ruins of Direnni? None. What are the ruins of the Nedics? None. Breton ruins from the past? None. A.Y.L.E.I.D., A.Y.L.E.I.D., A.Y.L.E.I.D., A.Y.L.E.I.D., A.Y.L.E.I.D., We get a lot of petty Ayleid lore in stinking High Rock instead of Breton/Nede/Direnni worldbuilding in Breton zones. I’m sure ZOS didn’t give a damn about High Rock and simply copied and pasted TES4 Cyrodiil and called it a day without checking the backstory.


5- Other races enter Breton groups. ZOS has apparently determined that Bretons are so bad that they can’t create a faction that is entirely Breton. Is this the Lion Guard? We’ll need to add some Redgaurds and Orcs to the mix. Sisters of the Wyrd? More orcs and Redguards, please. Is it the Dagger Ring? The leader is a bloodthirsty Redguard. What is the Ravenwatch House? Is this an AD faction with two Altmer, one Bosmer, and one Khajiit? We can’t have any pure Breton factions because Bretons stinks, we hate bretons, and there can’t be any Breton representation, therefore ZOS created the morag tong 100 percent Dunmer, the companions 100 percent Nord, and the shadowscales 100 percent Argonian.


6- The questlines in the Breton zone were very basic and offered ZERO Breton worldbuilding. Breton zone missions are so general that the narrative could take place elsewhere in Tamriel and still make sense. eviilll reachmen, Glenumbra. Stormhaven? Daedric cultists are evillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Rivenspire? Vampires, vampires, vampires, vampires, vampires, vampires, vampires, The same may be said for High Rock group dungeons, public dungeons, and so on. They’re so general that they might happen anyplace. ZOS assigned a questline to Khajiit that is directly linked to Khajiit lore (mane and everything), while ZOS assigned questlines to Bosmers that are directly related to Bosmer mythology. But, am I right, screw Bretons? Why offer them a questline that delves into Breton history, culture, and tradition? Give them the most basic stories you can think of and call it a day.


7- Every province in Tamriel has a province general in the fighter’s guild. A Bosmer is the province general of Valenwood, an Imperial is the province general of Cyrodiil, a Nord is the province general of Skyrim, and a Khajiit is the province general of Elsweyr. What is the province of High Rock’s general? You guessed it, right? It’s a Redguard, of course.


8- The alliance capitals, Elden Root and Mournhold, both feature their own custom-designed tilesets. Wayrest? Use the standard Breton tile set instead. Why would ZOS create a new tile set for Bretons if they despise them?


9- ZOS completely retconned Bretons out of a third of High Rock in order to sell Orcs. Wrothgar was created entirely of Orcs by ZOS, and all previously known Breton lore in the region was obliterated? Jehanna and Farrun, two major Breton cities? ZOS ERASED THEM WITH A POOF. Yes, ZOS despises Bretons and doesn’t want to create literature for them; instead, they only want to write lore for Orcs, thus they robbed us of possible Breton material and erased Breton off the face of the area for ZERO reason. What’s even more amusing? By doing so, they retconned their own game. There are allusions to “Farrun” in 2014, which is interesting. In addition, there was a pet named ” Online:Cloud Spring White Sheep - Definitive proofs that ZOS DESPISES Bretons and wants to destroy their lore from the ground up.

Cloud Spring White Sheep” that references the Breton Settlement Lore:Cloud Spring - Definitive proofs that ZOS DESPISES Bretons and wants to destroy their lore from the ground up. Cloud Spring that’s located between Farrun and Jehanna. Tell me, if Wrothgar is really 100% Orc, where the hell did this sheep came from? did it time travelled from 3rd era High Rock? ZOS probably didn’t even think of this because who cares about Bretons right? Can you imagine ZOS doing this to any other race? Like retconning Vvardenfell to Argonian territory? Or retconning Blackwood to Khajiit territory? Nah only Bretons deserve this treatment.


Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair are ten. Finally!!!! We have two group dungeons in High Rock!!!! Is it time to take a deep dive into Breton mythology? NOPE, we’re sticking to Nordic and Dwarven dungeons. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see some Breton-themed dungeons? They’re awful.


Antiquities are number eleven. Is it now time for Bretons to be redeemed? And why don’t you offer them some fascinating artifacts from which we can learn more about Breton history? NOPE, the only thing the Bretons have is a coffin, a chair, a box, and the knowledge that they used to wear codpieces. In BRETON zones, we did get a lot of Ayleid/Orc/Imperial/Dwarven/even Bosmer antiquities!!! Yay


Breton, Nord, and Altmer are the 12th, 12th, and 12th centuries, respectively. The three alliance leaders’ race. Greymoor provided the ancestral theme for both Nords and Altmer. Bretons? No, DC gave them Orc Ancestral themes because, screw Bretons, ZOS doesn’t want to spend time creating Ancestral Breton style pages since it would require them to create Breton lore, which they don’t want to do. Oh wait, a year later, we finally see NPCs wearing the Ancestral Breton pattern!!! We don’t have it yet since ZOS is putting off creating Breton-style pages.


13- The bards college instruments collectibles, where you may find instruments for nearly every race, including Akaviri and Kothringi, but one race was mysteriously left out. Hmm…interesting; I’m not sure why.


14- Ebonsteel Motif and Knight of the Circle Both Motifs are clearly Breton in style…. They are obtained via pvp….so Cyrodiil and Imperial City…. Inferring that they are in some way… Imperial? Oh, and there are no style books to read for these two clearly Breton themes, thus no new knowledge about knights of the circles and Ebonsteel knights, i.e. no new Breton lore.


15- Bretons don’t even have their own tile set; instead, they use the “generic human” tile set that can be seen all across Tamriel, including Cyrodiil, Skyrim, and Valenwood.


16- Is there anything in the crown shop that may provide any insight on Breton lore? Aside from a few basic af outfits and horses, there are no crown shop goods for them. Bretons do not have access to Crown Crates. Except for them, I’m quite sure every other race has received one by now.


17- But wait… Icereach, icereach, icereach, icereach, icereach In Wrothgar, there is a group dungeon!!! Will ZOS be able to reintroduce Breton to Northeastern High Rock as soon as possible? The dungeon is about reachmen and nords, not the other way around. Ugh.


18- We all know that Bretons are one of the most magically gifted species on the planet. Despite the fact that there is an Imperial and a Redguard member in Summerset, there are no Breton Psijic order members. When we first meet a member of the Breton psijic order in Markarth, he’s an inept idiot who’s pretty much a joke. ZOS, you did a great job.


19- Prior to the release of Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online, Reachmen were known as “The Witchmen of High Rock.” Inferring that Bretons and Reachment may have some ties and relationships. Well… In the whole Markarth narrative, the term “Breton” is never mentioned. “The Witchmen of High Rock” are now physically closer to Nords than Bretons, which is quite cool.


20. THE BALFIERA ISLANDS!!! Finally, we’ll discover all there is to know about the Direnni and Bretons! Didn’t we? ZOS WASTED the Isle of Balfiera AND the Adamantia Tower for a one-off lesson, with the Direnni tower resembling a poor knockoff of the White Gold tower. OMG. Oh, and the term “Breton” isn’t even mentioned once in the whole lesson, as one would anticipate. Oh, and we didn’t learn anything about the Direnni either. Ugh.


21- Bastian, a friend who screams “I’m a Breton,” was transformed into an Imperial late in production. People may grow to like Bretons as a result of our inability to have Breton companions! Until ZOS deleted it, Hell Bastian was described to as a Breton on his “meet the character” page.


Quarter 3: 22- 2021 We have a new group dungeon in Glenumbra, which we are really excited about. What’s more, guess what? A.Y.L.E.I.D. A.Y.L.E.I.D. A.Y.L.E.I.D. A.Y.L.E.I.D. A.Y.L Seriously, ZOS, I don’t get it; couldn’t you simply make it a Direnni ruin for a change? You have all of the necessary resources. My guess is that ZOS thinks the Bretons as a joke and despises them, thus the dungeon Ayleid was created as a meta joke or to mock the gamers.


With TES6 almost certainly becoming Hammerfell, I believe we can safely declare the Bretons as a race to be dead and buried. ZOS isn’t going to do Bretons justice, and BGS is going to investigate Redguards. Breton redemption is unlikely to occur at this time. Our only opportunity to view High Rock is in ESO, and ZOS messed it wrong, most likely on purpose.

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