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Your weapons are your best friend in a constant battle across the underworld. Hades offers you a good selection of weapons to unlock in the game, six to be exact.

Each weapon offers you a unique and distinctive play style. Depending on how you want to play, killing can be both fun and effective. However, some play styles and weapons require proper training and are not easy to learn.

That’s why this list of levels is here: to show you the easiest weapons to pick up and carry around. The best weapons on this list are the easiest, making them the best options in our opinion. The middleman is a weapon you don’t have to get used to much, but you have to get used to it or it’s not as fun. In fact, the lowest level is a weapon that is simply very difficult to master and requires the most effort.

High level weapon

Eternal Spear

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The Eternal Spear is a fast weapon with a certain range. This allows you to step back and give your opponents a few quick shots. You can use his charged rotation attack to do damage, and then use his special attack that causes him to deviate from his trajectory and do damage to the enemies he hits. Don’t forget to make him fly back to do the same damage over and over again. It is easy to use and offers an exciting journey through the underworld.

Itemised sheet

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Stitch’s Blade is one of the best weapons in the game, and you get it right from the start. It’s the perfect mix of fast action, mobility and can do incredible damage with the right perks. The special attack that creates a large AoE shockwave is perfect for eliminating enemies around you, and you can then use the push attack to really attack a target.

Intermediate weapon

Chaos Screen

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If you want to feel like Captain America, the Chaos Shield is the weapon you need. This allows you to hit enemies to do good damage and then go on the defensive to block damage up front. Additionally, if you like the Zeus aspect, you can launch a shield to bypass enemies and deal more damage. But without this windfall, it doesn’t have a very good range, which means you have to stay close to your opponent and not go too far away.

Double knuckleduster

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Double fists are perhaps the most offensive weapon in the game: It’s all about getting in close and throwing a barrage of punches to take out opponents. Not every shot is the strongest attack, but with five of them for a Flurry, you still make a good one. Then you hit them with an uppercut to make them even bigger. But with an even shorter range than Chaos Shield, Double Fists has a decent enough warning. They don’t do a very good job of cleaning up the surrounding group, and they force you to stay close to the enemies, which means you’re going to take some good damage.

Lower level weapon

Heart rate curve

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You’ll notice a theme with our lower level weapons that they are the true ranged weapons in the game. Take the heart-shaped bow, for example. It’s excellent for keeping you away from your enemies and maintaining your health, but up close it’s useless and many of the attacks are too long. If you want to use a critical shot, you need luck to find the right moment to shoot. This seems to go against what makes Hades so fun, and while it’s not a good weapon for the right player, it’s just not that fun to use.

Adams rail

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Some players will say that this weapon is very effective, but we disagree. Strong. Adamant Rail is a powerful weapon that allows you to blow up your enemies, but completely robs you of your freedom of movement. Add to that the pain of reloading, and as a main weapon, it’s one of the worst in the game. You can find a good Daedalus Hammer to give it endless ammo, which is a big help, but the lack of movement hampers gameplay. If you’re good at it, go for it, but we don’t recommend it for beginners. There are only bigger and better options.


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