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Summoning has been a staple of all Final Fantasy games since the third installment, and FF13 is no exception.

They may not be as important in the game’s story as they are in other games, but the Eidolons have an incredibly beautiful design and powerful abilities that will change the course of many battles throughout your adventure.

They are also perfect for livening up your party and getting you out of awkward situations with refreshing TP and health.

If you plan on defying fate with this rebel group from the Co., you need to know which Eidolons will have the most impact on your team.

6. Shiva – Snow Eidolon

Snow Eidolon is one of Final Fantasy’s classic challenges.

Shiva first appeared in FF3, and since then she has played countless games – even some outside the Final Fantasy series.

Shiva’s likeness in FFXIII breaks the mold and divides the Ice Empress into two – Styria and Nix, Shiva’s twin sisters. They represent the aurora and the northern lights, which seems to be a good explanation for the change.

These icy elements have a crucial finishing move called Diamond Dust that deals icy damage to all targets.

Like Snow’s Eidolon, the twins fuse their form with the bike, allowing Snow to reserve it when it’s time for a quick escape.

They’re far from the strongest Eidolon, but the twins are really cool.

5. Brynhildr – Eidolon Saj

Saj is a polarizing character. Some people like to include it in their party, while others leave it in reserve as long as possible.

If we were to make the choice based on the look of the Eidolon, the Sazh would be a basic element of the standard FF13 party.

Brynhildr is a heavy metal, and his gestalt form only amplifies the evil mass, making this red and gold Transformer a steampunk car.

The interesting thing about Brynhildra is that she is the only challenge in FF13 that can change her elemental properties with En spells. Talk about versatility.

What doesn’t change is his final move, Múspell Flame, which inflicts heavy fire damage on all enemies.

You probably won’t get much information on Brynhildr, but be sure to include him in the breeding strategies of Adamantoises and Long Guis, where this fire elemental excels.

4. One – Eidolon Flash

Surprisingly, the Eidolon Lightning is not the strongest of the group.

Probably because Odin is the first one you get.

However, this elemental lightning can be the most devastating challenge of the entire game if you’re lucky.

Since Odin first appeared as a challenge in FFIII, he has had Zantetsuken, his blade, and often the name of his ultimate ability.

In FF13, One will use this weapon with Lightning at his last move to make a charge that splits the name.

Zantetsuken does good damage, but that’s not what makes One potentially OP.

The fact is that, from time to time, this skill instantly knocks an opponent down, regardless of his remaining health.

If you could reliably predict the outcome of Zantetsuken, you could break the game – and you can thanks to one particular achievement.

All in all, Odin is a pretty cool program, but there is a lot of competition.

3. Alexander to Eidolon Hope

Hope is, by all accounts, a pretty fragile kid. And it’s pretty soft right out of the box.

It was natural for his Eidolon to be as sweet as Alexander’s.

Alexander made his debut as Esper in Final Fantasy VI. Even then, this giant robot was pretty snappy, as you’d expect in a world of ruins.

This robot is often depicted as a giant structure resembling a fortress, and this is the shape it takes when defending the heap in Gestalt mode.

Alexander moves into a strong position. This protects you from damage and allows you to get back in the saddle a little. He can also call on his teammates Arise and Curaga, which is valuable in FF13.

Besides earthquake spamming, this call is best suited to the final step, Divine Judgment, which inflicts elemental damage depending on the target’s weakness. It can be awful.

2. Hecatoncheir – IdolonVanilla

Hecatoncheir is the most useful eidolon in the game. The archer ignores physical and magical defenses and can reduce the resistance of all elements to 0.

This is very useful for fighting extremely dangerous enemies, such as Adamantus, who you may need to shoot if you want to get the best equipment in the game.

Hecatoncheir is based on the 100-armed giants mentioned in Greek mythology. No wonder it’s so useful in FFXIII.

His final move, the Salve Gaïenne, is also a definitive victory.

It inflicts massive non-elemental damage on all enemies, which can often turn the tide in a tough fight.

Additionally, the shape in Gestalt mode looks exactly like that of FF6’s Magitek armor. We go round and round and round.

1. Bahamut – Fang Eidolon

Not surprisingly, the Bahamas is at the top of the list.

The Dragon King has been a revered creature in almost every Final Fantasy game since his debut in the original, where he was a powerful boss.

The fame of this black dragon extends even far beyond Final Fantasy.

It has appeared in several other games, including B. in Puzzle & Dragon and the iconic role-playing game Super Mario for the SNES.

Although the form of Eidolon Bahamut does not actually resemble a dragon, its humanoid and gestalt forms have a clear draconic influence.

The toughest battles in Final Fantasy XIII tend to take place against unique and powerful enemies, making Bahamas’ excellent single-player DPS a huge advantage for both sides.

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