Fallen Brig Brigade Triumph Guide for Beginners!

Hello! Hello! I know there are probably other guides out there, but I just wanted to make a summary that explains everything you need to know about Triumph….. the Triumph. All right, let’s go!

So, uh… To achieve this triumph, you must kill 50 BRIGGS (Fallen Mechs) at a public event in Europe called (Convergence of Crossroads).

  • The first thing you need to know is that you need to be part of a team. One teammate is sufficient, although it is not necessary to be part of a complete team. If you can’t find anyone to help you, try Bungie’s LFG system.
  • Secondly, you must damage the EACH Brigade – if you don’t kill them – in order for the dead to be counted towards this Triumph’s progress. Only a few bullets can do that!
  • For each event you get 3 briquettes if you do it normally, and 4 if you do it heroically (see below).

Let’s go into the details:

You will find these public events in the three regions of EUROPA.

Here is a map of public events taking place in the regions. When you open the map, check the locations to see if the event is active or not, other events take place at different locations in each region.

In addition, here is the position of the flags in each area, so you can see this event from the position of the flag.

The Devastation of the Evening

I8yzJYd - A beginner's guide to the triumph of the fallen brigade!

Cadmus Ridge

E8a7sA0 is a triumphant guide to the fallen brigades for beginners!

The abyss of the asteroid

Important note : After doing some of these events, you have a dry period of this particular event and you have other events happening in areas, you should now know the difference between them thanks to the map and the location flags, if this happens just get out of the game and come back and the event should happen again for you. It depends on your RNG gods, but I used to get 4 to 5 crucial events in a row before I got a dry spell.

Because the mechanics of this event is quite simple, there will be a drop of ships, once you kill them, they will generate three mechs – that you can not only damage that – and three triangles. All you have to do is stand under each triangle, in the circled area indicated, and there will be a counter at 100. You have to stay there until it’s 100, after which one of the Mech shields will fall and you may damage it. And that’s it! You’ve completed this event… …but…

If you want a fourth, and you have to have a power greater than 1220 to get it, this is how you have to do it.

While scanning the triangles, EACH triangle has
Sss2PcY - Beginner's guide to the triumph of the fallen brigade!

Drones are flying around. (look up!) You have to shoot them all, you have to see about 3-4 drones above each triangle. Watch out for them and make sure you hit them all! But if you miss one, there’s an extra drone in the next triangle. Make sure you hit these drones from outside the circle, so you have enough time to hit them all, because when your counter reaches a hundred, they will disappear together with the triangle.

After clicking on the last bumblebee in the last triangle, you should get a golden clue that says heroic event, as well as a HUGE MEH. Kill him and it’s over!


Hand weapons for the drones. (If you have a charity.)

Swords for Briggs. (Either the fall of the guillotine or the lamentation will tear them to pieces, even the big one).

That’s all I’m saying. That’s the way to do it!

If you do it heroically and get all 4, you’ll need about 13 public events.

And if you’re aiming for 3, you’ll need about 17 events.

Sorry for the long writing guide, but I wanted to make sure it was complete and clear! And I’m sorry if I made it sound long and hard, it’s not hard, yeah, maybe long. I went from zero to 50 dead in 3-4 hours.

Whatever! Good luck in your quest for triumph… and I’ll see you in the stars. -I’m sorry I had to do that…

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