Electro Ride: The Neon Racing Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Electric Wheelbarrow : Kind of neon breed: Arcade, racing system: Nintendo Switch (also for PC)
Developer|Publisher : Sylwester Oak | Age Rating Final
: EU 3+ | USA All
Price : UK £9.89 | EU €11.99 | USA $11.99
Release Date : 27. November 2020

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Starting the engine

Electro Ride is a racing game with a stripped down graphic style and a sythwave soundtrack. There are looks and sounds, but does this runner have any objects under the bonnet to mark the Nintendo switch?

Neon Rubber Burns

As in any racing game, your goal is simply to compete against several AI opponents on a big track and try to win first place. When I started scene mode, I only had one car to drive and a racetrack. To make progress in unlocking new cars and circuits, you have to be the first in each race. This design choice seems strange, because most racing games don’t require total perfection if you want to buy or brag about your best time. It seems that opponents of AI work on the basis of some kind of rubber strap mechanism that some people might know from Mario Kart. When you’re in the front, other cars seem to follow you comfortably behind you, waiting for you to make a little mistake and get lost. If you give the position, the cars seem to catch up with you more easily.

This design is good, but often, as I got closer to my final destination, the car would sneak in front of me, win the race and stop me from moving forward. This problem is all the more disappointing because the matches are easy a considerable number of times, each 5 minutes. Repeating the same race over and over again did not leave a better first impression of this title.

After the first three races I discovered a new car from a collection of cars inspired by the classics from the East Block. When I got one with better stats, I found the rest of the game easier to handle and just hit one or the other brick wall. The games offer three levels of difficulty, and progress is unlocked even if you choose the simplest settings.

Beautiful stylish cars

on ice

Out of control, I often felt like I was driving on ice. Cars are incredibly sensitive when they turn too far to the left or right, so your car can quickly make a turn or a possible accident. If you make a mistake by pressing the y-button, you will return in the correct direction. The game makes this coercive mechanism interesting. Your car will be neon, yellow, pink or blue. You can change this color by selecting a different color on the track when the unit is turned on. If you click on the street sign of the same colour, you will be projected forward. That’s true, but I’ve often found that robots are more of a hindrance than a help. When I met them, my car stuttered a lot and made driving even harder. It’s a little helpful when I was late, but I avoided first place.

Adjusting your neon color to the color of the road will increase the intensity of the light.

Neon cards

The graphic and artistic style is unique and will surely attract the attention of the players who will be surfing in the online store. Although there are some rough textures visible on and around the sides of the cars, it still stands out from the mediocre mill head. The 80’s feeling is very strong in this game, and the accompanying music makes it possible to drive at night in a convertible with beautiful sunglasses. Even if I don’t recommend it, like in the UK, you’ll probably feel at least cool. Or it’s raining on you.

CEW Cars tend to clutter together

A Standard operating mode

At the end of the story you can choose a quick race where you can select a mode and configure certain game settings, such as opponents and AI circles. You can drive 20 tracks, 5 European and Russian cities, as long as you unlock them in History mode. There is also a separate screen, which is always welcome. Unfortunately, you can’t put your friend in the storyline to help you unlock things that seem to be a missed opportunity here.

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Overview of the journey from Nintendo Switch to the electric chair

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Electro Ride is a decent racing game. The graphics and music are brilliant accents, but the gameplay and basic race design don’t make it a special game.

A difficult start can deter players who are new to the genre. If you want a simple racing game that gives you the fluids of the 80’s, this will be fun. But don’t expect more.

Final verdict: I like her.

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