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In the remote mountain valley of Elden Ring, a group of survivors find themselves in desperate straits. The dangerous wildlife and hostile nature make life difficult for them; they need weapons to survive that can’t be found anywhere else on their treacherous journey through this once peaceful land. But when one day after many months of searching, they finally stumble upon an abandoned workshop filled with long-forgotten relics…

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Weapons of Elden Ring Faith

Your physical characteristics, such as your Strength, Dexterity, and so on, in Elden Ring influence your ability to utilize the majority of basic weapons. A competent level in other characteristics may also be necessary for certain weapons, such as magical ones, which may have an Intelligence requirement. A weapon may have a Faith requirement if it expressly uses holy magic. What you need know about Faith weaponry in Elden Ring is provided here.

Your character’s faith stat is the final one listed under character traits in the Status menu. Your ability to utilize Incantations and Sacred Seal weapons—the holy analogue of Glintstone Sorceries and staves—depends mostly on your Faith stat. However, certain uncommon weapons in Elden Ring may have a minimum Faith requirement as well as Faith damage scaling that may be used in addition to or instead of physical or magical damage scaling. Although theoretically any character may use them with adequate leveling up and point allocation, this makes these sorts of weapons useful for classes like Confessors who have high beginning Faith levels.

Weapons of Elden Ring Faith

There are obviously many weapons in Elden Ring, far too many that either need Faith or scale with Faith to list them all, but for your convenience, here is a succinct list of Faith-powered weapons, along with a summary of their basic characteristics and a broad sense of where to locate them.

Flying Scythe

  • Reaper weapon class
  • STR E, DEX D, and FAI D
  • Qualifications: STR 16, DEX 16, FAI 24
  • Angel’s Wings is a special attack with holy power that also makes it harder for opponents to utilize healing spells like Flasks.

One of the earliest Faith-powered weapons you can get your hands on, the Flying Scythe is great for those who both want to deal a little more holy damage and take a little less of it. As far as raw damage output goes, there are stronger weapons, but if you’ve got the Faith for it, it can be a handy early-game buddy.

The Flying Scythe can be found in the Tombsword Ruins, located in the western part of the Weeping Peninsula. Look for the staircase going down and follow it until you find a chest containing the Flying Scythe.

Golden Sword

  • Halberd, class of weapon
  • STR, DEX, and FAI scaling
  • STR 30, DEX 14, FAI 12, and other requirements
  • Golden Vow is a special ability that gives you and your close teammates a temporary boost to your attack and defense.

Technically speaking, the Golden Sword is the first Faith-powered weapon you could get in Elden Ring, but in all likelihood, it won’t be, for a reason I’ll explain in a moment. Once you do get it, though, it’s a quality armament, packing a respectable amount of holy damage bolstered by solid physical strength. The Strength requirement is pretty high, so this is definitely a weapon more intended for certain classes.

As for the reason you probably won’t get it first, the Golden Sword is the personal weapon of the Tree Sentinel, one of the first boss enemies you can encounter in the field after leaving the tutorial area. You have to defeat him to obtain it, and you definitely won’t do that the first time you try.

Pata Cipher

  • Fist as a weapon
  • FAI C for scaling
  • FAI 30 is required.
  • Deliver a lunging attack that cannot be prevented in any way thanks to your special ability, Unblockable Blade.

This is a weapon for the extremely devout. You don’t need Strength or Intelligence or anything else to use it, just Faith, and it only deals holy damage, no physical damage. If your Faith is your highest attribute, you can definitely make use of Pata Cipher, especially its Unblockable Blade skill. You can even dual-wield it to make two swords of light appear in your hands!

Pata Cipher is found in the Roundtable Hold. If you take the center staircase and jump off the balcony, you’ll land in a large open room, and in the far left door will be a corpse on a bed holding the weapon. Just a heads up, going down there will make the NPC Invader Mad Tongue Alberich. You technically don’t have to beat him to get Pata Cipher, but the way back up to the balcony won’t appear unless you do, so you either have to beat him or let him kill you and abandon any Runes you’re carrying.

Blackblade of the Gargoyle

  • Greatsword, class of weapon
  • STR, DEX, and FAI scaling
  • STR 18, DEX 10, and FAI 22 are the requirements.
  • Corpse Wax Cutter is a special skill that allows the user to charge up the blade and fire it forward like a projectile to damage other foes.

Now here’s a big boy sword. As you’d expect from a greatsword, the Blackblade of the Gargoyle is absolutely crushing at close range thanks to its high physical and holy damage, but thanks to its skill, Corpse Wax Cutter, you can also maintain pressure on enemies out of direct striking range. Just remember to hold it with two hands.

The Blackblade of the Gargoyle can be obtained by defeating the Black Blade Kindred, a gigantic gargoyle creature that, strangely, doesn’t actually use it in battle. There are actually a couple of Black Blade Kindreds in the world; the one you’re specifically looking for hangs out around the entrance of the Bestial Sanctum in Dragonbarrow. That particular Black Blade Kindred also drops a second weapon, Gargoyle’s Black Halberd, which is another great Faith weapon if you’d like some options.

Secret Sword

  • Straight sword, class of weapon
  • FAI B scale.
  • FAI 20 is necessary.
  • Special Skill: Unblockable Blade; same as Pata Cipher, see above.

Another solid weapon for the especially devout, and with a much lower barrier to entry than Pata Cipher, and better Faith scaling to boot. Both the Secret Sword and Pata Cipher have the same flat damage rating, both only dealing holy damage, but since the Secret Sword has a physical form, it provides slightly better resistances against other types of attack. The only major edges Pata Cipher has over the Secret Sword is that Pata Cipher provides better holy defense and is weightless, but the better scaling is a pretty fair trade-off.

The Secret Sword can be found in Leyndell, the Royal Capital. It’s sitting on a table inside of an abandoned horse stable in the overworld.

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