Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds’ Video Game NPC Movie Wins Domestic Box Office with $28.4 Million

Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds’ Video Game NPC Movie Wins Domestic Box Office with $28.4 Million, the video game movie, took in $28.4 million at the U.S. domestic box office this past weekend according to studio estimates. That’s the lowest opening weekend ever for a video game movie. The previous low, $33.8 million, was set by Lionsgate’s adaptation of the George R.R. Martin bestselling book series, The Hunger Games, in March 2012.

“Free Guy” wasn’t exactly a box office hit, but it did beat out the competition at the North American box office this weekend. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s “Free Guy” made $28.4 million at the box office, making it the seventh-highest opening gross of the year to date. The film is based on a popular video game character created by LucasArts and is a comedy about a man who is abducted, brainwashed, and is converted into an NPC (non-player character), which is a character in a video game that the players do not interact with.

Free Guy, the Universal Pictures-produced film starring Ryan Reynolds as a video game character who befriends a girl and becomes a self-determined superhero, proved itself to be a hit when it debuted in theaters this past weekend. The film, which was originally a web series that debuted in 2011, made $28.4 million during its opening weekend, setting a new record for an R-rated comic book adaptation.

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Due to increased worries about coronavirus, no one expected Ryan Reynolds’ latest sci-fi action picture, Free Guy, to perform well at the box office, yet it has exceeded expectations. Domestically, the film grossed $28.4 million, which, although not remarkable in comparison to pre-pandemic numbers, was reportedly much more than what industry insiders had anticipated.

The success of Free Guy may be attributed to a number of factors, one of which being the film’s theatrical exclusivity. Unlike other recent Disney films that have day-one streaming releases, Free Guy is only accessible to see in cinemas, which have seen a drop in attendance owing to increasing reports of COVID-19 variations.

Free Guy’s performance is also noteworthy for being “the first non-IP, non-sequel Disney has produced in literally years,” as director Shawn Levy described it. Despite Ryan Reynolds’ star power, this made Free Guy a risky venture, but the gamble seems to have paid off for 20th Century Studios and its parent corporation.

Don’t Breathe 2 and Jungle Cruise, which earned $10.6 million and $9 million over the weekend, respectively, lag Free Guy. The former is a new movie featuring Stephen Lang from Avatar, who reprises his role as the blind antagonist from the 2016 thriller, while Jungle Cruise, based on the famous Disneyland attraction, has so far grossed $82 million.

Yesterday, Reynolds announced on Twitter that Disney is interested in making a sequel to Free Guy. Reynolds plays a bank teller who discovers he’s an NPC trapped in a computer game in the film. Actress Jodie Comer and filmmaker Taika Waititi join the actor.


After three years of promoting #FreeGuy as an original IP film, Disney announced today that a sequel is in the works. Hooray!! #irony

August 14, 2021 — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds)

“I want the studios to understand that when we offer the culture, when we give the audience something fresh and unique, and therefore intrinsically original, the audience arrives, the audience exists,” Levy adds. “Not just as an industry, but as a culture,” he continues, “if we end up developing in an industry that is nothing but sequels and franchises.”

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Free Guy, a video game in which the titular character is an NPC in a series of text based videos, was a box office smash in the gaming world, taking in $28.4 million in its opening weekend.. Read more about when does free guy release and let us know what you think.

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