General tips for tackling Elusive Targets

There are many different ways to tackle the elusive targets in games. The following list contains some tips for tackling these elusive targets.

An elusive target is a term that refers to a monster or NPC that cannot be killed by players. The reason for this is because the creature has an extremely high level and/or special abilities. Read more in detail here: how do elusive targets work.

I’ve seen a lot of postings on here about people failing their ETs because they bungled it, or because they were spotted, or because they had to go in guns blazing. Some suggestions that may be uncommon information are often overlooked, therefore I thought an article like this would be helpful.

  1. Unless you’ve accomplished any objectives or died, “one opportunity to carry out an ET” doesn’t imply “one chance.” – This assumption is at the root of a lot of the anxiety that comes with finishing an ET. Remember that you only get one opportunity when you complete ANY goal, no matter how little. As a result, it counts if you have a target to kill. It also counts if you have to pick up or obtain a tablet. As a result, DO NOT complete any goal until you are certain you can complete the remainder. And, of course, avoid dying.
  2. If you haven’t perished or completed any objectives, you may leave an ET and return later — Don’t worry if you don’t think you’ll be able to complete it or don’t have enough time. You may leave the ET if you haven’t completed any objectives or died yet, and return later to complete it.
  3. Don’t try to complete the ET the first time you do it – unless you consider your own personal pleasure, there are no prizes for being the first to complete the ET. When you start an ET, take some time to look around the map and see if there are any possible paths, as well as where and what your target is up to. Then decide what disguises you’ll need. Depending on the beginning position, you may already have the disguise you need. Finally, consider what things you’d want to bring. Don’t go into it with your eyes closed. It is beneficial to plan ahead.
  4. Mastering your surroundings is crucial – Remember to play the whole area in single player mode to figure out where you can get everything you need. You may do this when you first start exploring your ET, but if you want to be safe, I recommend mastering a place before attempting the ET. Then you’ll be much more at ease.
  5. “Suit Only” has no meaning for ETs; completing an ET with Silent Assassin comes with a monetary payout. It DOES NOT SUIT ONLY IF IT IS COMPLETELY COMPLETELY COMPLETELY COMPLETELY COMPLETE Apart from your personal pleasure, there isn’t anything that makes trying it Suit Only worthwhile. So, if you don’t want to, keep in mind that you don’t have to. FOR SUIT ONLY ET RUNS, THERE ARE NO REWARDS.
  6. If you are seen, restart — Many individuals panic when they are discovered and then go in with all guns blazing. STOP. Relax. If you haven’t completed any of the goals yet, restart the quest. Play it carefully and correctly. There is no need to hurry.
  7. Setting the tone for how you want to end your ET is critical. Explore the map and see what you can do to set things up first if there are several goals. Figure out where the tablet is first in the Entertainer, for example. Then determine the location of the target. Then make arrangements for the tablet to be ready for pickup. Then, while you’re leaving, dispose of the target and pick up the tablet.
  8. Save the simple tasks for last — Unlike single player mode, where you may save after completing the easy tasks, I recommend storing the easy tasks for last in ETs. This is because ANY OBJECTIVE, no matter how little, contributes toward your point #1 guideline of “Finishing objectives.” For example, in The Entertainer, I initially knocked out the woman in the toilet holding the tablet. I DID NOT, HOWEVER, PICK UP THE TABLET. I returned to murder my victim before returning to pick up the tablet on my way out.
  9. DO NOT MOVE OR HIDE BODIES KILLED BY POISON OR INJURY – The amount of individuals who don’t realize that if it’s a poisoning or an accident, you don’t need to touch the body at all is far too high. You must conceal the corpse as soon as you touch it since you will lose SA if it is discovered. Leaving a POISONED OR ACCIDENTAL KILL BODY UNTOUCHED, ON THE OTHER HAND, DOES NOT RUIN YOUR SA RATING, EVEN IF IT IS FOUND. Syringes, drowning, falls, things falling on their heads, poisoned beverages, poisoned meals, and propane tanks or gas lights bursting are all examples of this. STOP MOVING THE BODY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
  10. If everything else fails, use ALT+F4 or CTRL+ALT+F4 on your PC to quit instantly as a failsafe — If everything else fails and you still want to restart, use those keys to stop and prevent your game from saving. But, ideally, you’ll never have to stoop to such drastic measures. Others in the comments may provide suggestions on how to accomplish it on consoles (I believe it involves shutting off the console but I am not sure, so be sure to check comments below).

I hope this information is useful. Agents, have fun searching!

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