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You wake up in a dark room with nothing, but you have the power to create and shape your destiny. What will you do? In Elden Ring’s world, it’s never quite clear what is real or not. The characters that inhabit this eerie game are mysterious beings whose words may hold the key to your escape and survival.

The “elden ring ps5” is a game that was released on September 13th, 2018. It is an open-world RPG in which players create their own character and explore the world of Elden Ring. The game has also been praised for its unique story and deep lore.

Messages from Elden's Ring Explained

Even if you’re not actively playing with another person, Elden Ring’s vast (and I mean gigantic) community is still inextricably interwoven to your gaming experience. FromSoftware’s action-RPGs have used a mechanism that allows players to leave little notes on the ground, which may later appear in the worlds of other players, since the original Dark Souls game. This mechanism is used for exchanging suggestions and guidance, as well as for lighthearted banter. Here’s a rundown of how Elden Ring’s communication system works.

Messages from Elden’s Ring: How to Leave Messages

You’ll need an unique consumable called the Tarnished’s Wizened Finger to leave a message in the world. One may be looted from a body slumped against a wall in the instructional area. Don’t worry about running out of it since it’s a reusable item. To access the message prompt, pick the Tarnished’s Wizened Finger from your inventory or the multiplayer menu.

You can’t simply type anything you want since it would make every message a nasty joke, and there are already a lot of them. Rather, you may put together a message using a list of pre-approved terms and phrases. You might, for example, use the template “Likely (blank),” then fill in the blank with a word or phrase like “decoy,” hinting a trap. You may use more elaborate messages with numerous lines if you have anything more to say. You may also add character motions to your messages, which will show as someone reads your message. You may, for example, use a pointing motion to explain what your communication is about. 

Simply click the completion button after you’re through writing your message, and your character will write it on the ground as a little collection of white-glowing runes. When a message is put on the ground, it will begin to emerge in the same location in the worlds of other players, albeit their progress may influence whether or not they can see the message. For example, if you leave a note in a boss’s arena after beating them, it will not be seen by other players until they have beaten the monster as well.

You may either Appraise or Disparage a message after reading it, depending on whether you found it useful (or funny). You will get an HP recovery equal to one Flask of Crimson Tears every time someone Appraises a note you left. You won’t be fined for sending Disparaged mails, so don’t be concerned. You may check the status of any messages you’ve previously left from the message menu if you’re interested about the statistics.

Messages from Elden’s Ring

Now, for a little additional fun, here’s a list of some commonly-used messages you could come across in the world, along with their intended meanings.

  • “Precious item ahead” denotes the presence of a valuable collectable or weapon.
  • “Hideous road ahead”: Located in front of barriers that may be breached to disclose hidden passageways. These are almost always lies, but it’s never a bad idea to double-check.
  • “Trap ahead” is a warning that traps such as ambushes or teleporter trap chests are on the way.
  • “Liar ahead”: Usually put in front of other misleading or erroneous statements.
  • “You don’t have the right”: This sign is usually posted in front of a door, gate, or roadblock that doesn’t open at all or can’t be opened from that side.
  • “Dog” is a term used to describe a variety of animals. It may refer to true canine species such as wolves, but it can also allude to turtles, dragons, huge lobsters, and other creatures.
  • “Sadness ahead”: A very challenging opponent or boss encounter is approaching.
  • “I want to get out of here…”: Usually found in long dungeon regions, particularly those with a lot of powerful foes.
  • “No item”: A message indicating that a route that seems to lead to something is really a dead end.
  • “First and foremost…”: A collection of instructions that normally advises you to go accomplish something before proceeding in a certain direction.
  • “Try fingers but hole” is a filthy joke that is only memorable since it is absolutely everywhere.
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