God of War 1.35 Update Patch Notes Today 03 Feb 2021 for PS5 Performance Boost

The God of War 1.35 update patch has been released for PS5. The update will improve the overall performance of God of War on the PS5 console and add new resolution settings on the PS4.

Here we have all the information and details about it, like the God of War 1.35 release notes, the download size on PS4 and PS5, a list of all the changes, new settings for PS4 and more, so keep scrolling for more.

God of War 1.35 updated for PS4 and PS5 players. The update is small but will make significant changes to the overall performance of the game as there are new resolution settings for the PS4 and for the PS5 there are many changes that we have listed below, take a look.

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Santa Monica Studios released the 1.35 update to God of War on February 2. Published in February. This patch comes with some resolution settings for PS4, and overall performance is improved for PS5. Santa Monica Studios has enabled 4K checkerboard resolution for PS5 players. The 4K resolution is now synced at 60 frames per second, which is pretty good for PS5 users as they can now play the game with very high graphics.

Additionally, Santa Monica Studios has introduced a new 2160p resolution mode that will improve overall game performance on the PS5. This is a completely free patch, published on 02. February 2021, that’s yesterday. The 1.35 update to God of War makes a big difference, but it doesn’t come with a huge download size, just look at the download size.

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God of War 1.35 Update patch Download Size

Since the 1.35 update offers improved performance, it was expected that the download size would be quite large, but the God of War 1.35 update only weighs about 135 MB in download size on PS5.

Let’s move on to the God of War 1.35 patch update and the new resolution settings for PS4 users.

God of War 1.35 Switch notes and new resolution settings update for PS4

For PS4 users, the developers at Santa Monica Studios have released a new resolution setting. With the update, users will notice 2 new graphics modes in their PS4 version of God of War. PS4 users now have a choice of two graphics modes.

The first graphics mode improves the overall performance of the game rather than the resolution, in which case you may see some reduced graphics but get good frames per second, while the second option focuses on good resolution, in which case the overall performance may decrease and you may see a lower frame rate. You can choose one of the two options and decide which graphic presentation suits you best.

God of War patches 1.35:

The new patch will improve performance and resolution on PS5. The current graphics settings will be removed from the game and you can see the new settings, and here is the official God of War 1.35 patch update, check it out :

  • 4K checkerboard resolution
  • Sync at 60 FPS
  • 2160p

So it was the 1.35 God of War patch.

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We hope you enjoy our approach to the God of War 1.35 update patches today, February 3, 2021, to improve the PS5’s performance.


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