Dirt 5, Code Vein, Wreckfest, and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass This Month

Image : Microsoft

Microsoft announced that Elite Dangerous, Killer Queen Black, Pillars of Eternity 2 : Deadfire – Ultimate Edition, Wreckfest, Dirt 5, Superhot : Mind Control Delete and Code Vein will be available on Xbox Game Pass later this month. The latest batch of games for the subscription service has been confirmed in a new blog post on Xbox Wire, which also reveals that Capcom’s Monster Hunter : Now you can enjoy the world through xCloud. In addition, Destiny 2, Fallout 76, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and other Game Pass games have received new DLCs and game updates.

See below for descriptions and trailers of Xbox Game Pass games for the month of February. Note that the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition, Killer Queen Black and Elite Dangerous will not be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC. The intention is to add these at a later date.

Code Thread (PC) – February 18


In a not-so-distant future, a mysterious cataclysm shook the world as we know it. At the center of the destruction is a hidden society of exiles called Vane. Join your friends on a journey to the end of hell to discover your past and escape a living nightmare in Code Vein.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition (Cloud and Console) ID@Xbox – 18 Feb


The final version of Obsidian Entertainment’s award-winning Master RPG is available on Xbox Game Pass with all major updates and expansions. Let us guide you through the endless possibilities, including detailed character customization, complete freedom of exploration, and meaningful choices at every step. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Ultimate Edition reinterprets role-playing games for a new generation.

Rubblefest (Cloud, Console and PC) – 18. February


Break the rules and push the boundaries in a contact race with Wreckfest! Expect epic crashes, neck-and-neck races at the finish line and new ways to bend metal. These are moments that can only be realized on Wreckfest, with its realistic physical simulation created by legendary developer Bugbear, who also spawned FlatOut 1 and 2!

Killer Black Queen ID (Cloud and Console)@Xbox – February 23,


Fight for your hive in this strategic platformer! Killer Queen Black is an intense multiplayer action/strategy game for up to eight players. Jump on a snail, pick berries or destroy the enemy queen to achieve victory. Fly alone or in a team with three of your friends to achieve one of three possible victory conditions.

Mud 5 (Cloud, Console & PC) – 25.


Get behind the wheel of incredible extreme vehicles and conquer some of the world’s most breathtaking locations in Dirt 5, the next generation of off-road racing. Codemasters’ award-winning racing game features a story-driven career mode, an all-new game centre, extensive customisation options, exciting online party modes and much more – all with a full official soundtrack and a bold artistic approach.

Dangerous Elite (Console) – 25. February


Take control of your own spaceship in a galaxy full of bad guys. Elite Dangerous is the multiplayer space epic par excellence, offering an original open-world adventure for the modern generation with a connected galaxy, an evolving story and the entire galaxy recreated in its galactic proportions.

Super hot: Mind Control Erase (PC) ID@Xbox – 25. February


Time only moves if you move. The long-awaited third game in the revolutionary Superhot series, Superhot: Mind Control Delete takes you even further into the fantastic world of Superhot with more story, more gameplay, more action and more weapons. Dance the slow ballet of destruction much longer than ever.

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Wreckfest is coming?

Here’s the confirmed list of Xbox Game Pass games that will appear on consoles in February: … Wreckfest (added 18 February 2021) The Black Queen Killer (added 23 February 2021)

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now go all out, as Madden NFL 21 is now on the playlist with EA Play.


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