Destiny 2 Schism Quest Walkthrough

  • Type of mission : History
  • Place of deployment : Old Russia, Earth.
  • Deployment time: 15-20 minutes

After the quest One Keeper Rises, you’re after Shaw Khan, who needs your help to find his fire team.

They share the task because Call and Maeve are both in different locations, so one Shaw is after Call and Maeve.

They must find a way to locate Maeve and gain access to her location to save her before it is too late.

Mission Statement Objectives


After speaking with Shaw Khan and agreeing to help him, he takes charge and asks him to follow his cue.

Hidden in a nearby locker is a weapon that Shaw assumes is an upgrade for you.

Approach the cabinet and interact with it to obtain a new kinetic weapon (Ballyhoo Mk.27 Ballyhoo Gun) to equip immediately.

Follow Sein Shaw

You must then continue to follow Shaw’s signal, marked with a waypoint, as he searches for signals from his ship.

If you follow the route, you will arrive at the kosmodrome on the steppe, where Shaw will give you further instructions by radio.

Shaw follow

Go to the indicated location and Shaw reports that something in this area is causing interference.

This is the usual place you’ll find Shaw in other upcoming missions, and it also serves as a quick starting point.

Searching for the source

The ghost analyzes the cause of the failure and leads you to the source to address and investigate.

When you arrive at your destination, Fallen will be at the top of the hill where the antenna is.

Translucent case

Shaw will order you to take out the fallen men guarding the antenna, and you must kill them before you can continue the mission.

They will all be at a high level, and you will have a better advantage when you go up the hill to take them out or protect yourself from your position.

Antenna survey

Once you release the traps into the area, Ghost will tell you to move him closer to the antenna, and you can launch a hack after interacting with the antenna.

Once you’ve worked with the antenna, Ghost starts hacking and you have to protect him from the enemies that come to stop you.

Ghost protection

You must hold off the enemies while Ghost completes the hacking sequence and kills the enemies that arrive at your location.

Enemies will arrive by dropship and storm your area, but you have the advantage of higher ground and they will pass by sides you can easily cover.

Searching for Maeve Part

Once you’ve taken out the enemies in the area, Ghost will restore the signal and Shaw will give you instructions as you split up to find his fire team.

Shaw asks you to find Maeve while he tracks Cass, and you begin to track Maeve’s location, which Shaw relays to you.

Ghost tells more about the traps and ruins of their civilization, explaining that they are on the hunt for what they have lost.

You’ll eventually find vehicles around, one of the first might be the Heavy Pike, which you can use to move around quickly and also to kill enemies.

Check power section.

When you get to the barrier, you’ll find a power source that powers the barrier, and you’ll need to study it so Ghost can figure out what to do with it.

Ghost suggests searching the traps for the access codes needed to open the aggregate and deactivate the barrier.

Purchase access codes

Follow the given waypoints to get to the terminals whose access codes you need to download, but watch out for the enemies guarding them.

You’ll need a total of two keys to access the aggregate, with more enemies to fight against as you acquire them.

The second and third terminals are blocked by shields, which can be bypassed by killing the scavenger servers (Big Fallen Robots) that drop bow loads.

When the Reclaimer server is destroyed, take the arc charge and place it in the shield generator to dissolve the shield.

Continue to collect all access codes and return to power to deactivate the barrier.

Stop barrier

If you have all the access codes, Ghost can break the label on the power supply to disable the barrier.

Return to the aggregate to deactivate the barrier, allowing you to enter the building and continue your mission.

A loud noise can be heard, to which the ghost explains that the barrier was made to keep the Beehive (another enemy faction) at bay.

Searching for Maeve Part 2

Enter the building that later became known as the Moon Complex, where Maeve lives.

Go to the crossing and be careful if you are in a large dark room, because the hive units will start to invade you.

You should be able to take them out easily with precise shots (aim for the head) and explode cursed triumphs (hives with glowing heads that stand out).

Once you leave the dark room, you’ll enter the shielded area of the Moon Complex (note that you can’t rest in this area, and you’ll have to fight enemies inside again if you die).

Eliminate a room full of enemies and the nearby fence will dissolve, revealing that Maeve was killed by Navotah, Eir Spawn.

Maeve and her attacker will disappear, leaving Maeve’s spirit in pieces for you to find.


  • You can equip weapons that you get directly for money in your character’s menu, but you can also stick with a gun if you want.
  • Enemies in the area are scattered everywhere, and you can kill them to train on targets, a chance to get loot.
  • By using vehicles like the Heavy Pike, such missions can be completed faster thanks to their speed and ability to wound enemies well, but be careful as they can be destroyed.
  • You can easily kill the hive units you encounter by aiming for their heads, especially those damn Krauts who explode when you shoot them in the head.


After you and Shaw split up to find his fire team, it was too late to save each member and you had to regroup in camp.

They can pick up the remains of Ghost Maeve, which would make Shaw happy.

The mission ends after you recover Maeve’s ghost parts, and you end up in a locked room that you can’t get out of.

You must use the quick move feature to return to the camp in the steppe (this serves as a tutorial on using the quick move feature to move around) and take over Shaw’s next mission.

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