Destiny 2 All Lost Sectors Guide (Area, Faction, Bosses, Rewards & Rotations)

Destiny 2 is a lot of fun, but some of its systems can be complex. One of these is the Faction Rallies event, which introduces a series of public events to the game and allows players to pledge allegiance to one of three in-game factions. You get faction tokens for completing public events and turning them in to the faction representative at the end of the event. You can trade these tokens in for rewards, of which there are three tiers: a weapon, an armor piece, and a legendary ship.

This guide specifically goes over the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2: Forsaken. They are now in a different format than the original Destiny, since they are no longer just random missions, but actual locations, which means they’re in the same spot in the world as the rest of the planets. There are also a ton of Lost Sectors, which is why they have been broken down into different sections based on location.

You may have seen special places on most maps with a symbol (two curved lines around a point) that leads to a mini-dungeon.

These are the lost sectors, they are both early and late ways to exploit resources, mirrors and good equipment depending on your strength.

Lost areas also have special options, two of which become special instances (Master and Legendary) that offer greater challenge and rewards.

Lost areas are easy to find, and most are easy to work with, making them an excellent material for further grinding.

How do you find lost areas?

You can find the lost areas by looking for their icons on the map, as they will be open, but to find the exact entrance, you will have to search a bit.

When you go to the location of the lost sector, you must find its entrance by looking for the icon that marks the entrance.

They’re easy to spot as you walk around the area, and you can also easily stumble across them because the name of the lost area is marked on your map.

You will notice that the name of the area you are in will appear in some places during your journey, as well as the name of the lost area you are entering.

All lost areas of Destiny 2

Below is a collection of all the Lost areas in Destiny 2 that you can find and explore, which are also included in the Lost Main Area and Lost Legend Area rotations.

Each of the Lost Sectors has its own boss (Major) and the faction that occupies it, and they can be found in specific locations.

Spaceport Lost Sectors

Lost sector Zone Group Chief
Exodus Garden 2A Decoupling Like Lidsis-5 Taskmaster
Labyrinth of Veles Forgotten Coast Bijenkorf Ak-Baral, Navot’s rival.

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City of Dreams Lost Sectors

Lost sector Zone Group Chief
The star room Rheasilvia Retrieved from Inkashi, a student of the Curia.
The bay of drowned wishes Diwali Nebula Contempt Yirxius, leader of the underlings.
Holidays in Aphelion Brin Originating from Ur Haraak, student of the Curia

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Europe Lost territories

Lost sector Zone Group Chief
Destruction Cadmus Ridge. Vex Alceste, spirit of sacrifice
Funnel E15 The ruins of Eventide Vex Inquisitor Hydra
Hidden emptiness The Asterion Abyss Like Tellys, the rescue house

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EDZ Lost Sectors

Lost sector Zone Group Chief
Vostok Terminal Land of comfort Like Required: A captain without sun
Atrium Land of comfort Like Skexis, captain of the outcasts.
The road of the widow Land of comfort Like Required: Mason, the lost captain.
The hideout of a scavenger Suburbs Like Groxus, the blind captain
Sewer Suburbs Like Required: The metal captain
Whispering Waterfall Suburbs Like Required: The exhausted captain
Cry The bay is curvy. Like Required: Captain of the Cloudburst.
Scouting accident Hades Firebase Company Requires Zerz, the unstoppable leader
Site of the excavation of the XII Hades Firebase Company Required: The dust has swallowed the sentence
The well Hades Firebase Company Required: Kurg, the power that sees all.
Skydoc IV. The sunken islands Company Required: Darg Devastator
Career The sunken islands Company Required: Janne Amplifier
The flooded abyss Gorge Company that fell Required: Fisanne, the drowned captain.
Devoted tomb Sediments Originating from Vendraxis, the Shadow of Oryx.
Wave 13 Sediments Like Required: Calzar, the captain with the scar…
The Cave of Souls Sediments Originating from Required: Vargul, the oryx fragment

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Lost sectors of the moon

Lost sector Zone Group Chief
K1 Logistics The line of the archer Like the rebirth of Kelnix’s nightmare
Crew cabins K1 Hellmouth Like The nightmare of Reyix, the reader
Q1 Revelation Harbor of sorrow Bijenkorf Argut’s nightmare, no more printing.
Q1 Communion Anchor of light Like The nightmare of Reyix, the reader

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Nessus Lost Areas

Lost sector Zone Group Chief
Orrery The land of the artifacts Vex Required: Tyrdron
Slot Exodus black Like Required: Captain Twilight.
cesspit The elucidation of echoes Like Required: The Nariks are reborn
Junction Tanker Company Required: Partisan Coyote
The spirit of antiquity The radius Vex Required: Packrion

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Tangled Shores Lost Areas

Lost sector Zone Group Chief
Empty container The resting place of a burglar. The Fallen, the company. Aziis, the Marauder of the Dawn.
Doc Kingship The resting place of a burglar. Contempt Wilsey, Chief Skornyakov.
Trapper’s Den The throat of the four horns Company Garut Graham
Workshop AW0-43 Saturn’s Jetsam Like Zetix-7
Turbine of the ship Wolf A cup of Sorix. Bijenkorf Segrex, stained.

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Lost sector punch

Each lost area has an end boss, usually found at the bottom of the area. To complete a lost area, you must defeat it and unlock the final boss’ hideout.

You’ll get the key to the final boss lair after you defeat the final boss in the Lost Sector you’re exploring, and you don’t have to pick it up.

The final bosses in each lost area are unique and resemble other enemies you may encounter, but they have better stats, a larger size, and a different appearance.

Lost sector price

Each lost area has a Boss Stash that requires a Boss Stash code to unlock to be rewarded.

You will automatically get the code for the boss lair after defeating the boss in the lost area, after which you can open the boss lair.

In the Lost Sector Chest you can get shinies and sometimes equipment, which are usually of rare or legendary quality.

You can only open the chest once in each instance of the lost sector, but this can be reset if you leave and revisit the lost sector.

Lost sector towers

Players can earn rewards by completing special lost sector options that change daily and appear on your map as long as you find a lost sector.

There are two types of special lost areas: Lost Legend Sector (1300 power level recommended) and Lost Master Sector (1330 power level recommended).

Players are rewarded with exotic items for completing these special lost areas, but only if they play alone.

Breeding Legendary and Lost Sectors is considered one of the endgame activities in Destiny 2, as it allows players to obtain some of the most powerful equipment in the game.

If you want to see how the Lost Sector rotation is going today, check out our Destiny 2 activity tracker.


  • Lost Sectors is a great way to mine and shine gear early and late in the game of Destiny 2.
  • All lost areas can be easily found by looking at the map and remembering the symbols that belong to them.
  • Some areas of Lost are easier than others and are used for quests, tasks and achievements.
  • There are lost areas that can be easily abandoned and re-entered, making it easy to gain in a short period of time.
  • Usually you can get rare or legendary items in the lost sectors, but it is also possible to get better equipment.


In the lost areas, you can obtain many items that will come in handy as you try to increase your performance level.

The frequency of exotic items falling into the lost sector is not as high as in normal lost sectors, so they can be obtained in legendary and master sectors.

Lost areas change depending on your power level, and items belonging to your level are often dropped there, allowing you to replace your old equipment with new or better ones.

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