How Destiny 2’s Season Challenges work in Season 13

One of the major changes in season 13 of Destiny 2 is the seasonal challenge system. Bungie is introducing this system to combat premium depletion.

All Destiny 2 players know that most of the game currently revolves around creating an endless series of power-ups to gain experience and resources, and that this can get pretty boring as the season progresses. The seasonal challenge system will help players navigate through the seasonal content, encourage them to use deeper systems in the game, and make the rewards more fun to win, as there will be fewer penalties for missing a week of play when the real world comes into play.

Below is all the information Bungie has published so far about seasonal challenges. We will make this guide more complete when the 13th edition appears. Relay on nine. The month of February begins.

  • During the first 10 weeks of the season, 3 to 10 new challenges will automatically appear each week for the players.
    • Some of the challenges are related to seasonal maintenance.
    • Others push players to complete Strikes, The Gambit and The Crucible or focus on inactive fate rituals, such as. B. Gain strength, unlock seasonal artifact mods or upgrade weapons and armor.
  • These tasks can only be done once per account, but once they are available, they can be done at any time before the end of the season.
    • For example, if a player doesn’t play in weeks 2 through 4, they can come back in week 5 and all these challenges await them!
  • After completing each event, you will earn an XP bonus that contributes to the title of Seasonal Traveler.
    • Other rewards can be shiny fabric, seasonal currency or other interesting things.

Examples of possible seasonal problems :

  • The victory of the primitive messengers in The Gambit
  • Defeat your enemies before nightfall: The ordeal of a seasonal weapon
  • Reaching the rank of disgrace or value.
  • Purchase of ritual weapons and their cosmetic accessories
  • The winning rounds of the trials of Osiris competition.
  • Closing of the Night of the Great Masters

In general: The harder or longer the challenge, the greater the reward for the player who takes it on. According to Bungie, seasonal activities and ritual challenges usually require a season subscription, but most ritual challenges can be completed without a season subscription. About two-thirds of the available calls will be accessible without a subscription.

Zavala, Shucks, and Drifter lose their weekly points, as does the 13th season salesman. There will always be daily bonuses for shredding XP, as well as recurring bonuses that can reward XP and shiny dust.

Most challenges are limited to this season and disappear at the end of the season if not completed. Any contest that rewards unique or seasonal items can be held as long as there is a seasonal activity going on, but the XP awarded for completing the contest is only available in the season in which the contest was held.

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