Fnatic STREAK65 Speed Keyboard Review

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Anyone who follows competitive gaming knows the name Fnatic. They are not only one of the leading export organizations, but also have a variety of products. Thanks to its gaming expertise, Fnatic has developed several high-end gaming peripherals, such as keyboards, mice and headsets. We have their latest keyboard in hand and would like to share our thoughts with you. Here’s our review of the Fnatic STREAK65 speed keyboard.

To give an honest and unbiased opinion, I have been using this keyboard as my main keyboard for about 100 hours now. My usual keyboard is a Filco Majestouch 2 HAKUA TKL with MX Silent Reds, for reference. I’ve spent thousands of hours in Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and other shooters, so this review comes from a real player.

Marketed as the fastest mechanical keyboard on the market, the Fnatic STREAK65 features an ultra-thin switch profile. As the name suggests, this is a 65% form factor keyboard that is popular among gamers for its compact size. The lack of a numeric keypad and a separate row of function keys reduces the size of the drawing, leaving more room for the mouse hand. Players who need a lot of mouse space will benefit most from these compact designs.

Compared to the miniSTREAK, the STREAK65 is 48% smaller in volume, 8mm shorter in height and has a response time 1.9 times faster than the Cherry MX Silent Reds. Fnatic uses proprietary switches, which it presents as the ultimate esports switch. But stop regurgitating marketing, let’s dive into the good stuff.

Fnatic STREAK65 Speed Keyboard Overview


Starting with the packaging: Fnatic STREAK65 hits the bull’s-eye. The design of the packaging is minimal, with no loss of space. There is no unnecessary terminology on the box, so you can save it and use it as a shipping box or display it if you are a collector.

Opening the box reveals a plastic bag over the keyboard, with a cardboard compartment on top. On the back of the hinged box, you’ll see the fully detachable power cable and a USB Type-C to USB-A connection cable of about 2 meters. There is no cable slot or special cable housing, so you can easily use your own custom paracording cable.


The keyboard is made of solid aluminum and weighs just under a pound (420g). It is rugged, and its lightweight aluminum and small size make it an ideal portable keyboard. You can tell how well a building is built when you take it out of the box. The entire keyboard and keys have a matte black finish, giving it an elegant and minimalist look. The dimensions of the Fnatic STREAK65 are 316 x 109 x 20 mm.

The brand logos on the keyboard might be too much for some users, but I didn’t notice them and they didn’t bother me. The word Fnatic is at the top and center of the keyboard, above the number keys 7 and 8. The word bar is located to the left and right of the keyboard. You can also see the Fnatic logo in the middle of the room.

On the back of the keyboard is a removable magnetic plate with the Fnatic logo, which opens a transparent window through which the RGB lighting can shine. It’s possible that Fnatic plans to sell their own logo stickers in the future, which would explain this feature. In any case, a miniature keyboard has five logos, only two of which are of course visible to the user.

The edges of the keyboard are more rounded than most. I tend to prefer more angular edges, but I won’t deny that the keyboard always looks good, even with my preference. Finally, at the bottom of the keyboard are two slide-out feet that extend at a 90-degree angle and lift the back of the keyboard.

Buttons and switches

The switches of the STREAK65 are Fnatic speed switches, which are linear and super smooth. The buttons are operated at ~1mm with a force of about 45g, so just apply the right amount of pressure. The total stroke is about 3.2 mm, allowing you to press and switch between buttons quickly. Low profile switches are specified as 35% lower than typical mechanical switches.

The keys can be adjusted comfortably after some getting used to. Within an hour, typing and playing seemed natural and my words per minute were correct. The keys are not only soft, but also quiet, so you don’t have to use silencers to not wake up your roommates. These keys are rated at 50 million keystrokes, so you can be sure you’re using them properly.

STREAK65 really shines in the main stability department. Switches and buttons are sturdy and do not wobble. I’ve never used a keyboard with stabilizers as good as this one. The stabilizers come with grease, which in my experience has never been as good as the grease in the stabilizers themselves. But that’s another story. Don’t take my word for it. Here is my type speed test with Fnatic STREAK65 so you can decide for yourself:

The matte surface of the keys reveals fingerprints and oils, even when the keys are not used for a long time. However, this is a minor problem that can be solved by regular cleaning. One of the benefits of the raised plate and keys is that you can easily remove crumbs, hair and anything else that would normally get caught between the keys. I was able to use a can of compressed air and spray it through the keyboard to effectively clean it.

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Key ring

If you’re like me, you always forget the shortcuts, so I’m posting them here. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you decide to buy a STREAK65. These are the abbreviations you will probably use most often:

  • Fn + Tab : Switching between RGB backlighting
  • Fn + > and < : Increase/decrease the brightness of the RGB backlight (six options)

You need to download the Fnatic OP software to access all the important parameters of the link. According to the application, this software is still in Early Access, but it seems to have everything I need and I haven’t encountered any problems.

In the Key Assignment menu, you can select a single key, assign a macro to it, replay it, force it to launch an application, or open a file or link. The keys in the rightmost column of the keyboard are ideal for this. The editor of Macro Action is fascinating, but I haven’t dived deep enough to review this volume. You can basically create a series of buttons that are activated when you press the assigned button.

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Illumination options

The Fnatic OP software allows you to select a backlight effect that offers Wave, Rain, Pulse, Fade, Color Editor, Gradient, Reactive and Reactive Pulse. You can also change the speed of the light animation from 0% to 100% in 1% increments. Finally, you can choose the direction of the animation between up, down, left or right.

Without software, you can still choose between the four RGB backlight presets and change the brightness. However, I recommend using this software because it’s super easy and offers a lot more customization options.

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Without further ado, here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of Fnatic’s STREAK65:

  • To: Slim profile, rugged surface and construction, smooth operation, pre-lubricated stabilizers, reasonably priced detachable cable
  • Disadvantages: Fingerprints and oil can be seen on the matt surface of the keycaps.

Overall, the Fnatic STREAK65 is one of the best gaming keyboards I’ve ever used. At $109.99, this is a very attractive price for a keyboard that will accompany you for at least a few years. The Speed Shifters are perfect for gaming, which makes sense since they were designed by one of the world’s best sports teams. You can say that this design is very well thought out. I recommend this keyboard especially if you need a compact design to have extra space for the mouse or if you travel a lot.

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