Gone Golfing Achievement Guide

This guide describes the steps to follow to achieve 100% Gone Golfing success. For those players who want to achieve all the achievements of Gone Golfing, here are the steps you need to follow to get there.

Performance in the golf industry

You can at least read

  • Go to one of those pieces of paper that are everywhere, look at it and press E.

Well, well, well, well…

  • Honestly, I forgot where I got it from. Try to get near the well first, and maybe throw some junk down.

Hole in one!

  • Make a hole in one. Some holes are brighter than others. You might as well get it by accident. I managed to make a hole-in-one for 7, 8 and 13 years without too many problems.

Not the face!

  • If you go far enough, Mr. Golphie will wander off. Make sure you get killed at least once. Once he’s in the world, he never leaves, so you don’t have to worry about him coming back or anything.

In the belly of the beast.

  • As you progress, you come to a scene where a giant fish swims around. To achieve this, you have to jump into the water and get food out of it. You must have gone through the right door to meet this fish.

Gashank! Gashank!

  • When the level of the ocean is reached, the fish are on land. I think he’s being eaten again.

A good, sad and true ending

  1. Just get out of where you started.
  2. If you end the game with a total score of 32 or less (press TAB to check your score), the door will open when you try to leave the game. Turn around and enter the house next to you, the door will open.
  3. Collect the pieces and put them in the well at the beginning to get the levers. You need a total of 2 to get the 2 levers you need. The location of the rooms in relation to where you spawn:
    • There are two toilets in the house opposite the one where you spawn. Enter the house, there is a coin in the toilet at the left side.
    • Leave the spawning area and turn 180 degrees. There’s a coin in the corner of the table there.
    • Leave the spawning area and turn 180 degrees. Go to the last corner where you can turn right. Turn right and look in the container.

The first lever opens the door of the house where Golfy is located, at the end of well 7. The next level will be placed in the mentioned house. Press to open the door. This door is located in the house where the third room is described/discovered.

The great escape

Press Escape mode in the main menu. Finish this level.

Like a spoiler:

You need to find a valve, a 12-eyed trout and a thigh/arm. The valve is placed on the top floor in a small room at the top of the stairs. There is a box that opens after the valve is inserted. On the first floor, put the lever next to the door. I recommend clicking once, but not necessarily right away.

Then take a 12-eyed trout and throw it into the frame on the side of the ladder. That opens the door behind the stairs. Take a leg or an arm, or if you can’t find one, go to the new room and take it there. Go back to the ground floor and immerse part of your body in the toxic waste. Then give it to the fish and catch the lever on the other side of the water.
Place the lever, press it, the door will open. Run now.


  • Click on Merry Golfmas DLC in the main menu, it’s a new way to play.
    I’m not gonna ruin the puzzle, because I really enjoyed playing. As soon as you’re far enough away, Golphie Jr. will run around. At this point, you have experience with a burning stick. If you throw a burning stick at him, he’ll burn and die. That’s how you get that realization.

To hell with Christmas!

  • Click on Merry Golfmas DLC in the main menu and complete the level. It’s pretty annoying, but manageable. You have 5 lives in every attempt, use them wisely!

I’ve done my part!

  • While playing Merry Golfmas DLC, at some point you will throw cans of liquor in the garbage to put pressure on them. If you throw 7 cans of soda in the garbage, you get this result. The other pair of cans are in the same area as the others, so all you have to do is look for them.

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