Hitman 3 Sniper Assassin guide for Mendoza

Mendoza is one of the toughest places to carry out an assassination mission. That’s because other NPCs almost always surround both targets. In the guide, we’ll show you how to circumvent this situation, complete the location up to the rank of Silent Assassin, and unlock the Sniper Assassin challenge along the way.

Choose your load

The tax we chose above is quite specific, but there are alternatives. All you really need is a sniper rifle with a silencer. The one we have will be open as soon as the Lee Hong bypass is finished. Of course you’ll need a suitcase and an outfit. The ones we use are unlocked by completing the Waltz of Asmodeus. You also need a lock to operate this barrel.

We opted for a stun gun, but it’s not necessary. This makes a small part of the race a little less risky. Any gun with a silencer will fit in place.

We chose the spawning area in the parking lot because it’s the only one near the entrance where you can choose your own charge.

Step 1 – To the party

The first target we’re going to destroy is Tamara Vidal. She’s going to the party with Diane, and since we’re in the parking lot, we can’t follow them because we don’t have an invitation.

To get to the party, we have to descend the edge of the cliff in the image below. It is located on the right side, in the back of the parking lot.

Below is a link to a map of the town.

Descend from both ledges and land at the foot of the lavender. There’s a guard here, but he won’t see you as long as you keep your distance behind him. You have to restrain him and hide his body in the lavender. Don’t forget to take his gun and hide it here too. The guards will be patrolling the area, and we don’t need them to find him.

Use your instincts to follow the guards at the foot of the stairs to the right of this position. When they’re gone, go down the stairs and turn left at the bottom. You need to get to the slope and the vault above it.

Once you’re over the railing, you can relax a bit. Agent 47 won’t be staying here. You now have to climb the first staircase you come across to get to the party.

When you get to the top, you can go inside and find your way to the roof. That’s where we ambush Tamara. We like to go through the main building and up the stairs at the back, because then we can get past the gagging NPC.

Step 2 – Site Preparation

Once on the roof, you need to go to the small circular garden at the front of the party. There are many in the region, so we will provide a link to the map for each.

See the link below for a plan of this garden.

Now, throw your briefcase on the edge of this little garden. This will distract the guard nearest you and lure him in. Hide on the edge of the garden entrance and overpower the guard as soon as he is close enough. Then hide his body deeper in the garden and do the same with the gun he dropped.

Tamara and Diana are going to spend some time downstairs before coming here. While you wait, move on to the next garden at the end of the party. The waiter leans against the wall. Conquer him and hide his body in thick lavender.

Below is a link to a map of the town.

Now go back to the first round where you took out the guard and wait for your target to get closer. It takes about 10 minutes, and she goes around the group first.

Step 3 – Close and throttle

As soon as Tamara Vidal and Diana are on the balcony next to this garden, one of the bodyguards will come and lean against the garden where you are hiding. Use the briefcase to move them back through the entrance. Defeat them quickly and hide their bodies and weapons.

If you try to stop them while they’re leaning over the railing, someone might notice. Our way of avoiding unnecessary shooting.

Now you have to quickly return to the second garden where you were before. It’s the one where you overpowered the server. Wait until Tamara approaches the back of the group. If she does, her bodyguard will pass in front of her and stand next to this garden.

Place your case on the wall in the picture below. It will distract him and lead him here.

When you’ve done that, grab your briefcase and run to the third and final garden, which is to the left of this area.

Below is a link to a plan of this new garden.

Now Tamara is going to walk through that yard without her bodyguard. Throw your briefcase in a cactus. It will distract and attract them. When she gets to the entrance, restrain her and drag her inside. Pull them deeper into the garden to be sure.

You now have a target at your feet, waiting to be hit by a sniper rifle bullet. Grab your sniper rifle, wait until no one sees you, and then shoot quickly.

Put the gun back in the case and walk to the parking lot.

Step 4 – Reaching out to Don Archibald Yates

Now that you’ve dealt with one target, it’s time to eliminate the other. Don Archibald Yates should be hanging out in his mansion at the top of the hill right now. To get there, we have to pass two guards in the parking lot in front of the lavender field.

To do this, you must crouch down and walk around the fountain to his left. It’s a difficult step, and sometimes they will see you. Thank them before you try, because that’s when you’ll have the most problems. When you’re done, you’re literally in a coverage area.

From the position in the picture above, move to the right rear corner of the field. Watch out for guards and move around in the lavender to avoid being discovered. At the bottom of the field is a closed door.

Below is a link to the map of this door.

Use the locking hook to open this door. Look instinctively where the guards are behind him before you pass. Two should lean against the wall on the left.

You have to sneak past the guards and climb the stairs behind them. At the top of the stairs turn left and follow the rain pipe to the villa. Once there, take the sniper rifle out of the case.

Climb into the gutter and wait for your target to climb up. The room he enters is accessed through the vaulted balcony to the left of this roof. But Yates’ wife will be there too.

As soon as he enters the room, he answers the phone and smokes his wife on the right balcony. Jump over the left balcony and lean against the wall. Open the door here and shoot your target before he sees you.

After you shoot Yates, cross the room and overpower his wife. You can hide both bodies in the closet in this room. If you don’t master it in time, it will notice you and ruin your title of Silent Killer. The reason we have a stun gun is to render them unconscious in case something goes wrong. You can take it off the roof if you need to, but this first method is much easier.

Step 5 – Result

Once you get the superstructure fixed, hopefully it’s back to the roots and sewer. Put your sniper rifle back in the case and pick it up. Now you can leave the same way you came to the parking lot. Watch out for guards patrolling outside the mansion on your way out.

When you’re near the parking lot, you can jump over the wall instead of sneaking past the guards again. The only thing left to do is find a way out.

Our favorite way out is to dance with Diane. Go back to the group as you did at the beginning of this mission. Then find Diana and watch the clumsiest dance you’ve ever seen.

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