Evolution Board Game Review (Nintendo Switch)

Set: The development of a board game
Genre: Board game, strategy
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam and Mobile)
Developer | Publisher: North Star Digital Studios | North Star Games
Age Classification:  EU 3+ | USA All
Price: EU €16.95 | USA $19.99 | UK £14.99
Date of publication: 10 December 2020

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Evolution is a board game whose main goal is to survive. In fact, an award-winning board game with more than 3 million players worldwide. I’ve been a part of it since I saw the mobile version of the game. Now it lands on the Nintendo Switch!

All about the survival of the fittest

Charles Darwin is often attributed with the following quote It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one who adapts best to change, and it is this logic that forms the basis of evolution.

Step into the shoes of a local trainee and go on a nature safari. There is no plot, if you play in local mode, you get to the heart of the matter. His gaze reaches the watering hole with a few others. Depending on the maps you have received and the circumstances in which you find the pond, you will have to make the right decision.

Ha! Win!

Evolution guides you by hand through the different conditions in which your species has to survive. You can follow the training levels in Campaign mode to learn all the survival tricks. You also have to be a winner on all levels, otherwise you won’t get anywhere. Pay attention, because you really need the information provided. In fact, I ran the first campaign twice because I was distracted during the first campaign and needed information later on.

Explanation of the game process

You start Evolution with a view, three slots for special characters and a map sheet. You must first place the card in a waterhole that other players cannot see. It determines the amount of food that is fed to the animals. In fact, your first strategic decision. For example, if you are a carnivore, you don’t care how much plant food is available!

When it’s your turn, use the other cards as you like. Give your appearance a special feature, such as a warning call (when a predator has to walk into an ambush to attack the view from both sides) or a collaboration that allows you to take extra food from the waterhole and share it with the view from your right. The combination of working together with the feeding line is even better and will give you more food when your opponents are hungry.

You don’t have to concentrate on one image, but with your cards you can choose to do more. In the beginning they may be easy prey, but they can become a strong animal.

The campaign continues.

Another thing, the cards you receive add population, each of which must be fed. And there’s a height where it can be good to have many. It will be harder for a predator to attack you!

Finally, you can consider applying the carnivorous trait and turn your species into a carnivore. This changes everything: You can’t eat vegetable food anymore. There are other views you should consider in the Board of Directors. And they’re trying to bypass measures such as the properties they’ve taken for their own protection.


A population that can’t feed itself dies. This applies not only to herbivores, but also to carnivores. And for every population you can feed, you get a point on that corner. Because if all cards are used, these points are counted. The qualities you attribute give you points, but also the number of people you have. The only number one account, there are no seconds in this game!

Fat Tissue….see, I knew it was good!

The key to this game is strategy. Should I take the risk and concentrate on eating a lot of food? If you cross your fingers in front of other players, don’t you become a carnivore? Or do I use my cards to protect myself from predators and not make too many herds for fear of not being able to eat?

Carnivores do not eat in the pond.

It took me a while to get it into my head, but when I realized that I really liked it, I started to realize it. Actually, I couldn’t stop playing. One more fight! It is easy to learn and play, and each game is not too long.

Local game and online battles

Since Evolution is now available on different platforms, I was curious to see if there was synchronization in the different games. I’m happy to say that’s a yes: When you create an account in North Star Digital Studio, the connection is established immediately. Of course, I’m already done with the campaign, so my Switch game recorded it right away.

My profile on iPad, same on Switch!

There are several ways to play Evolution: the local game, where you make progress in your campaign, and more and more new additions to the type of cards you can use. You can also choose not to play against a randomly generated AI. I did it first, and I got all the different cards that exist without knowing exactly what they’re for. So, for me, it’s back to the country. On a local level you can also pass and play, but you can also continue to play in the weekly competition.

If you want to test your strength against other opponents, you can go online. Let the game find a match for you or you can add a special card to the game. The Async and Timed games allow you to play private games with friends. Timed games are played in real time and you can set the timer to run. With asynchronous games, you and your friends don’t play in the same time zone, and the game just waits for you to take the next step.

Multiplayer on platforms

You really need a North Star account for online gaming at the Switch, because online gaming can cover different platforms, as I discovered when I went online. My opponents played on a computer and a mobile device.

Nice part

Evolution does everything to create the feeling of a jungle traveler. The music has slowed down, the sounds of the jungle accompany you. If there is so much food that the creatures can serve it automatically, it is nice to hear the little cotton sounds. Between the different parts of the game you will be amazed by the sketches of the artists included in the game, they are both beautiful and old.

Beautiful sketches, just for fun!

I have to admit that playing Evolution on my switch was like taking a step back from my iPad. The game is worn as it is, which means that from the age of 50, the screens on the switch look very small to me. Everything works fine, but the controls set to operate the switch seem a bit awkward to me. I’ve noticed that I’m going back to my version of the iPad to play, it’s much easier. But maybe it’s me. If you don’t have problems with small print, the Switch version is a good way to play.


When I was watching a mobile game on my iPad, I wrote: I can’t help but think this game would be great if it was about the switchboard library.

I have one wish: Evolution is a great board game turned into a video game. It gives you the choice of the platform you want to play on, depending on the money you want to spend and your vision!

Final verdict: I like it.

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