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Destiny 2 is the latest game in Bungie’s highly-anticipated franchise, and it’s a great time to be playing. The big question for Season of Opulence has been when will the next hotfix be released? Luckily, “Destiny Hotfix 4.0.2” was just released as we write this!

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game was released worldwide on September 6, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. It will also be released for Microsoft Windows on October 24th, 2017. Read more in detail here: destiny video game.

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“Sabotaging Salvation” is a phrase used by Europa.

  • A bug that was preventing players from finishing this assignment has been fixed.

World of the Throne

  • Temporarily disabled Deepsight tier 3 chest that were being opened far more quickly than intended for World of the Throne vendor reputation gains.

  • Players were able to escape the environment via numerous holes throughout the planet.


  • The Lightblade is a powerful weapon.

    • Even if players attempt to skip by it to the first hallway segment below, the Hive boat now starts up correctly.
  • Attack on the Wellspring

    • Several bugs were fixed that allowed the back-middle Wizard to get imprisoned within the pedestal below during the boss encounter, preventing activity advancement.
  • Public Occasions

    • Arc shield on Heroic Ether Harvest monster has been fixed to respond appropriately to Arc damage.
  • Eternity’s Dares

    • When beginning the Lightning Round, a problem with the activity progress might cause it to fail.
    • Fixed an issue where scoring UI would not appear in regular Eternity’s Dares.
  • Sectors that have gone missing

    • The Legend and Master Lost Sector activities were missing from the Game History APIs, which was fixed.

Queens and Worms is a story about queens and worms.

  • Fixed a bug where entering the mission late in the game prevented the player from obtaining the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher.


  • The Resonant Rune was utilizing a placeholder icon, which was fixed.

Investment and Gameplay


  • Titans may create massive quantities of Orbs of Power by quickly entering and departing Sparrows while the Ward of Dawn bubble was triggered.
  • The size of the Cataclysm icon has been adjusted to fit correctly in the player’s HUD.

Making Weapons

  • Fixed a problem where some weapon types’ created weapon Triumph counts were not being shown correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Mementos could drop from Activities before players had unlocked Making Weapons.
  • The Gambit Memento was not falling for players who had not bought The Witch Queen. This has now been fixed.
  • A crafting material’s name has been updated to read appropriately as Drowned Alloy rather than Drowned Element.
  • Enigma crafting rewards have been updated to utilize the right currency.


  • After being momentarily disabled due to an ammunition creation error, Grave Robber has been re-enabled for Glaives.
  • Glaive melee animations may now be cancelled by Hunter dodge.
  • When comparing perks on the inspection page, Funnelweb displayed inaccurate magazine values due to a problem.
  • There was a problem where certain foundry weapons only had their source origin characteristic. This has been fixed.
  • The Ragnhild-D shotgun now shows the proper zoom.
  • There was a problem with the Häkke Palmyra-B Rocket Launcher’s stats being missing or wrong.
  • The Fortissimo-11 now has a greater magazine capacity than it was designed to have.
  • The Alacrity perk was fixed to prevent it from continuing after the weapon was unequipped.

  • The quest description for Grand the Overture catalyst quest was switched with the vendor text, which was fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where the magazine stats for the Fortissimo-11 Shotgun were inaccurate (this would only have been visible with magazine-increasing perks or mods).

  • Legendary weapons accessible on Banshee-44 have had their weights adjusted so that the new world pool weapons have a better chance of dropping.

  • Glaive melee kills no longer count towards a player’s Glaive kill total in their match history.

  • Fixed an issue where the Outlaw perk for the Crisis Inverted Hand Cannon displayed twice in the first column (second instance has been replaced with Under Pressure).


  • When inflicting projectile damage, sealed Ahamkara Grasps no longer reload Glaive magazines.
  • For Player Elected Difficulty campaign tasks, high-stat armor rolls have been introduced as rewards.
  • The Voltaic Mirror Exotic perk now has a fixed description.
  • When Loreley Splendor Helm casts a barrier, it now creates a Sunspot.

    • When badly injured, it will still provide a Sunspot, but it will now need and consume a charged class ability cool down.
  • The Overload Rounds mod no longer interferes with Overload Champions’ health regeneration after they recover from a stun.

  • Fixed an issue where the Renewal Grasps Exotic’s decreased damage debuff was only applied for a short time.

    • Enemies should now be affected for the period they are in the AoE of Duskfield Grenade.
    • Renewal Grasp’s description and icon have been updated.
  • The Virtuous Cloak now seems to be more flexible and less unyielding.


  • Some new Vanguard Void bounties have been added that were not accessible during the Void burn weeks.
  • Kills from Void volatile explosions were not being counted for goal progress.
  • Some War Table recurring rewards now have lower completion values.

New Light

  • If the player got the task from the postmaster and meditated before retrieving it, the quest Meditate on the Light might get trapped in their quest log.

    • The stuck quest will now be immediately erased for players in this status.
    • If the player’s quest inventory is full, Meditate on the Light may now be abandoned, and it will no longer be delivered to the postmaster.
  • Fixed a problem where the Titan subclass mission Riding the Storm and Hunter subclass quest Stoking the Flame were no longer accessible at Ikora.


  • Fixed a problem where purchasing the Phoenix Cradle ornament required Season 8 ownership.


  • The Seasonal Exotic ship now has a source to drop from, which was previously unavailable.
  • In reward previews, relative drop chances for Ascendant Alloys were not displaying up correctly.

Systems and Platforms


  • Due to outdated calibration settings not being reset for certain players, black levels might become grey or invert.


  • During the encounter with Caiatl, Ghost was perplexed and upside down.

    • Ghost may or may not still be perplexed, but at the very least the cinematic is no longer upside down.
  • Players were unable to exchange Synthcord for Synthweave at the Loom due to a bug.

  • To avoid milking Gunsmith reputation, the cost of removing weapons and armor from collections has been increased.

    • 777 Glimmer is a rare 777 Glimmer.
    • 1000 Glimmer and 10 Legendary Shards – Legendary
    • 2500 Glimmer and 20 Legendary Shards – Exotic
  • The Night’s Chill shader was not appearing properly due to a bug.

  • Fixed an issue where certain names in the Partners part of the game credits were not showing properly.

  • Various stability and crash fixes have been implemented.


  • To replace sound-alike performers, Spanish Castilian Drifter and Ghost have been completely re-recorded.
  • In the German version of the Quick Access Sling weapon mod, an inaccurate translation was fixed.
  • Sunbracers’ German description claims that melee hits, not melee kills, trigger the perk.

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  • Hotfix for Destiny 2 Source: Battlegrounds are an activity that takes place on a battlefield. When the engram inventory is full, Umbral Engrams might spawn under the earth. This has been fixed. When fireteam members or combatants were in close proximity to generators, they couldn’t be destroyed. Players were respawning in the Land Tank after disconnecting and being stranded, which was fixed. …

  • Hotfix for Destiny 2

    Source: Investment and Gameplay Armor Fixed an issue where Recovery-focused Umbral Engrams would sometimes not award armor with a sufficiently high Recovery stat. Fixed issues where some Common, Uncommon, and Rare armors would provide stat bonuses when used as ornaments as a part of Armor Synthesis. Energy Accelerant mod: No longer increases damage against…

  • Hotfix for Destiny 2 Activities Astral Alignment by Season When all Ether Wisps were destroyed, the Ether Collection encounter might soft lock. This has been fixed. Fixed an issue where items could be removed while players were taking them out of an activity, causing the activity to soft lock. Vault of Glass is raided There was a bug where Atheon would…

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