EG7 Q1 2021 financials: The Daybreak MMOs are headed to the 4Game platform

A few months ago, we reported on the upcoming closure of the Daybreak Games studio, and the layoffs that would result from that decision.   At the time, we speculated that the closure would impact the long-term financial performance of the Daybreak Games portfolio of games, and that those games may eventually move to the newly created, and much smaller, 4Game development studio.

MMORPGs are the most popular type of game on the web, and the most interesting thing about them is their ability to evolve over time. The company behind them, so-called “MMOs” (Massively Multiplayer Online), can be acquired, and what they do after can be radically altered. That’s the power of the internet.

When I announced that my game had been acquired by 4Game, I did not imagine what a crazy roller coaster it has been to get to this point. I had to deal with all the red tape of a foreign acquisition, and pay several thousand pounds (US $7000) to the UK’s taxman on top of that. Then I had to rush through the process of converting my game to a 4Game product so that it could be launched before all my staff moved to Germany.

The acquisition of Daybreak by Swedish gaming company Enad Global 7 was one of the most talked about MMO stories of 2020, and remains a glimmer of hope for gamers for the once beloved studio as SOE. Readers will recall that EG7 seemed to immediately pick up on Daybreak’s weaknesses and spew information and data about the game. Less than a month ago, Robin Flodin of EG7 spoke directly to the Daybreak community, promising to support a live MMO and even hinting at efforts to save H1Z1 – and revive Just Survive. This week’s investor report shows that the acquisitions have benefited EG7 so far, as the company reported the best quarter in its history with 112% growth, although it looks like the next quarter will be even bigger as the company will make two more acquisitions. word-image-11958 Of course you want to know what’s new in MMORPGs, and apparently EG7 has decided to consolidate all of Daybreak’s MMOs onto the 4Game platform it just acquired through its acquisition of Innova. This is exactly what you wanted: a new platform to download old MMOs. EG7 plans to place its own current and future games on 4Game to reduce the margin loss caused by traditional distribution platforms, the interim report said. These are EverQuests, PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, Lord of the Rings Online, H1Z1, and Mechwarrior Online . word-image-11959 Let’s also turn our attention to the unannounced AAA MMO in the company’s pipeline. We assume this is an effort by Jack Emmert at DC Universe Online Daybreak sub studio Dimension Ink, but who knows? During the video presentation, Robin Flodin says it is one of the biggest brands in the world. word-image-11960 Read more: EG7 has released its presentation to investors in the form of an interesting video that begins with a friendly greeting to the players involved (ahem).

. ViewThe 4Game Group (also known as 4Gamers) is a leading online games publisher in the European Union that cooperates with companies such as Sega, Atari, Games Workshop, Disney and Chip Media. 4Game’s aim is to develop games that are fun, engaging and addictive to play. Those games will also be of high quality.. Read more about eg7 acquires petrol and let us know what you think.

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