DLC Review – CrossCode: A New Home

CrossCode is one of the most amazing games of all time. In my first review, I praised the heartfelt story, strong characters, engaging world, and core gameplay. It’s a game I’ve recommended to almost everyone. I also reviewed the Switch version of the game and found that the game feels completely at home on the console with its signature Zelda feel. Today we finally get some DLC that continues the story, and it’s as good as you’d expect.

Leah is back in the crossword puzzle!

*Poilers for the Crossroads base game *

The new house continues directly after the end of the base game, where the truth is revealed about Leia’s identity in relation to the Evotar project. After a long wait, the Evotars were allowed to return to the game world, and with them the return of Lea to her clan. The clan never managed to complete the raid, and that’s where the DLC story begins. But that’s not all. The new house will discuss the Evotar project, as well as the motivations of the characters and the story of the game.

The New House made me smile from the start. The soundtrack is soothing as always, and it’s a pleasure to see these characters again. Lea quickly learns new words that further improve her ability to communicate with other players. There are more interesting reveals and twists, new characters, returning characters, and more. There are very few games I ever want to play again, but CrossCode is always a pleasure. Moreover, New House gives the cross-code a very satisfying ending.

There’s not much to learn about the new House Cross code. If you liked the base game as much as I did, you’ll probably feel comfortable with this game. It’s very similar, which is good. You still have to traverse multiple areas, collect resources, complete side missions and, of course, solve puzzles that test your skills. It’s important to note that you need to have a game save ready and a good ending in order to use the DLC, so do that before you try to start.

Like all MMO content drops, the dungeon attracts many players.

The same exciting combat is used here with groups of enemies appearing on screen at the same time. You really have to master the four elements of the game to tackle them effectively. After starting the DLC and completing a raid unfinished in the main story, you soon find yourself in a brand new area of CrossCode. I recommend getting used to the complex combat system before starting this DLC, as it throws you right in. Starting the game after a long break was a challenge.

In addition, a brand new area has been added to the game. A new area that is just beautiful to look at, with great use of color. Like all the other zones in CrossCode, this one is full of quest secrets and interesting new enemies to fight against, with their own unique looks and strategies. The old sections have not been neglected and some additional content has been reinstated.

Although most of this DLC can be found in the last and final dungeon of CrossWorlds. CrossCode’s largest dungeon takes players to the Ku’Relo dungeon, where they will discover the truth behind the game world’s ancient creators. It’s a fascinating dungeon with a typical set of challenging puzzles with game mechanics, difficult boss fights and new enemies. This is one of the best things CrossCode has to offer and a perfect ending to the game within the game. In total, there are at least 10+ hours of new content in the new house.

The new dungeon is awesome.

Crosscode has a surprisingly long history: A new house, and it was definitely worth the wait. A good reason to dive back into the world of CrossCode with its interesting characters and phenomenal combat system. If you’re a fan of the base game, you’ll have a lot more to do with this DLC.

Cross-Code: The new house is now available on PC.

Playable on PCs equipped with RTX 2060, Ryzen 5 3600X and 16 GB RAM.

A copy of the cross code : The publisher has made the New House available.


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