Ghost of Tsushima 1.20 Update Patch Notes Today 05 February 2021 and Download Size

Samurai Warriors and Sucker Punch Productions have released the 1.20 update to Ghost of Tsushima and the official patch notes. This update was released just over an hour ago and is now available to all users. If you would like to learn more about the 1.20 update for Ghost of Tsushima, scroll on through the article.

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The developers, Samurai Warriors and Sucker Punch Production, have released an update for the game and it will be updated to version 1.20. This update is a small bug fix or you can say a minor update and will not bring any major changes to the game. We have all the information about the Ghost of Tsushima 1.20 update like patch notes, download size of the 1.20 update, bugs fixed in the update and some other news related to Sucker Punch Productions, check them out here.

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Sucker Punch has released a new update for Ghost of Tsushima, and this small update only fixes a few minor bugs. This update will not affect the gameplay or other features of the game, and no additional content will be added with this update. According to the official patch notes, this is just a minor update that will fix several bugs in the game. Now let’s take a look at the size of the download.

The 1.20 patch for Ghost of Tsushima is now available and includes several bug fixes for Ghost of Tsushima : Legends.

– Ghost of Tsushima 🎮 Sucker Punch Productions (@SuckerPunchProd) 5. Februari 2021

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Ghost from Tsushima 1.20 Update Download Size

Since this is just a small update that fixes some minor problems and bugs that were present in the game, the size has also been reduced. The “Ghost of Tsushima 1.20” update weighs about 690 MB, which is quite small. If you did not receive this update on your PS4 console, you should reboot the console and the problem should be resolved. Then you can install the update and if you experience any problem after installing the update, you just need to reboot for a while, that’s all, then it should work fine.

Now let’s move on to the Ghost of Tsushima 1.20 patch update and all the changes.

Update patch “Ghost of Tsushima 1.20” (February 05)

Update 1.20 is a minor update that fixes all the problems and bugs that have occurred in the game since the last patch was released. Here are the official patch notes and the full list of changes for this update, see :

  • General bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements.

So these are the only patch notes that, according to Ghost of Tsushima or Sucker Punch Productions, have been implemented in this update, and there are no other changes in this update for Ghost of Tsushima.

Fans were expecting a bigger update this time around, but Sucker Punch Productions has not released one. However, it is expected that developers Samurai Warriors and Sucker Punch Prod. will soon release a major update to the game with lots of new content. Update 1.20 was only there to fix all the bugs in the game.

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We hope you enjoy our approach to the Ghost of Tsushima 1.20 patch updated today February 5, 2021 and the size of the download.

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Frequently asked questions

How great is the mind of Tsushima?

Although the initial download of Ghost of Tsushima is just under 40 gigabytes, the PlayStation Store listing for the game requires a minimum storage of 50 gigabytes. Therefore, it may be a good idea to free up some free space on your PS4 hard drive in advance.

How broad is the spectrum of Tsushima’s revival?

Spirit of Tsushima: The Legend Size Update contains just over 8.4 GB of data for a free update.

How do I download the Tsushima Ghosts update?

How to download Ghost of Tsushima: Legends DLC…

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