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Galaxy Warfighter is a game that borrows heavily from the 1980s retro arcade shooters that became popular with NES hits like Gradius and Life Force. It features 100 levels (!) of side-scrolling glory. Flying in space and destroying a fleet of ships sounds like a lot of fun at first – and it is. Unfortunately, the game is hard to beat due to its highly repetitive nature and early difficulty.

When I first saw the images of this game, I immediately thought I would love it. Scrolling shooting games were one of my favorite arcade games when I was a kid. Back then, there was no shortage of hits from Konami and other artists like Raiden, and R-Type was one of the most fun arcade games I’ve ever seen.

Galaxy Warfighter tries to capture the intensity of classic shoot’em, and while this adds a lot of steps to the game, they are quite short. Each level consists of flying through a bunch of ships, destroying as many as possible, and then destroying the boss. If an enemy ship is destroyed, they become coins. By collecting them, you will be able to upgrade your ship with new skills, better weapons, more armor, etc. At each level, a new type of ship is added to the enemy armada rushing towards you. Each section only lasts about a minute and a half before you reach the boss, where you must learn his pattern to defeat him. Whether you live or die, all the money saved so far stays with you, so you can always upgrade your ship. It’s the exact opposite of most games (think cheaters) these days, so it’s a nice surprise.

The controls are reliable and responsive, and it is easy to operate. Your ship is in automatic firing mode, so there is no need to hold down a button or press a key. There are functions that can be acquired via buttons that are not used anywhere other than in the main weapon. There are several upgrades you can buy with the coins you collect. You can increase the power of your main weapon or get extra armor so you can take more hits before you are destroyed. Turning on the shield also diverts some of the incoming fire. All updates are constant, which is a good mechanism for progress.

However, our evaluation of the gameplay is not only about the controls, but also about the level design, the fun factor and the difficulty factor. This beautifully designed game increases the difficulty as you progress and makes you feel good along the way. Unfortunately, the game poses an uneven challenge that sometimes ends and rambles on. The bosses are particularly tough – even the first one, which makes the game more punishing than it should be. On the other hand, if you’ve died multiple times and collected enough money, you can upgrade your ship and even kill your bosses without them touching you. It wasn’t like there was a middle ground here – either the game was too hard or too easy.

Moreover, the variety of patterns leaves much to be desired. The game tends to use the same four bosses over and over again. They had the same offensive patterns, but had more hitting points, making them giant ball sponges. It doesn’t make the game any more fun, and it even made me want to stop playing.

The presentation is random. The graphics are beautiful – it almost looks like an 80s arcade machine. Blast ships are nice, and the attack boxes around the enemies and your ship are in place. The backgrounds are colorful, but it would be good to be able to switch from space level to planet level from time to time. Where the game really suffers is in the soundtrack. Basically, there are two numbers for the entire game. You get a jingle in the hangar and one in flight. Nothing else, which is extremely disappointing because the best shooters in the world have quality soundtracks.

Galaxy Warfighter is a great retro shooter with a lot of potential. A terrible soundtrack, uneven difficulty levels, repetitive boss fights and uninspired gameplay make it a medium difficulty game. The price is relatively low (about $7), but there are NES and SNES games that cost about as much as your time and money.

Survey of the warriors of the galaxy
  • Charts – 9/10
  • Sound – 2/10
  • Gameplay – 5/10
  • Late complaint – 3/10


Final thoughts : MEDIOCR

If you like shooters and are really looking for something to play, flip a coin. The lack of a solid soundtrack and the repetitive nature of Galaxy Warfighter make it a dull experience that only the most desperate SHMUP fans should seek out.

Chris is passionate about video and board games. JRPGs are close to his heart and he loves listening to quality game soundtracks!


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