Destiny 2 Risk/Reward Mission Walkthrough

  • Mission type: History
  • Location: Altrusland, Earth
  • Working time: 20-40 minutes

Rumor has it that Kyde has hidden a powerful weapon cage and that you have been sent on a risky mission as a reward.

After you meet Devrim Kay and help him find the missing pieces of the puzzle that Kaid so cleverly used to hide the carcass, you go in search of the frame of the weapon.

You must get past the enemies in the spaceport and find where Caid has hidden the weapon.

Condition for use

Before you find the carcass of the weapon, you must fit together the puzzle pieces that Caid has scattered around, and you’ll need help to do so.

Talk to Devrim K.

You must first talk to Devrim Cay, who will explain how to get weapons, and then he will tell you to raid the Lost Sectors.

Segments with a net loss

Devrim Kay will ask you to clear the area around Solace of lost sectors, which you can easily find by looking for signs of lost sectors on the map.

The following points should be deleted :

  • The lost part of the atrium
  • Lost sector of the eastern terminus
  • The lost sector of the “widow”.

You can find the sectors of Trostland here: Link to

Mission Objectives

Defeating the captains of the dawn

To find clues as to where the Caid might have hidden information revealing the location of the weapons rack, you must first kill the Twilight Captains.

Twilight Captains are joined by fallen enemies, but remember that others may be looking for them, and you must land the last shot to make it count.

They spawn in the cosmodrome and you must defeat three of them to continue the mission.

Find the closed door

Once you have defeated the Twilight Captains, go to the passageway that will lead you to the closed door.

You end up in Breach, which you may know as a place you first passed through.

The place is crawling with traps. You must fight your way to the point where you must open the door.

Bridging the gap

As you enter the area, you find yourself in a large canyon that you must cross to reach the exit.

You must use your one-class jumping mechanism to get to the end of the chasm, but be careful because a miscalculated jump can end in a plunge to your death.

Continue research

Once you reach the border crossing, the sign will display directions that you must accept in order to proceed.

You’ll see that Dougie’s Conductors is next to a framed picture with a chicken card, which causes Ghost to start talking about the chicken friend that Banshee left as a gift to Dougie’s Conductors.

Do the bow ladder up and you will immediately get an exotic weapon from Riskrunner, then go to the Alien’s Nest.

Enter the fallen nest

Keep going in the direction of the crossing until you reach the nest, and don’t forget to equip your new weapon, as you will soon be using it.

At the end of your journey you will find a huge trap, which you can survive thanks to your special jumping mechanics.

Once you are out of the parachute, there are several enemies in the area ready to attack you if you want to get out of the tunnel.

Make sure your exotic runner has not fallen in battle.

Now it’s time for the fun part, as you will use your new toy to unleash chaos on enemies who have fallen into their own nest.

Go to the Fallen and start killing them. Shortly after you take out many of them, a final boss named Havix, the Baron of Twilight, appears.

Go ahead and defeat the Hawks and Fallen Enemies that reproduce, but be careful because they can overpower you if they get too close.

When you have eliminated all enemies along with the leader, the mission is complete.


  • Some players may get this mission very early, and enemies may be too strong even with new weapons, so it is best to fight carefully.
  • When fighting the Fallen in the latter part of the mission, you can take cover for melee enemies in the tunnel, but be wary of the boss and other units from a distance.

The Riskrunner can do a lot of damage in a short period of time, and can fire shots that create a chain flash effect that easily takes out groups of enemies.


This mission is probably one of the first opportunities for you to get your hands on a powerful weapon, and your efforts will be well rewarded when you get your hands on it.

They have just received one of the very first weapons that the new superconductivity-based technology has made available, and it has proved invaluable.

You must go to the last town and speak with Commander Zavala to continue the Spark of Hope adventure.

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