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The game: HavenGenre: Action, adventure, role-playing system: PC (also on PS5 and Xbox), Nintendo Switch 2021
Developer|Publisher : Evaluation of gamblers
: EU 18+ (16+ incl.) | US Mature
Price : UK £19.49 | EU €24.99 | USA $24.99
Publication date : 3. December 2020

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Haven is a title in which you can embody two lovers who have travelled to a new planet to escape the confrontation and stay together. Of course, the development of a new planet itself goes hand in hand with experiments, and after the earthquake your ship will have to explore the world in search of repair possibilities, saving many unique animals and solving the mysteries of the planet.

The graphics are like the avatar: The latest 3D video game air emitter. The character models have a kind of cell tone, but the environment blossoms in color. The waves of grass, the way you move and the different animals you can deal with make this world seem very much alive. In addition to this beautiful music score, which has a soft dance rhythm but is perfectly adapted to this futuristic environment.

The two leaders, Kay and Yu, were charming and immediately friendly. The voices of the actors play the leading role and animate the characters with hundreds of recorded lines of dialogue. What I liked from the start was that the game helps you move forward quite quickly and allows you to immerse yourself in the story as you move on. This is much more refreshing than creating a boring opening scene of 30 minutes (or more). The story is of course difficult in this game, Kay and Yu stop to talk about everything, from the world they explore to the one they came from, but the balance between the game and these moments seems almost right.

The game begins with a more artistic introduction

The New World

You will spend most of your time exploring this mysterious planet. The more you discover, the more you will discover new skills that will help you to enter new territories. But it’s very nice to just explore and enjoy the joke between Kay and Yu. They move with this energy, called flow, which makes the two characters float. When playing in a cooperative, one player takes the initiative to move, while the other player can move in a small aura that automatically collects all resources. You can change at any time, but it’s an interesting way to keep your players together without having to share the screen. The only problem is that sometimes it’s hard to see where you’re going when you slide on the camera.

They move with the flow.

No harm has been done to the animals.

During your examination, you will encounter strange animals spoiled by a substance called rust. You engage in a kind of turn-based battle, in which the fight takes place in real time. Each player can choose from different teams to shoot animals or bad guys. The secret of success here is to synchronize everything together. A player can prevent both players from attacking while others are attacking. They can also lead an attack together, which takes time to build, but can be a devastating blow. It’s all about deploying the right team at the right time and communicating with your collaboration partner.

Overall, the problem is not too serious. Even if you fail, just start again at the nearest resting point. The little thing I had here wasn’t very long before the game introduced how to take care of your characters, but I’ll have to say more about that later. The best thing about fighting is that if you beat animals, you don’t kill them. Instead, you calm her down, which actually makes up for it. Then you can pet the animal on the world map, which is damn cute.

time to turn these guys into good ones.

Spouse’s life

If they don’t do any research, they spend time in the nest, where they cook, make health and combat objects and communicate in a good old-fashioned friendly conversation. Every time you perform these actions, Kei and Yu usually talk a little more about the world they escaped from, their interests and their love for each other.

There is a level system that increases as you defeat enemies, prepare food and perform certain actions in the game. When the counter is full, you can list parties and couples of states, and you get more laughs between couples. Some of them tend to be sexual. Although this game does not involve nudity or visual effects, it uses some nice shameless language, so you may not want to play this game with the children in the room.

Here’s how I spend most of my weekend

Lover’s Spit

Have is a nice little name for a cooperative game. But there’s more Negroes to look out for. When making medical kits, food, etc., the game allows only one force, no mass force. It gets tiring fast. In terms of health, you can only fully heal in the game when the characters return to the base. You need to use fake medicine boxes and treat yourself while you sleep and eat. And that’s not all, you can only use individual medical kits. Again, it seems rather stupid to use as much as possible to heal completely instead of just using as much as possible.

Haven was a game I liked to play with my wife, I’m not sure I would have liked to play it as much as I did on my own. Although the game is suitable for a single player. We rarely see how the developer dares to play with two people and that the game works as well as it does here. I think the game was worth it, and I hope many other players will take advantage of it as well. But at the same time, it’s likely that the principle of the game will change a significant number of players, and that’s normal. Some people may find this experience too coincidental, because the general problem with gambling is quite simple.

Yes, you can pet all animals.

Word in Note

I wanted to talk about the content of Havens, especially because this game has been rated 18+ on the PC (and 16+ on the switch) in Europe. This game is about a couple and their relationship, so sexual references are present. At the same time, there was no nudity in our lecture, and all sexual content is discussed in the conversation, more than anything else is visually explicit. Of course, this is not a game I recommend you play with children.

There is also no unpleasant violence in this game, especially since you defeat the enemies by turning them well. I think a high score can be given because there are clues to alcohol and drugs in the game, but even those clues seem vague. I’ve played a lot of games in my time, and I find it strange that there are some lower rated games that contain graphic violence and grief, but Haven’s charming little game gets the highest possible score because of sexual innuendo. Funny world, I guess.

There are a lot of nice download screens


Harbour is a game that you should play in the company of someone else, sitting comfortably on the couch. Although not without guilt, the bold decision to focus on the couple’s history makes this unique name worth immersing.

The music is brilliant and the characters are charming. The story can go through the typical stages I expect from those who are in love with a typical movie. This is due to both the talent of the actors and the availability of the game to most viewers, which keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end. Sometimes, in life, the game surprises and ends better than we can imagine. For me, Haven is one of those games that is even better because I have to share it with someone special.

Final verdict: Four fingers high

And finally.

This is my wife’s achievement in the game – sweet and silly – with the best features.

I’m lucky to have someone special in my life, someone I’ve lived with for over ten years. During this period we have experienced incredible trials and tribulations. Relationships with me are not fairy tales, they take on work and, like a garden, need regular care. Despite all the changes in the weather, our time has stood firm. I don’t often say openly how grateful I am to my wife for staying with me all these years. But I wanted to close this review by dedicating it to him. Wherever we land, I’ll always be there to hold your hand if you need me.

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