Hitman 3 Deluxe Escalations Ranked best to worst

Hitman 3 has six deluxe escalations. It can be accessed through the Deluxe Edition of the game or by purchasing a Deluxe Access Pass. But not all of these missions were the same. Some offer considerable challenge, while others feel like they were hastily cobbled together, with little or no challenge. In this list, we’ve ranked Hitman 3 in order of luxury escalation from best to worst. It can only get better from here.

6. Passage de Persival


At the end of the stack is the Percival corridor. The luxury climb is on Dartmoor and is the easiest to do. All three levels have some degree of difficulty, but you only experience it if you try to complete them with the rank of Silent Assassin.

There is nothing special about this luxury climbing card. This makes it easier to understand for those not familiar with mapping, but there doesn’t seem to be anything exclusive or special about it. The real benefit of the game and its completion is that you can see Agent 47 Prince in full hunting gear as he ruthlessly kills his targets.

5. Antique Gauchito


While Gauchito Antiques is undoubtedly one of the most memorable luxury climbs, the game is not all fun. The first level is excellent. Players must search the map of Mendoza for four new items, two of which are poisoned farm tools with high potential. But after that, the second and third levels are never subject to the same tensions and challenges.

It will be interesting to see how the third level of this luxury climb shatters your expectations. Instead of taking full advantage of the new equipment at your disposal, you need to use the map in a way that fits the themes of the missions. This leads to one of the most stressful target destruction scenes we’ve ever seen in a game. In the end, it feels more like a collection of custom contracts than Deluxe Escalation.

4. Proloff’s parabola


Proloff Parable was the first climb to the final location in Hitman 3, in Carpathia. That’s certainly the essence of this place, whose floor plan is built entirely on the train. However, the location also limits it so much that there is no way to counter the luxury escalations further down this list.

Players become ninjas in this climb, which is fantastic, but the second level is the biggest disappointment for Hitman fans. The player’s task is to kill enemies while moving through the round. Each kill resets the counter so they can continue the mission. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to get the rank of Silent Assassin. Not all players will be interested, but the hardcore fans certainly will.

On the other hand, it’s climbing that makes the most of a terrible map. It’s a solid reminder of why the Hitman games have moved to much more open world sandbox maps, rather than keeping a linear path through small open areas.

3. Asmodean Waltz


The Asmodeus Waltz is a brilliant luxury climb. He looks at the map of Dubai and instructs the players to destroy as many targets as possible. It also has a visual element that makes it look like Agent 47 is going through a bad trip. We should add that the gear that players can earn by completing it is also the best of all the luxury climbs.

However, the last stage of this climb is a real highlight. Players have to shoot their targets with weapons that they have to hide in crazy looking clothes. Moving around the map in that ridiculous costume and finding new ways to isolate NPCs so you can shoot them is a true joy to play. It’s also one of the hardest races in Silent Killer.

2. derived from Li Hong


Lee Hong’s Derivation is a smart and sophisticated luxury climb that only goes up to the third level. During each level, players understand which path to follow. The new complications also teach them how NPCs will behave as the game progresses, which is an interesting experience if you’re new to the game. The last level is the culmination of everything you’ve done in the last two levels, and it’s almost perfect.

However, this last step is accompanied by an almost unreasonable delay. While this is a phenomenal challenge, especially with the Silent Assassin rank, it seems too difficult. Adding a timer to a mission doesn’t necessarily make it more interesting. This simply means that players are forced to improve their route and optimize their speed.

The only thing you have to get used to is the destination in the gondola. You have two ways to kill him. If you miss the second one, which is at the end of the mission, you have to start over. It’s annoying when it happens, but it’s part of what makes this luxury climb so unique. Fortunately, the next item in this list shows that the developer is aware of this bug.

1. Satu Mare Delirium


Satu Mare Delirium is the flagship of Hitman 3’s luxury ascents. Not only is it set in an updated version of the Berlin setting, but every level is consistent. The point at which you finish level 1 is the point at which you start level 2. By the end of Escalation, you’ve covered most of the map and have had to come up with new strategies for dealing with new NPCs and item placement.

The entire map is littered with monkey toys that pinch the symbols if you get too close. It attracts guards and can be a real headache if you don’t have a route mapped out. Due to these flaws and the fact that Agent 47 is locked in a straitjacket on all three levels, Escalation feels like a fever dream the protagonist goes through before waking up during the final mission.

No other luxury climb is as satisfying as this one, which is why we ranked it as the best. It makes you think and breaks all the taboos you might have with an ordinary map of Berlin.

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