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Hey, guys,

Unfortunately, the game didn’t get as much attention as we’d hoped, but we hope it was still fun to decipher the puzzles! Congratulations on
/u/Timberjaw for the final answer! For posterity and for those of you who were curious, I will place the complete solution below:

Part one: ImageFried Pepsiman is a damaged image. If we open the image in Notepad, we see at the top of the :


The addition here is WBS A5DJ29. OTP is a one-time encryption with a key A5DJ29. Good work with the people who made it here!

Part two: Numbers
I may have made it too complicated, but the solution is relatively simple (in my opinion). In my first message, I threw away a bunch of random codes. These codes are encrypted with a unique encryption using the above mentioned key. You can use any website to decipher it, for example:

. What appears from the first thread is that most websites do not decode the numbers by default. You must add numbers to the alphabet (e.g. ABCDEFGIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789).

Decoding the codes gives the following results:












Part three: Discussion thread

Each of the above codes refers to the red current in this subsection. By putting the key in the header (, you get trugaming wires. Each wire has comments from me with a hidden hexadecimal color code.












Part 4 : Color shrinkage

This part, as I said, can be very confusing. So I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. The idea was to find out which colours are relevant. In the original message announcing the challenge, I left clues in the text on the correct colours.

2020 really was a remarkable year, wasn’t it? From a possible nuclear war between the United States and Iran to a coronavirus that’s been locking us in our homes for nine months, it’s exhausting. But if you thought it was wrong, imagine you were Theodemer just before he was executed by the Romans during their invasion of Gaul! Am I right? Ha-ha-ha… hahaha…

Note the references to the year 2020 and the strange and incongruous reference to the performance of Theodemer. Theodemites were executed in 422.

The first two hexadecimal colors mentioned above are #CE422B and #1E2020.

Part five: Discover the game

The last part is simply to find out which set matches these colors. In this case, the colours will be exactly under the Rest!

That’s it! We hope everyone enjoyed this little puzzle. Take care of yourself!

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