Genshin Impact “We Will Be Reunited” Quest Guide

The next major chapter in the Genshin Impact story begins with the We Will Reunite quest. To start this quest, you must be at adventure rank 36 or higher and complete a number of mandatory quests (see which quests in the game’s Notifications menu).

This guide will be as spoiler-free as possible. Basically, it will be a description of how you will feel in the quest, as well as tips that may be useful to know before or during the game!

To complete We will meet in Genshin hit

Follow our Genshin We Will Reunite quest guide.

Go to the Abyss Calldomain.

Here are some tips to consider before venturing into this field:

  • Best Character Selection: Xiao, Keqing, Ganyu, Venti, Lisa, Diona.
  • Use elemental vision to break all the crates. Behind them you’ll find treasure chests!

When you enter the domain, a door opens. Go through it, then jump over the well and down to find a group of Hilikurls with Samachurl. Defeat them all and dive deeper and deeper into the domain (and grab all the treasure chests along the way)!

Bubble run

This will be a familiar challenge to those who have participated in the Windblume Festival’s Special Domain competition. Shooters don’t pop the bubbles, so do your best to dodge incoming bubbles by sprinting and using the safety zones in both directions. Stand at the edge of these safety zones and turn the camera to look around for approaching bubbles.

Collect two treasure chests in this bubble race. They are hidden in the last safety zone, one on each side of the slope.

After you make a hole in the ground, look at the stage and go to the left side of the field, you will come across the second bubble track, which is slightly different from the first one. Don’t waste time on the platforms, as they disappear a few seconds after you use them.

Player tip: Don’t step on the second platform when you run to the safety zones, otherwise you’ll have to jump off and start over.

If you want to find the two common treasure chests during the bubble run, stay left and smash the chests in the safe areas. After completing the bubble trail, a treasure chest awaits you behind some boxes. Go ahead and enjoy the scene!

Abyssal Battle Herald

Herald of the Abyss is a fairly easy fight, especially if you follow the game’s recommendation to include the character Cryo in your team. As always, make sure you have a way to heal yourself, just in case the Herald of the Abyss hits harder than expected!

Keep a close eye on it, as it will quickly distract you with its spinning water blades. If he hits you with one of his water skills, your character may have to wait longer than usual to use his elemental skill again.

If you are having problems, we recommend keeping your distance and trying to use shields, healing abilities, or food capsules to support yourself. Otherwise, you can use grind to upgrade your characters or weapons.

More battles with Abyss

After you clean up the estate, you have to go to different locations and defeat different enemies.

Expect to fight these enemies

  • Abyssal Mage (Cryo and Hydro) + Hilichurl (Melee)
  • Abyssal Mages (Kryo and Hydro) + Ruin Hunters + Hilikurls (Archers and Mele)
  • Mages of the Abyss (Kryo and Pyro) + Wreck Guard + Hilikurls (two Mele, two Archers)

Put a character in play who can make Abyss Mage shields work quickly (elemental DMGs break them the fastest). We recommend mages like Lisa or Sucrose for these battles.

If you manage to get high during a ruin hunter fight, it causes a rush where it flies even further. Once he is in this state, you have a few (intense) seconds to hit his central core with an arrow and knock him out. Otherwise, be prepared for heavy missile attacks.

proceed to Wolfdom

Expect to fight these enemies

  • Abyssal Mage (Pyro) + Hilichurl Group
  • Herald of the Abyss + Hilikurl (archers)

You can also follow the advice given earlier in this guide on these battles. Note that Abyss Herald can also create a hydro-elemental shield, which must be damaged by another elemental power.

Restructuring in the field

When you return to the estate where you first met the Herald of the Abyss, Paimon doesn’t seem to notice that you’re going the other way through the ruins (this time the door on the left opens). While the domain is very similar to your previous experience, there are a few changes that we’ve listed below.

Ultra Gliding Bubble Run!

It turned out that the race to the bubble could be a little more difficult. Our best advice is to take a leap of faith (yes, literally) and not be afraid to fall! Stay in the corners of the safety zones to avoid getting caught in the bubbles floating in these areas.

There is a treasure chest in the two secured areas on the left!

Expect to fight these enemies

  • Abyssal Herald + Abyssal Mage (Pyro + Hydro)

Player tip: Destroying the Mages of the Abyss will make your fight easier.

At the end of the battle, the player completes the quest and is rewarded with a monumental cutscene. Oh, and don’t forget to take the jewelry box with you before you leave the estate! Congratulations, you have completed the first Genshin Impact quest. We will meet again in the next chapter.

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