Destiny 2 The Corrupted Strike Walkthrough

  • Type of mission : Strike (Joint)
  • Location: The city of dreams
  • Duration of strike: 15 to 30 minutes
  • Size of fire brigade: 1-3 players

One of the royal engineers or technical witches, named Sedia, has been captured and possessed, and you are tasked with finding her.

Even if she’s retrieved, there’s still a chance to save her, and that’s what the queen wants you to do.

The problem is that she will try to kill you, and you must do everything you can to free her from her grasp and save her.

Objectives of the strike

Entrance to the temple

You and your fire team start in Reasylvia, outside the temple, which later leads you to the ascension level of the Temple of Illin, which was most likely created by magic.

Descent into the heart of the temple

Once you enter the temple, you must go to a landmark that will lead you to a dark and broken cave that looks like a blob full of enemies taken.

At this point you can fight the enemies or try to maneuver them to get to a waypoint.

It’s not necessary to kill all enemies at this stage, and you can just catch up with them, but be careful because more and more enemies can kill you if you get cornered or cornered.

At the end of the path you will find a portal that allows you to leave the ascension plane and leads you to the physical temple of the Illin.

You and your fire team will find a circular elevator and must survive by going deeper into the temple, but enemies will attack you on the way down.

Looking for a damaged Tacheun

The road to Tacheun will be filled with enemies of the Hive that you must fight on your way to the border crossing.

You must defeat the two Berserk Ogres connected to Cedia before you can go through the large locked door in this area.

After defeating the two Ogres Berserk, continue to the crossing, passing the captured enemies guarding the path.

You’ll enter the ascension level again, and this time there are several pillar areas you have to cross with the Class Skip, but be careful because if you fall you’ll be killed.

Confrontational media, corrupt

Once you reach your destination, Sedia will be waiting for you, and you will have to fight with her early to free her from the corruption that animates her.

You’ll find that it can create a shield that makes it immune to damage, but this can be removed by grabbing nearby spherical relics and throwing at them.

Once she removes her shield, you and your team can start dealing damage like any other enemy.

If you take away about 1 ½ of her Sedia health, she will teleport and you must chase her through a nearby portal.

Keep fighting her until you have exhausted her life, and then she will be free of her possessions.


  • The enemies you encounter can be very difficult to control, as they are a mixture of factions that can be unpredictable at times.
  • Make sure you start with the jumps when hunting Sedia, as they can be tricky for those not used to jumping mechanics.
  • Even if there are multiple bosses, it’s best to save your skills for the Master Servant as he approaches his stage so you can get him out easily.


Once Cedia’s influence is removed and no longer corrupted, the mission will end and you will save Tacheun.

The Queen holds her closest associates in high regard and will always be grateful to you for the successful outcome of this strike.

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Damaged lock on 580. Once you’ve killed all of Taken’s chiefs, you and the fire team can launch a modified version of Damaged Strike. This punch is the recommended power of 580, which is very high. The strike is essentially the same.

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