Hearts of Iron IV – Guatemala Guide (Road to 56)

This guide describes in detail how to play the role of Guatemala in Hearts of Iron IV mod of Road to 56 (R56). If you are one of those who want to explore Guatemala, this guide is for you.

Guatemala has nothing to offer on the road to 56. With only one province to start with, little industry and no capital, it is certainly a pain point, but Guatemala can be used to help its allies.

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Orientation tree – Fascist Central America

If you go down the path of fascism, you get military targets in Mexico and in all Central American countries except Panama. You also get -5% of consumer goods and 15% of trade completion when you reach the gold mine in Nicaragua.

  1. Intensifying the march to civilization
  2. An omnipresent place
  3. Strengthening the society in difficulty
  4. Controlling Service
  5. The final hurdle
  6. Military targets in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. (50k mp)
  7. Gold mining in Nicaragua and the Berlin Mission
  8. Military targets in El Salvador. They can be a bit difficult to pull off. (50k mp)

Optional: the Aisin Treaty is a bit of a waste of time, since Belize is the centerpiece, and it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to conquer Mexico. (65 km/h).

Orientation tree – Union Guatemala

If you go the other way, you get the same bonus as the gold from Nicaragua; you also have the option of getting 1 civ et mill card.

  1. The first four exclude the Aisin contract.
  2. American diplomacy
  3. Coffee trading companies
  4. Support for rural classes
  5. Either land for investment or nurture our land.
  6. Going to war (forces the United States or the United Kingdom to fight Germany).


Industry is your main goal, but I suggest you make cives and then mills after you complete the 4 policy axes, just use the industry research bonus to use it later.

  1. Start of industrial construction
  2. Improving public infrastructure
  3. Expanding civilian production
  4. Improving military capabilities
  5. Improving civilian industrial capacity (Construction II)
  6. New school and modern learning
  7. Discover the mineral wealth
  8. tax reform (removes the spirit of the banana republic)
  9. Each of the 3 investors and he follows the focus. (at least 50 opinions)
  10. Both the auto industry and foreign investors.

With all combo tricks, you get 10 civilians and 4 windmills. This number is doubled if you take the fascist route, giving you industry-conquered land, or 3 civilians and 1 million if you take the U.S. diplomatic route. This means that you must provide land for the total amount of the investment.


It will be a challenge to build a factory with only one civilian card, but you will have more once you get past one of the political avenues and the industrial section of the main road.

  1. Try to do an additional VIC at the beginning.
  2. If you have enough citizens, build windmills.
  3. If you are interested in cives and mills, you should be interested in steel, aluminum and rubber production.

Search by

You just had three at the beginning of the game in Guatemala, which is a little tricky. You can get 2 more by taking the “New Education in Modern Schools” course and the “Industrial Recovery” course, but you will probably be stuck with 4 slots.

  • Trench 1 – Industry
  • Trench 2 – Industry
  • Place 3 – Equipment (army or air force)
  • Slot 4 – Teaching (Benefits of the new teaching in today’s schools)
  • Site 5 – Does not matter (gain to complete the “Industrial Bloom” section – requires 50 plants)


Guatemala is unlikely to have a decent troop strength due to the lack of troops, so how do we get the troop strength to a good level? Well, there are two options that seem to make sense to me, one is specific buffer forces and the other is mass-produced aircraft.

The Army

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Model – This one, for her part, did a good job of enabling about 15 of them to leave Central America, which I was able to do. She may have had a hard time with El Salvador. Try to build this model to defend yourself, because you may have to deal with outside threats, such as Mexico or Colombia.

If you were to follow the path of U.S. diplomacy, I suggest that you create a special force, such as marines or light tanks. As I said earlier, Guatemala will face a labor shortage, so it is better to create a special force.

Doctrine – I think superior firepower or asymmetric warfare would work as in Guatemala.


Personally, I don’t recommend it.


You don’t have many enemies around you. Building more fighters for the Axis or the Allies won’t hurt, just keep in mind that you’ll need more fuel for your air force.

Exercise – Operational integrity is probably best when the Allies have had problems with air warfare and have had to take as much air from the enemy as possible.


Laws and government

Hearts of Iron IV

Research and production

Hearts of Iron IV

Military Headquarters

Hearts of Iron IV

National character

Hearts of Iron IV

Guatemala Multiplayer/Single player

Guatemala will not play a major role in the coming war, but can help both sides with its special forces and air force.


If you side with the Axis, your allies could station troops and have an air base near the U.S. homeland, allowing the Axis to strangle bomb factories or cripple the U.S. Navy. It could also allow them to invade Mexico if you plan to conquer it. With the Luftwaffe, you can make the Axis look mostly green.


Since the Allies usually have full sea superiority, you can use your marines to attack enemy ports or mainland ports. I know I didn’t say anything about this axis, but you don’t have the industry and manpower to do it the Nazi way.

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