Fortnite Update 3.01 Patch Notes v15.21 Today, Download Size, and New Character (20 Jan)

Epic Games clicked on Fortnite Patch Notes v15.21 update 3.01 a few minutes ago. We have the full list of changes and release notes for version 15.21. On the Playstation, this update is known as the Fortnite version 3.01 update.

The Fortnite 3.01 Patch Notes v15.21 update includes few changes and some bug fixes. A new boss character has arrived and competitive players are very excited to play now, a new secret skin in this Fortnite 3.01 update. And here’s everything you need to know about this update, check it out.

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The Fortnite 3.01 Patch Notes v15.21 update is now available for download on all platforms. This update has a different version on Playstation and PC. In this Fortnite update, a new boss character has been added and other items have also been added to the game. Rival players are very happy with the new skin. Fortnite has received the latest update to the arena, which will only be available to competitive players.

Football (or soccer for some) is coming to Fortnite ⚽.

Dress up with your favourite clubs, a new Creative Hub and we’ve teamed up with the legendary @Pele player to create the Pele Cup for you. Come measure yourself with the Air Punch icon and the new launch decor!

– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) January 19, 2021.

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Fortnite 3.01 Update Patch Notes V15.21 Download format : Version 3.01 of the update is now available for download on all platforms. Here is the size of the downloads on these platforms:

  • Download the size on PS4 : 1.4 GB
  • Download the size on PS5 : 934 MB
  • The size of the PC download is not yet known, but we will update it soon, on this post.

The size of the download may vary for different platforms.

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Fortnite 3.01 Patch Notes update v15.21 January 20,

Here is the full list of changes and patch notes for the Playstation 3.01 update. The changes will be the same for PCs too, check it out:

  • Jungle Hunter Quest is now available.
  • A new boss character and mythical element are also available.
  • The guards have been removed from the arena.

So those are the only changes made to the game.

Fortnite update 3.01 and server status v15.21 today : Regarding Fortnite’s server status for today, the downtime for this update is set for 4:00am (Eastern Time).

v15.21 brings:

New boss character + mythical item
✅ Jungle Hunter quests
✅ I/O guards removed from the arena

– 19. Status Fortnite (@StatusFortnite) January 2021

The best thing about this Fortnite update is that the IO guards will no longer spawn in Arena game mode, and if you’re a competitive player, that might be the best news for you. If a player catches you, it’s only fair, because this character has a lot of health and shields.

Additionally, the latest Jungle Hunter quest game is now available, but still no clue about the new secret lair. And Predator may be the new boss, and you can find him near the patrol around the Stalsey Fortress. The Predator article should be good too. If you haven’t played Predator yet, we recommend you start the Jungle Hunter quest now.

This was an update to Fortnite 3.01 Patch Notes v15.21 Today (January 20).

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We hope you enjoy our version of Fortnite Update 3.01 Patch Notes v15.21 today (January 20).


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