Double Dragon Neon Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Double Dragon Neon
Genre : Combat, PlatformerSystem : Nintendo Switch (also PC, PS3 and Xbox)
Developer: Majesco Entertainment
Age Classification : EU TBC | US Teen
Price : UK £TBC | EU €TBC | US $14.99
Date of publication : 21. December 2020

The recall code is primarily provided by Majesco Entertainment.

Escaped in the 1980s

In these difficult times, many of us turn to gambling for a short period of time, as a sort of escape before surrendering to the cruel world around us. I don’t know about you, but the more ridiculous the setting of the game, the more it tends to encourage this temporary escape. Which brings us to the Double Dragon Neon. A game I somehow missed when it came out in 2012.

If you fancy a fight that takes you to a quirky 80s setting with villains dressed suspiciously and a story that is, frankly, full of laughs. Well, my friend, Double Dragon Neon may be the game for you.

Air Guitar Time!


The Double Dragon series has been around since the 1980s. I remember playing a terrible version of the original on Amstrad’s computer when I was a little talker. But if you’re not familiar with the series, don’t worry, because Neon acts as a sort of reimagining of the original. If you are familiar with this series, expect a lot of fan maintenance. Yes, Abobo is here. You play the classic characters of Billy and Jimmy in a quest to save their daughter Marion, who has been kidnapped by the evil Skulmageddon, who turns out to be the long lost brother of Skeletor.

The plot is deliberately typical of the games of the 80s, but the game takes you on a completely crazy adventure in 10 episodes. You start off like any other criminal roaming the streets. Before you know it, the game takes a very unexpected turn in terms of the setting and the enemies you fight. You might be fighting zombies, ninjas, robots, then a giant tank. If you like Neon’s offbeat humor, you’ll have a lot of fun seeing where this story goes.

I take on zombies with a comb.

Who needs guns when you have fists.

Controls are deep enough for a fighter. He has the usual light and heavy jumping attacks. But the game also includes a block/out which, if used correctly, gives you a temporary damage bonus and really helps you gain an advantage in battle. You can also use various special moves that you unlock during the game. Much of the game is dedicated to fighting various muscular and suspiciously dressed enemies with fists and guns scattered throughout the levels. There are also many traps and bottomless pits, but they are as deadly to enemies as they are to you.

Unlike typical fighters, the game also features platform sections. In most cases they are very good, but sometimes they can be a bit annoying when you are trying to jump between platforms and attack enemies at the same time. There are also many absurd battles between bosses, some of which made me laugh with their mockery. They’re approaching z. B. a huge plant, in which there are other interesting animals.

The game is much easier to play in a cooperative.

Sound of the 1980s

Neon’s graphics and three-dimensional design are steeped in ’80s nostalgia, from the simple and absurd story to the superhuman villain. There are other small allusions, such as bringing your co-op buddy back to life by pressing the A button and rotating the group line on the screen with a pencil. The graphics didn’t suffer much in portable mode, but the game still looks good on the TV and in the handheld. Add to that the exceptional soundtrack, which is inspired by the 80s. The synthetic sensation of the score recreates the feeling of an arcade from the past. There are also some great songs that are very reminiscent of editing exercises. They made me smile, even when I was being beaten by bad guys. At the time I was writing this review, the soundtracks were ringing in my ears.

Opponents can also fall victim to stage traps.

Better with brother

If you play alone, the game becomes much more difficult. When I first played, I couldn’t even get through the first stage without losing for life. Cooperation makes it a lot easier, because your partner can revive you, and you can knock each other out to share health and get a temporary increase in damage.

Double Dragon Neon also has this interesting update system in the form of shufflebands. When you defeat the bad guys, they often drop ribbons that unlock new special moves and passive skills. In the menu, you can choose a special move like a tornado and a passive move that increases your stats in some way, like health and damage. These groups can then be upgraded to become groups that collect metal when fighting the boss, further increasing your stats and damaging special moves.

You can play the levels over and over again, which I ended up doing to make the solo experience more bearable, but it was a lot of fun to experiment with different combinations of groups. It is this quality that encourages repetition. But Niggle is a little careless about updating things. In a normal configuration, the cartridges only drop 3 pieces of metal each, so the upgrade may take some time.

Face the Evil Skullmageddon!

Neon is of course also available on other platforms. The Switch version is essentially a port of all previous versions, without adding any additional features. The incentive for double immersion would be to enjoy this game in portable mode, which is a big advantage for me. If I could visit my friends, I would definitely support him at the coffee table and enjoy some joint action on the road. You need two consoles or a controller to play, because one console doesn’t have all the buttons.

Big brother

Double Dragon Neon is a surprisingly deep fight that is very difficult to play alone, but works very well when played together. The system update seems a bit too chaotic, but with a great soundtrack I had a hard time putting this game down.

If you missed it in 2012, the Switch version is a welcome addition to any fight fan’s collection. It’s also fun, and God knows we all need to laugh these days.

Final Verdict: I really like it.


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