Destiny 2 The Mad Bomber Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 is an action-role playing game published by Bungie, the creators of Halo, that was released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 6, 2017. The story is set in the distant future, in a solar system called The Last City, which is under attack by a powerful evil force called the Red Legion. Players have to help the Guardians fend off the invasion, rescuing people and killing enemies, collecting rewards, and earning new weapons and armor.

The latest installment in Bungie’s multiplayer shooter series Destiny 2 is out (after a delay) and it brings a slew of new modes, weapons, gear, and more. Destiny 2 is a game that is incredibly complicated, and when you’re stuck trying to figure out what to do or how to do it, you might find yourself reaching out to our Destiny 2 community for help. That is why this guide exists (to give the most helpful and up-to-date information).

Guardians, it’s time to put on your best trenchcoat and roll out with the Resistance! We have a brand new mission for you in the latest expansion to Destiny 2, The Forsaken. We’re going to be playing through the game’s newest raid, The Mad Bomber.

  • Type of assignment: Leaving (inheritance)
  • Place of employment: Tangled coasts

As his name suggests, in the film Mad Bomber, Canix is a baron, an explosives fanatic with a touch of mania.

You need to find Kanix, starting at Four Horns Gorge, where he claims to have a gift for you (obviously a trap).

Operational objectives

Find a gift

You start in Fourhorn Gulch, where a gift from Kanix awaits you, which is an obvious trap.

Go to the place, and later Canix will tell you that the gift itself is death, after which enemies will appear.

Protect yourself

Despised enemies appear in waves after you kill them, and you must eliminate them before moving on to the next objective.

Safe Bomb

Nearby is a cluster mine that must be disarmed or the spirit claims everything around it will explode.

Walk to the shrapnel mine and stay in its area until the percentage reaches 100%, which means success.

The hunt for the mad bomber (Part 1)

The mad bomber continues to taunt you and inadvertently informs you of his position on the company, causing the ghost to tell you to follow them.

Victory over warlords

When you get to the open area after passing the crossing, you have to defeat the 3 military leaders in that area.

Mine clearance

After defeating the warchiefs, Canix will turn to you like in a game and you will see 3 mines that you will have to dismantle in a short time.

The hunt for the mad bomber (Part 2)

Go to the next waypoint, which leads to a tunnel with a teleporter, and you’ll reach the Diavix mine, where Canix is hiding.

Defeating the Mad Bomber (Part 1)

Fight the crazy bomber Canix until you use up some of his health and he disappears from the area, leaving a bomb behind.

Bomb disposal (part 1)

You have to secure the bomb (stay in range) until Kanix returns, which you have to do quickly before it explodes.

Defeating the Mad Bomber (part 2)

The crazy bomber will appear again and attack you. You have to keep damaging it, making it disappear again and leaving a bomb behind.

Bomb disposal (part 2)

This time there are two bombs that you must detonate before Kanix returns, both of which are disabled separately.

Defeating the Mad Bomber (part 3)

Keep fighting the crazed bomber until he’s done, but be prepared to escape and look for the final bomb, because Kanick has placed it so it will blow up the entire area.

Mine clearance

If you defeat the mad bomber Kanika, his final bomb will explode and you will have 1 minute and 28 seconds to dismantle it.

Go to the crossing and avoid all delays to reach the bomb before it explodes.


  • If your goal is to mine or defuse mines, focus on the mines themselves first and shoot the enemies after or while you are in the mine radius to save time.
  • In this mission you will have many enemies to fight against, but it is important to focus on Skorna.
  • If you die in the last area of the final battle, you’ll have to start the fight over, so watch out for bombs and try not to get overwhelmed.

As you make your way towards the final bomb, ignore the other enemies on the way and run towards them for a greater chance of success.


During the mission, Canix will constantly taunt you and try to convince you that you and Caid-6 are assassins, which Ghost says is not true, and that you are the Guardian of Light.

The mad bomber finally got his due for his role in the death of Kaida-6, as well as for the nasty rumors he spread.The following is a step by step walkthrough on how to complete the mission in Destiny 2: The Mad Bomber, part of the Gambit Prime story arc. This walkthrough includes how to complete the mission without dying and how to complete the mission on hard difficulty at the highest level.. Read more about destiny 2 tangled shore questline and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat the Mad Bomber in Destiny 2?

The Mad Bomber is a boss in Destiny 2.

Where is the mad bomber in Destiny 2?

The mad bomber is a legendary sniper rifle in Destiny 2.

How do you beat hangman?

You can’t.

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