Globe Pushes Against Gamer Stereotypes with New Game Well-Played Campaign

The new campaign, which began during the NBA season and will continue through the summer, aims to show that “gamers are more than just guys who sit on their couches in their parents’ basement.”

Globe started the “Game Well-Played” campaign a few weeks ago in an attempt to break down gamer prejudices that still exist today.

According to a 2020 Globe statistics study, the Philippine gaming sector has witnessed an extraordinary boom in the Southeast Asia area, with about 43 million players. According to the research, 74 percent of the Philippine online gaming population uses mobile devices, 65 percent uses PC games, and 45 percent uses traditional console games.

While there are many misconceptions and stigmas associated with gaming, we feel there is merit in putting in hours of practice for a tournament or just getting lost in a new world while meeting new people. Strategic thought and innovation may thrive in apparently hopeless battlegrounds.

Rina Siongco, the head of Globe’s Get Entertained Tribe, said as much.

Movement #KakalaroKoYanWithGlobe

The campaign kicked off with Movement #KakalaroKoYanWithGlobe where everyone is encouraged to share the different benefits gaming has brought in their everyday lives, to break the stereotype around it by answering the question: Ano nga ba ang napapala ko sa paglalaro?  To answer this question Globe invited content creators Cherizawa and Boss Maw and shared how gaming helped them gain valuable skills like time management, financial independence, and multitasking in a series of social media posts using the campaign hashtag. They recount that gamers can develop these skills while playing games like Mobile Legends.

Globe also published a digital video named Good Son, which can be viewed here, to further emphasize the theme.


Globe’s Head of Games and Esports, Ralph Aligada, commented,

We urge everyone to realize the benefits of gaming beyond the screen with #KakalaroKoYanwithGlobe. More than just providing amusement, gaming may assist a person build skills and capacities that will enable him to be more successful in life and benefit others.

Globe expands its current packages.

Globe’s Go+ offerings have been improved with GoPLAY, which promises new gaming applications and free in-game coupons in the near future for a more ramped up gaming experience. 

Aside from titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), League of Legends Wild Rift, VALORANT, and Legends of Runeterra, fans can expect Genshin Impact and Pokemon Unite to join GoPLAY’s intriguing lineup of games in the near future. 

We hope that by making these games accessible exclusively on GoPLAY, we will provide our consumers with additional opportunities to explore new worlds and gain skills that they can use in real life.

Givielle Florida, the Globe Prepaid Brand Head, said. 

Globe also expressed its commitment to shaking things up and positioning itself as the country’s main gaming partner by supporting professional leagues such as the Philippine Pro Gaming League (PPGL) and organizations such as AcadArena and Blacklist International. They’re also collaborating with play-to-earn facilitators like Sky Mavis, the Axie Infinity publishers.

Globe Broadband and PPGL have partnered for a year to promote Riot’s game titles in the Philippines, as well as hosting this year’s VALORANT Challengers Tour and the Southeast Asia Wild Rift Champions.

We want to improve esports in the nation by partnering with PPGL to provide opportunities for people to show off their abilities and climb the rankings. We wish to foster their enthusiasm at home so that they may boldly rise to the top of the leaderboards and show the rest of the world that Filipino gamers are genuinely exceptional.

Marinella Cruel, Globe At Home’s Head of Home Prepaid Wifi, said. 

Globe Gamer Grounds: The Entrance to Excellent Gaming

Globe Gamer Grounds

Apart from the aforementioned initiatives, Globe has also teamed with Telekom Malaysia and Swarmio Media to create Globe Gamer Grounds, an all-in-one gaming platform.

Globe Player Grounds is an all-in-one gaming platform that anybody can utilize, whether they’re a beginner, a casual gamer, or a seasoned master. We built it with care to let users enjoy a massive portfolio of games that will suit every gamer’s fancy; connect with friends and battle it out on the grounds; buy character upgrades, such as a new skin or a new set of weapons; track records and rise up the ranks; or simply stream all the best games, in keeping with Globe’s vision.

Swarmio Media’s Executive Vice-President for Global Sales, Tesh Kapadia, said. 

Globe Gamer Grounds was created in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia and Swarmio Media to further our aim of empowering every Filipino to seek a well-played game.

Aligada said. 

We wish to continue to innovate and provide unique goods and platforms for all types of gamers. It’s always a game well-played with Globe, whether it’s for competitive players who want to win championships and earn money for their families, or for those who strive for perfection by breaking past records, or for casual players who just want to enjoy the games they’re playing.

Aligada continued.

Go here to learn more about Globe’s Game Well-Played program, which is encouraging Filipinos to take control of their gaming future.

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