Destiny 2 Legacy Shadowkeep Quest Steps

This is an introductory guide to Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, the next expansion for Bungie’s first-person shooter series. Players will explore a brand new area of the solar system called “Oryx’s Dreadnaught” where they’ll battle Oryx and his spawn hordes as well as other enemies in a quest to recover The Traveller from its resting place on Saturn.

The “destiny 2 shadowkeep campaign mission list” is a step-by-step guide of the Legacy Shadowkeep Quest.

The Shadowkeep DLC is covered by the Destiny 2 Legacy Shadowkeep mission, which takes place on the Moon.

It starts with you assisting the Vanguard in taking their positions on the Moon against the Hive, and then moves on to you working with Eris Morn to uncover the Pyramid’s mysteries.

You’ll have to assist Eris Morn discover a means to battle the new Nightmares who seem to be unaffected by the Hive throughout this mission, and you’ll have to help her find a way to access the Pyramid.

Steps to the Legacy Shadowkeep QuestD2LEGACYSH211021-3

First, finish the In Search of Answers mission.

Before you may get beyond the first quest step in the Legacy Shadowkeep campaign, you must complete the In Search of Answers task.

This also enables you to go on with other criteria on the Moon, and it will help you develop in the future.

In Search of Answers is indicated with a waypoint and may be found on your map.

Step 2: Go to Sanctuary and see Eris Morn.

From the conclusion of Eris Morn’s message during the In Search of Answers quest, what looks to be an assault may be heard.

Return to Sanctuary and talk with Eris Morn to get the Essence of Despair quest, which is the following step.

Step 3: Despair’s Complete Essence

The Essence of Despair is a brief task that requires you to cleanse the Essence you’ve collected, and it must be completed before moving on to step 4.

Step 4: Return to Eris Morn in Sanctuary.

The Essence of Despair will be cleaned when you complete the Essence of Despair quest, and you will need to return to Eris Morn for the following duties.

This quest step runs concurrently with the Essence of Despair quest and will finish at the same time, bypassing the Essence of Despair’s final step.

Step 5: Defeat Omnigul’s Nightmare

The Nightmare of Omnigul must be dealt with, and the Nightmare Hunt: Anguish assignment will need you to track her down.

This mission is situated at Anchor of Light, which is depicted on the map.

Step 6: In Sanctuary, speak with Eris Morn.

Eris Morn will need to meet with you in order for you to uncover what she thinks is hidden inside the Scarlet Keep, then walk over to Sanctuary and connect with her.

Strike “The Scarlet Keep” at the end of Step 7.

The Scarlet Keep is the result of the findings discovered, and you must penetrate it after you begin the Scarlet Keep Strike on the Moon.

You may start the strike by going to its position on the Moon’s map or by choosing it on the map.

Step 8: The Substance of Anguish

You’ll need to cleanse another Essence after finishing the previous quest phase, which you’ll complete in the Essence of Anguish quest.

To go to the next stage of the Legacy Shadowkeep campaign, you must finish this mini-quest.

The Essence of Anguish may be found on the quest tab, as it was originally granted when you fought the Nightmare of Omnigul. 

Return to Eris Morn in step 9.

After Hashladun’s death, Eris Morn obtained knowledge on the location of the Hive Cryptoglyph, and you will need to talk with her to understand where to locate it.

When you speak with Eris Morn on The Moon again, you will be directed to the next phase, which is to take the Cryptoglyph.

Step ten: Finish the mission “In The Deep.”

The Hive Cryptoglyph’s location has been disclosed, and your next mission is to retrieve it from The Catacombs.

You’ll need to finish the In the Deep mission, which is designated as the next mission on The Moon.

Step 11: Take The Cryptoglyph back to Eris Morn.

Return to Eris Morn on The Moon now that you’ve obtained the Cryptoglyph, and chat with her to learn how to construct additional Dreambane Armor later.

Step 12: Empower the Lectern of Enchantment with the Cryptoglyph

The Lectern of Enchantment will appear after chatting with Eris Morn; engage with it to empower it and get another gift.

This allows you to accept bounties and buy resources from the Lectern of Enchantment.

Step 13: Go to the Moon and see Ikora.

Ikora has come on the Moon to see the Pyramid for herself and needs your assistance. Enter the portal near Eris Morn and speak with Ikora.

A sequence will play in which you and Ikora converse with Eris Morn, with Ikora giving Eris the complete support of the Vanguard.

Step 14: Make the Rest of the Dreambane Armor

It’s time to finish your Dreambane Armor set, which necessitates tracking down and collecting the remaining Nightmare bosses’ Essences.

This also implies that in order to continue with the campaign, you must finish all of the Essence tasks.

The walkthroughs for the various Essence missions mentioned above may be found by clicking on them.

Step 15: Go to Sanctuary and see Eris Morn.

You’re ready to enter the Pyramid now that you have a complete set of Dreambane armor, but first you must talk with Eris Morn.

Complete the Beyond Mission (Step 16).

You must begin your adventure inside the Pyramid after conversing with Eris Morn, and you will do so by initiating and finishing the “Beyond” assignment.

To begin the “Beyond” task, which is required to access the Pyramid, you must wear all of your Dreambane Armor.

Step 17: Bring the Unknown Artifact back to Eris Morn.

After you’ve returned from the Pyramid, you’ll need to deliver the Unknown Artifact to Eris Morn on the Moon and talk with her.

Step 18: Consult Zavala

Return to the Tower and talk with Zavala about your discoveries from the Moon; the Vanguard commanders will be keen to hear what you have discovered.

Step 19: Have a conversation with Ikora

After speaking with Zavala, an extra quest step will be added, and you will need to meet with Ikora, who is also in the Tower.

Rewards for the Shadowkeep QuestD2LEGACYSH211021-2

You will be possible to get a piece of Exotic gear before the Shadowkeep is finished, depending on whatever class you are playing.

The following are the Exotic awards available in the Shadowkeep Campaign for each class:

The following missions will become accessible as you reach the end of the Shadowkeep Campaign:


  • Because the Nightmare foes you encounter are more powerful than their regular counterparts, you need take additional caution while dealing with them.
  • Before you may enter the Pyramid, you must first get a complete set of Dreambane Armor, which will only happen as you go through the mission.
  • It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your foes’ weak points so you can do more harm to them.
  • After battling the bosses in the Beyond task, you may encounter various issues that may be resolved by going out of boundaries or leaving the activity and returning.
  • If you misplace your Dreambane Armor, you may reclaim portions of it from Eris Morn, but you’ll need certain resources.


The odd Pyramid arrived out of nowhere, and you were finally able to assist Eris Morn in completing her inquiry.

You were able to breach the Pyramid with the Dreambane Armor and experience firsthand the Nightmares of your previously defeated foes.

Even if the initial steps were successful, there is still much to learn, particularly about the Unknown Artifact you just acquired.

The “Destiny 2 Legacy Shadowkeep Quest Steps” is a quest that can be started in the new expansion. It’s not too difficult to complete, but it will take some time. Reference: destiny 2 legacy shadowkeep step 8.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete the quest Shadowkeep?

A: You need to kill the blue dragon.

How many Quest steps Shadowkeep?

A: The game has a total of 180 Quests, divided into 7 different Acts.

How do you do Shadowkeep campaign in Destiny 2?

A: The Shadowkeep campaign in Destiny 2 is separate from the main game. This means that players will not be able to carry over their progress into this campaign. They can also choose whether or not they want to play it, but they cannot carry their save files with them when leaving the game.

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