Gamer Claims Razer Headset Saved Them from a Bullet to the Head

A gamer in the U.S. claims that his Razer headset saved him from a bullet to the head. The story highlights one of many recent cases where gaming gear has been credited as saving lives, and shows how much more popular gaming is becoming across all demographics around the world

The “razer blackshark v2” is a gaming headset that has saved its owner from being shot in the head. The device was given to the gamer by his wife as a gift.

Gamer-Claims-Razer-Headset-Saved-Them-from-a-Bullet-toImage courtesy of Razer

Did you know that Razer headsets are made so good that they can deflect bullets? If the recent story of a poster on Razer’s official subreddit is to be trusted, this seems to be the case. Enough Dance 956, an 18-year-old Torrance, CA resident, uploaded photographs indicating that a stray gunshot shattered their bedroom window, killing them if it hadn’t been for the Razer Kraken headset they were wearing. For those who are wondering if this is some kind of cunning marketing trick, Razer founder and CEO Min Liang-Tan has emphasized that the firm was not behind the tweet, calling it “insane.”

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A gamer claims that a stray gunshot saved their life thanks to a Razer headset (PC Gamer)

Last week, Enough Dance 956 said on Reddit, “Hello to everyone who views this.” “I’m trying to contact someone at Razer to express my heartfelt gratitude. At 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, a stray bullet flew through my window and struck the Razer headphones on top of my head. I would have been a dead child at the age of 18 if it hadn’t been for the high-quality headphones. I can’t even comprehend the anguish my family and friends must have felt.”

Because the Reddit post was released so close to April Fool’s Day, it was treated with a lot of suspicion. Some speculated that the poster staged the gunshot in order to get a free headset. Enough Dance 956 reacted to the suspicion with a second post that contained images of the gunshot hole in the window, the initial ricochet depression on the wall, and the bullet on the bed where it ended up after impacting the headset.

According to a Razer representative, the firm was not behind the post and was unaware of the event until it was posted on Reddit. They said, “This is not an April Fool’s joke, at least not from us.” “We’ve already gone out to the community member to express our gratitude and, at the very least, provide him a new headset.”

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