DISCUSSION: Certain alchemy skills are useless.

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I’m on my way to 8 now. Death March (NG+, promotion) and would like to discuss some skills that are pretty shitty investments. (And advise on the best alternatives).


  • Level 2 – Refreshing – Each drink cures 25% of maximum vitality. (5/5)
    • Diving into the refreshment seems like a good idea for immediate healing, but there are other alternatives that don’t require a skill location to heal you effectively.
      • Echidna Decoction – Heals when you exhaust your stamina, which means that jumping heals you. Witch mutations are weird.
      • Ekimmar decoction – cures 10% of the damage caused.
      • Troll cage – passive regeneration (cures less in battle).
      • Superior Swallow – Heals 1600 hp in 20 seconds, 5 charge pump.
      • Excellent White Raffard Potion – Instantly heals 100% of your health, but only with 3 loads.
      • Various consumables found during the looting of farms.
  • Level 3 – Delayed recovery – The effects of the drink will not disappear until the toxicity of the drink has dropped to 70% of its maximum value. (3/3)
    • On paper, this skill looks good when used in combination with 3 other drinks, because you can essentially get any effect of a drink without worrying about dampening the effect. However, this capacity only takes into account the toxicity of drinks. To make the most of this power, you should actively consume drinks to keep the toxicity of drinks above 70% without decoction, which you don’t have much of.
    • This skill also conflicts with probably more effective skills such as acquired tolerance and rapid metabolism.
  • Level 4 – Side Effects – Injecting a drink gives a 100% chance of activating the effects of another randomly selected drink at no additional cost to toxicity. (5/5)
    • The real Witcher doesn’t trust the mechanics of the RNG. – Papa Wezemir
    • Instead of relying on luck to give you the magic potion (basic level) you need to fight, just drink the magic potion. If you have a fast metabolism, the toxicity of the drinker you use is negligible.
    • It is also not stackable, which means that only one bonus drink can be active at a time.

Petroleum processing

  • Level 3 – Attachment – Leaf oils do not wear out. (3/3)
    • I compare the absolute uselessness of this power to Woolven’s bonuses: Lazy. This applies both to those who have created the competence and to those who use it. Re-applying oils is not difficult.
    • Once you’ve upgraded all your oils to a better version, it’s unlikely you’ll ever run out of energy in a single fight.

Making a bomb

  • Level 1 – Stable Target – Aiming slows down time by a further 45%. (3/3)
    • This is the kind of skill that only applies to players who want to feel cinematic and epic, or just not very good. Not only does the game already have an automatic directional system (although it is incoherent), but dropping a bomb already takes so little time in battle that slowing another 45% will only be devastating.
    • In a blizzard, a drink.


  • Tier 2 – Tissue Transformation – Upon ingestion, the mutagenic decoction increases the maximum viability by 1000 during the effective duration of the decoction. (5/5)
    • Here’s a tip for new witches: The more life energy you have, the more you need to regenerate life. Although this skill basically gives you a healthy 3000, you don’t have to be that healthy, especially if you use gadgets and rhythmic sandwiches. Having so much health just to inflict damage to a tank conflicts with constructions using Water Witch’s Brew (increases damage by 50% at full power) and Word of Defiance (heavy attacks cause extra damage based on extra regeneration at full power).
      • It is best to invest in an adaptive coverage that provides a good 25% damage resistance to samples that are weak compared to the oil you are currently using.
      • Don’t stay with low armor. He could kill you very easily.
  • Level 4 – Adjustment – Extends the duration of the effect of all mutagenic subtractions by 50%. (5/5)
    • All decoctions, except for the basil, take exactly 30 minutes in real time. During these 30 minutes you will probably meditate or the search will be activated, removing the active drink/solutions and any toxins. You don’t want to subtract 5 points for having 15 minutes more to do the mixes.

Grass Test

  • Level 1 – Insanity – If the Pencil is greater than 0, the time is automatically delayed when the opponent attempts a counter-attack. The delay effect and duration are greater than for the 2. Level of this power. (3/3)
    • Like Stable Aim, this ability only applies to those who have difficulty paring / avoiding attacks over time. If you play long enough, it becomes secondary.
    • Throw the damn Blizzard Potion away.
  • Level 2 – End pain – Increases the maximum vitality by 50% when toxicity exceeds the safety threshold. (5/5)
    • This capacity is very inconsistent.
      • If the maximum height tolerance is aligned, this has no effect because there is no safe limit to exceed it.
      • This only increases Geralt’s maximum basic health, not the general health provided by other skills or the full moon.
      • As mentioned above, viability < resistance to damage.

And that sums up just about all the awful possibilities of the alchemy tree. Other skills not mentioned above depend largely on taste or personal constitution, but a high level of tolerance and learned tolerance are absolutely essential to any game.

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RESPONSIBILITY: Some alchemical skills are useless in the game of witches.

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